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Let’s go kayaking . . . in my toilet.


Community Swim’s literature includes images of domestic disputes and child neglect

I had heard about the photo shoot at Spellerberg, but never imagined they would actually use the photos in a mailer. I was wrong.

So now CS365 is using images of kids fighting and making kids stand in the cold? WOW, they are getting desperate. I thought they were concerned about kids getting diabetes, but frostbite? Who cares. What’s next an imagine of a fat kid sitting on the couch eating chips, drinking pop with an insulin pump attached to him?

BTW, my brother and I used to get into all kinds of fights, but it was never about indoor swimming, it usually involved something to do with farts or boogers, not child hood obesity and diabetes.


Found on Facebook

These are two separate issues. I commented on the second one.



Best letter to the editor EVER!!!

This letter is from last week. If you missed it, you missed the best letter I’ve ever seen in the Argus Leader. Lucky for all us blogger types, we be safe.

Why I love the Onion


King Douchenozzle von Krunk

Looks like Glenn Beck dodged another bullet today.

Unfortunately, the victim of this fatal car accident was not him.

FAUX News wonders why Obama won’t appear on their network (H/T – Helga)


Get Out! Balloon boy was a hoax. No wonder the MSM wasn’t qualified to ask the tough questions before the run-up to the war in Iraq, they can’t even figure out when a 6 year old is f’ing with them,


(CNN) — The case of a giant Mylar balloon, which ascended into the sky late last week amid fears a 6-year-old boy was aboard, has been determined to be a “hoax” and a “publicity stunt,” Larimer County, Colorado, Sheriff Jim Alderden said Sunday.




In what could be one of the saddest acquisitions ever in the history of business, Disney has bought Marvel for $4billion.

Between Disney’s Standards and Practices department, and their marketing team, the whole of the Marvel portfolio will now be turned into another Miley-esque fad for ‘tweens’ that will burn out and die in a few years.

You can say goodbye to anything even your mom would say is edgy or dark in comic books and the movies about them.

This is truly a sad day for nerds everywhere.

The possibilities are endless, and horrifying:


Reason #1,345 why the MSM sucks


I’m sick and tired of looking at this image.

Forget about a finger down the throat, this will make you puke

Add Rush and Anne, and you would of had the Axis of Evil – or stupidity – I’m not sure.