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Starbucks to open ‘community’ coffee houses, but will they allow their employees to have face piercings?


This doesn’t surprise me;

Starbucks has opened a new store. Err – nothing new there. But this isn’t just another Starbucks; it’s a coffeehouse known as 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea.

Apparently, it’s the first of three remodeled stores in the Seattle area. Each store will be presented as a community coffeehouse, bearing the name of its neighborhood, rather than the coffee-shop giant to which it belongs.

The new coffeehouses will serve wine and beer, offer pastries, host live music and poetry readings and make espresso without the automated machines.

But will they allow poets like Chuck Luden to read poems laced with F-Bombs and references to ‘Pussy’?

If you can’t beat em – join em!

Starbucks is offering a ‘Value Meal’ now (with Gouda cheese of course).