Apparently, the name of the new Pakistani ambassador has rubbed the Saudis the wrong way. The ambassador’s name, Akbar Zeb, in arabic means “Biggest Dick”.  Similar attempts to penetrate the diplomatic corps of the UAE and Bahrain were also cockblocked.

While the Pakistanis had a huge swell of confidence that their man would be able to erect new bridges with their middle-eastern friends, it turns out that a major case of penis envy has given diplomacy the blue balls, and the Pakistani government a throbbing headache.

I, for one, am proud to live in a country where men whose name is also a euphamism for the male genitalia can be elected to high office and serve as members of our diplomatic corps anywhere in the world. All they need is a stiff adherence to our American principles and the peoples’ mushroom stamp of approval.


As I reported last week, somebody I knew got the city survey, to her surprise she received another copy of the survey in the mail with a note that said;

About one week ago, you should have received a copy of the enclosed survey. If you completed it and sent it back, we thank you for your time and ask you to discard this survey. Please do not respond twice.

Well that makes sense not to respond twice, it would kind of throw that whole ‘scientific survey’ concept out the window, wouldn’t it. So I assumed when I looked at the survey there would be some kind of barcode sprayed on the back that would correspond with the first survey so that the company processing the surveys wouldn’t process the same household twice. Guess what? No such barcode exists. In other words the same household can send in the survey twice, they can fill them out completely differently, or they can pass them onto a friend to fill out because there is no way to track where they came from because they are sent back anonymously in the same BRE envelope that everyone else will use (not sprayed with trackable barcode either).

I had often believed that the first survey the city did a few years ago was flawed. No one knew what demographic they were mailed to (3000 residents) and only 900 people responded.

This shouldn’t surprise any of, Munson’s administration has fought hard to control information and has used propaganda repeatedly to mislead and lie to the public. I just never thought they would be so blatant about it this time. Must be getting rusty after 7 years.



An interesting google site allows you to see the possible effects of a nuclear bomb on any city in the world. It’s kind of fun to play with.

HERE it is.

It starts with a 1kt suitcase nuke and goes all the way up to the 50mt Tsar Bomba, which if detonated in DTSF, would annihlate everything as far away as Luverne.

Also, you can apparently buy anything on the internets these days: