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  1. Winston on December 26, 2014 at 3:37 pm said:

    Assuming Hillary is the Democratic nominee in ’16, I don’t think Jeb stands a chance against her.

    I read that the Republican bundlers are backing Jeb over Christie, so Jeb will most likely be the Republican nominee in 2016, but he can’t beat Hillary.

    Any collapse in enthusiasm amongst black Democratic voters in 2016 will be offset by the women’s vote, which will come out in droves for Hillary in 2016 to assure a victory for her.

    That said, I actually think Jeb would be the better President of the three Bushies, but then again, that is not saying much…

    The one who scares me more is George P. Bush, Jeb’s son. A hispanic Republican, with a political brand name, in the next decade, removed some 20 plus years from the memories and political attachments to the 8/6/01 national security memo, water boarding, Gitmo, WMD, and an economic collapse, which could timely return this oligarchical family to power once again with the help of a multi-racial theme which would mask the true WASP qualities that this family and their backers are…

  2. Here’s all you need to know about Jeb Bush – Terry Schiavo.

  3. Any collapse in enthusiasm amongst black Democratic voters in 2016 will be offset by the women’s vote, which will come out in droves for Hillary in 2016 to assure a victory for her.

    The best possible choice to be a president for the common man and woman would be Senator Elizabeth Warren. Hillary, like nearly all politicians is bought and paid for. Warren has proven time and time again, she can not be bought.

    More directly to your point Winston. The republican/tea party is not gaining any ground in gaining new voters. There will be nearly 240 million Americans eligible to vote in 2016. Registered voters run between 75 to 80 percent of that 240 mil. In 2008, turnout was 131 million. In 2012, it dropped a little, to 129 million, thanks in part to voter suppression. If Jeb is to stand a chance, the Republican Party and its corporate money donors must keep the total voters to under 120 million, down 11 million from 2008. Don’t be misled. Those numbers can be easily attained. Just look at the voter suppression laws being enforced by our republican Supreme Court.

  4. Dan Daily on December 27, 2014 at 10:14 am said:

    You set Winston on fire. He’s mostly right. My opinion, enough paternalistic reaction. Father is best but junior grew up sheltered and spoiled. The best leader knows about leadership from life’s experience. Father George was a good president because he came up through the business and government ranks. Baby George was popular because he bought the beer at frat parties. On nine eleven, he ran to Kansas and made sure the Bin Laden family got out of the country safely. The other brother has done good for Florida but I don’t see him going national. Hilary might get elected but I’ll not vote for her. Isn’t it time for an Independant as president?

  5. Crapola Dan. GHWB was NOT the “self-made man” you’re trying to set him up to be. Google the Walker family (this is one branch of it).


  6. George H. W. Bush is also fourth cousin five times removed of U.S. President Millard Fillmore, fifth cousin four times removed of U.S. President Franklin Pierce, seventh cousin four times removed of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, sixth cousin five times removed of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant, sixth cousin three times removed of U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes, fourth cousin three times removed of U.S. President James Garfield, seventh cousin twice removed of U.S. President Grover Cleveland, seventh cousin three times removed of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, sixth cousin three times removed of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, sixth cousin three times removed of U.S. President William Taft, tenth cousin of U.S. President Herbert Hoover, sixth cousin twice removed of U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, ninth cousin four times removed of U.S. President Richard Nixon, seventh cousin of U.S. President Gerald Ford. George W. Bush is also connected to U.S. Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

  7. In other words Ruf, he was a Mason?

  8. One of his daughter’s last name is KOCH!! Get a frikkin’ clue man. The Bushes are the most inside of insiders.

  9. The real rise to power for the bush clan does go back a long way. The walker attachment helped, but it was anchored by this relationship, built during the depression years and beyond.

    Google “prescott bush thyssen”

  10. Winston on December 27, 2014 at 3:28 pm said:

    Poly 43, Warren is my first choice too, but like Jeb, Warren is the third coming; but as in Dukakis, Kerry, and now Warren. She cannot beat Christie nor Jeb.

    I love Warren, but I still think the American people have a”Massachusetts complex” when it comes to Presidential candidates, especially Democratic ones (maybe that was part of Romney’s problem, too ??); and with a political family in the name of the Bushes which successfully made the word “liberal” a dirty word in the psychic of many Americans, gave us Karl Rove, and the “who would you rather have a beer with…” litmus test need to be taken serious.

    Not to mention the fact, that the Bush family has been alleged or proven to have been involved in many of the major political events throughout the 20th century which were not good for our nation:

    -1933 attempted coup against FDR
    -November 22nd (GWH Bush is the only notable American who cannot remember where he was on that day…..Hum? A “George Bush” is mentioned in a Hoover FBI memo about the assassination just days after the 22nd. GWH Bush claims he was never a part of the CIA prior to his appointment as its Director in 1976, yet during the Bay of Pigs the CIA landing craft were called the Barbara (What’s GWH’s wife’s name ((I forgot)), the Zapata (GWH’s oil company name) and Houston (the place of his original home political base in Texas.) Hell, the assassination took place in Texas!
    -9/11 and the ignoring of the 8/6/01 memo
    -Four unnecessary wars
    -Bush v Gore

    I also think that Jeb and Christie are more likable than Romney and you have to take that into consideration when using ’08 and ’12 numbers to explain and or predict the ’16 electoral map.

    As far as the Clinton’s being bought-out, hell yes, but it is the lesser of two evils when it comes to 2016 – and with Hillary you will get a more liberal SCOUS with Christie or Jeb not so much….

    There is no doubt that the Clintons have become tight with the Bushes, but a Clinton White House would be more friendly to the left than Jeb or Christie would ever be.

    I am not convinced that Warren can win. If you can convince me, then I will be totally on board.

  11. Dan Daily on December 27, 2014 at 9:08 pm said:

    It’s sounding like the Bushes are another Roosevelt dynasty. Roosevelts worked then but we’re not democracy if there’s a ruling family. I’m not saying change. I’m saying democracy and diversity. Obama was a start. Hillary is misdirection. There’s another someone. Let’s see what surfaces. We don’t know yet.

  12. Dan Daily on December 27, 2014 at 9:10 pm said:

    How about Beyonce?

  13. Good to see we do have some common ground to work with Winston. Have been a huge fan of Elizabeth since she appeared in a favorite PBS documentary of mine, The Secret History Of The Credit Card. She was just a professor then, now a senator with clout.

    She will not run in my opinion. Even if she gets a groundswell of support in the primaries. She has two things working against her.

    1. Campaign reform laws, given to us by a replicant Supreme Court that says corporations are people too, and as such can donate as much campaign money as they care too. Hillary understands that concept, and will do as her corporate masters dictate. Still, given that, Hillary will make a better president for Joe Sixpack than the republican alternatives.

    2. Warren, even if she could somehow scape together enough money to win, is 65 years old today. If she were to win in 2016, she would be 67 on Inauguration Day. In 2020 she would be 71. The sainted ron reagan was the oldest ever to assume the presidency at 69. Even then, Alzheimer’s got to him. At least that was his trump card when he could not remember anything about Iran Contra.
    More to read on campaign reform laws.


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