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Bush Part III


GW the Artist? Who knew?


Who wouldn’t a nice self-portrait of GW bathing? LOL!

I guess I missed this one

Here’s a GW toon I have never seen before.

Facebook funny of the day

“Hey, I can use this button again!”

Oh, yeah, that guy . . .

My political friends on FB always provide bad reminders of the past . . .


Former Bush official still in denial over Iraq

I think GW and his minions will never admit Iraq was a mistake. Good try though, Lawrence.

GW Bush deserves to be in jail for starting an illegal war

How’s that Hopey Changey thingy workin’ out for yah?

Stay Classy GW Bush

While in Haiti, Georgie decides to wipe his hands on Slick Willy’s shirt after shaking the hand of a (dirty) Haitian. I love the look on Clinton’s face. He’s thinking, “Thank goodness I was not wearing the blue dress.”