I had heard about the photo shoot at Spellerberg, but never imagined they would actually use the photos in a mailer. I was wrong.

So now CS365 is using images of kids fighting and making kids stand in the cold? WOW, they are getting desperate. I thought they were concerned about kids getting diabetes, but frostbite? Who cares. What’s next an imagine of a fat kid sitting on the couch eating chips, drinking pop with an insulin pump attached to him?

BTW, my brother and I used to get into all kinds of fights, but it was never about indoor swimming, it usually involved something to do with farts or boogers, not child hood obesity and diabetes.


24 Thoughts on “Community Swim’s literature includes images of domestic disputes and child neglect

  1. anonymous on March 31, 2014 at 2:14 pm said:

    Compliments of Sumption and Wyland!!

  2. Big Guy on March 31, 2014 at 2:22 pm said:

    If Community Swim wants their indoor pool, they can build it themselves and it should not be at the Spellerberg location. How hard can it be to elicit donations and/or sponsorship? It was done with Scheels Iceplex and they did awesome job.

    Talk about bunch of lazy crybabies asking for handouts from the city, just like the mayor’s wife and her “pickleball” court.

  3. Craig on March 31, 2014 at 2:42 pm said:

    Their tagline is pretty bad – they are claiming an outdoor pool is not “needed”… therefore suggesting an indoor pool is actually needed?

    Desired? Yes. Needed? Nope.

    The fact they actually posed their children in the snow wearing swimsuits? That’s even more pathetic than the other side claiming Veterans won’t be able to find parking spots.

    Their first photo is probably fair though – a lot of parents won’t admit this, but the real reason they want an indoor pool is so they can drop the kids off on Saturday and head to the mall or to the nail salon. The kids will still be kids, but they will be someone else’s problem for a few hours. Disengaged parenting 101… funded entirely by the taxpayer.

  4. Anonymous on March 31, 2014 at 4:11 pm said:

    These ad pics are in such poor taste. It appears CS365 want people to believe that S.F. children will get into fights, slide into depression and parents will go bonkers all winter if there isn’t an indoor pool. Having kids standing in swimming suits in the winter?..not a good publicity move!

  5. l3wis on March 31, 2014 at 4:26 pm said:

    I heard about the picture of the kids outside a few weeks ago, but never imagined they would use it. It actually looks worse then I even imagined. It is comical though. I wonder what it would be like swimming in snowboots?

  6. Growing up on a farm, my late brother and I had plenty to keep us busy and we still had fights. He would pick a tme, tease me, etc. and I would take if for awhile and then I would let him have it. I was two years older and bigger until I was about 14. All kids fight. It is really pathetic that parents now can’t watch their own kids when they aren’t working.

  7. Pales in comparison to the “Vote Yes” crowd and some of these outright false/untrue talking points:

    “It wiill hurt veterans access to health care”

    Uh, don’t think so. The VA has taken no official position and the initial plan to share parking with the City has been scrapped. 3-4 weekends a year when there are meets they will need to figure out a plan to either add 50 more spaces or figure out a shuttle system with the teams. It aint rocket science. Plus, any vets’ families traveling to the VA from wherever might just enjoy the option of taking the kids for a swim while they are in town. The pool won’t impact the VA any more than the Family Fun days at McKennan (which draw a few hundred people) impacts Avera.

    “It will ruin the park”

    Hardly, the tennis courts go so the building is basically the same footprint. It won’t ruin Spellerberg any more than the Butterfly House ruined Sertoma. It adds amenities such as diving boards, spray park, slides, therapy and the 50M, along with year round use to serve the sledding hill in the winter. Even better, it will give a boost to businesses around Park Ridge, Jen from Pickle Barrell said as such in her AL letter yesterday.

    “100% taxpayer financed/add X to debt”

    Not known, like the EC once it gets voter approval the final plans will come out including how much cash vs. debt, corporate sponsors/private funding will be sought, and what the final financial projections will look like. Not saying that’s the best way to do it, but it seems to be the latest model on how these things are getting done.

    As I’ve mentioned before, Mr Matthis of Save Spellerberg has repeatedly stated they don’t want another “Drake Springs”, and a lot of the “yes” voters have been led to believe that’s what they are voting “yes” for, so who’s really been trying to muddy the water on this issue?

  8. anonymous on March 31, 2014 at 6:28 pm said:

    Big Guy says,

    How hard can it be to elicit donations and/or sponsorship?

    Actually, the proponents of an indoor pool appear to have had little trouble raising funds for their campaign. Recently, on the AL’s 100 Eyes, Margaret Sumption of Sumption and Wyland bragged to Patrick Lalley that the group hoped to raise as much as $125,000 for their campaign.

    On the other hand, these same groups which have combined as Community Swim 365 have had SEVEN YEARS since the Drake Springs vote to raise funds for their cause. It appears they have raised NOTHING towards an indoor pool ESTIMATED at $19.4 million to construct and over $700,000 A YEAR to operate!

    And, the consultant projects the yearly attendance at 80,104. Taxpayers, do the math!

  9. scott on March 31, 2014 at 9:14 pm said:

    Yes, let’s build the pool so the pickle barell can sell some sandwiches, and more people will get their shoes fixed.

  10. anominous on March 31, 2014 at 11:01 pm said:

    Pic looks like it Megan Fox wishin’ she never moved to Sioux Falls.

  11. @ scott, my pal Tom Muenster consistently & falsely claims that there will be zero economic impact from an indoor pool because there’s no land left to develop around it.

    I’m saying that if past trends hold, you’ll go from 35K annual visits now to 100K annual visits with a new, indoor pool and that will help the existing businesses in the area like Pickle Barrel. Park Ridge has had some vacancies and some retirements lately so it could certainly use it.

  12. Craig on April 1, 2014 at 8:48 am said:

    Sy: “Pales in comparison to the “Vote Yes” crowd…”

    Do you really believe that Sy? I might buy into it if the Vote Yes group was mailing flyers of a Veteran in a wheelchair trying to roll up the icy, snow-covered hill because they were forced to park three blocks from the VA, but I’ve seen nothing that compares to parading kids in front of a chain link fence in their swimsuits in the middle of winter, and I haven’t seen any imagry from the Vote Yes crowd that suggests Veterans will be beating each other with their walkers if this thing passes.

    I know you want an indoor pool and your a strong proponent, but you can’t be serious by suggesting anything the Yes crowd has generated comes close to this idiocy. Both sides have their dumb talking points that are less than truthful, but making the kids stand out in the cold to score a few points? That’s pretty tasteless.

  13. Dan Daily on April 1, 2014 at 9:26 am said:

    Speech bubble:
    Soon I can drop my kids off all day and taxpayers subsidize my daycare.

    Vote for this or we’ll stand your kids underdressed along a fence in the cold.

  14. Ol'Bubbleguts on April 1, 2014 at 12:39 pm said:

    That fence picture is str8 up child abuse,why if I
    had liberal/socialist sensibilities or tendencies
    I would be right on my Obama sailphone notifying the
    authoritay! :>

    In art and labor,

  15. Karma on April 1, 2014 at 1:37 pm said:

    Lighten up people. Seriously – now a picture is child abuse? You can have your opinion of the ad, but we’re stretching this a titch.

    And if you want to see a picture of a fat kid, go take a look at Drake Springs this summer when the kids are lounging on tubes on a “lazy” river because if this remains an outdoor facility, that is what this will become – not an actual pool.

    The Community Swim 80 group started the half truths long ago. It’s amazing – this ad is done in poor taste, yet lying about parking and using the Veterans and the VA hospital is ok? Hmmm – I see how this works now.

  16. Derby on April 1, 2014 at 1:43 pm said:

    Yes, this is bad taste. But come on people, why build another outdoor pool. Why not vote no for the outdoor pool and hold discussion on how we can build a more common sense indoor pool. I am also ashamed at how people keep saying this will turn into a daycare so parents can neglect their kids. You can argue your points, but please quit discriminating against people with children and who have a lower economic status than you do.

  17. anonymous on April 1, 2014 at 1:59 pm said:

    Karma on 04.01.14 at 1:37 pm

    And if you want to see a picture of a fat kid, go take a look at Drake Springs this summer when the kids are lounging on tubes on a “lazy” river because if this remains an outdoor facility, that is what this will become – not an actual pool.

    Karma, the drawings of the outdoor pool which were part of the City’s presentation both at eight educational meetings and at siouxfalls.org are CONCEPT drawings only.

    At several of the educational meetings, Director of Parks and Rec, Don Kearney, stated that the last time public input was taken regarding what the public wants in an outdoor pool was prior to construction of the new facility at Drake Springs. That was SEVEN YEARS ago!!

    Traditional outdoor pool OR aquatic water park–UNDECIDED AT THIS TIME.

    BTW, who is Community Swim 80?

  18. Karma on April 1, 2014 at 5:18 pm said:

    Anon – there is no way the city is going to spend money on a regular outdoor pool. The numbers are not there to support it for only 10 weeks out of the year. Wish all you want – but that is the truth. And when it is an outdoor water amusement park – then this neighborhood will see what traffic is really about as the VA parking lots WILL BE full during the day when this park is crammed pack full of people and they are needed.

  19. @ anon, Pet name for the Spellerberg/Vote yes crowd, since you get about 80 days use with an outdoor pool.

    @ Craig, Yes I really believe that. Look at the target audiences, the kids outside/fighting one is aimed squarely at the soccer mom contingent, and it’s done in a slightly over the top way, but still relatable to any parent that has young kids. That technique worked wonders in the last election, so do you really blame them for using it?

    As I’ve stated, there’s nothing tongue-in-cheek about the opposing argument, it’s all worst case scenario hyperbole and one side of the balance sheet mixed in with the confusing element of the pro & anti Drake Springs mantra at the same time. Whatever way the vote goes all that means is these people will not simply accept the outcome, they will keep on with the fight to build the same thing we have now and they will be all over the new Council to do just that. Same s*&# , different day.

  20. Craig on April 1, 2014 at 6:03 pm said:

    Derby, you talk about things in bad taste and then accuse people of dimcriminating against those of lower economic status? Really?

    Who says it is only poor people who drop their kids off at the pool? Frankly I’d say that applies more to the upper tax brackets than the lower – because those are the parents running off to the hair salon or to have coffee with their friends at Kaladis.

    I’ve spent enough time at our outdoor pools to know what type of vehicles pull up near the front door to drop off the kids, and they aren’t 1990s Minivans. Think Yukon Denalis and Escalades perhaps.

  21. scott on April 1, 2014 at 6:15 pm said:

    I wonder, will the indoor pool have free tanning beds so the baby mamas can work on their tan all day like they do at the outdoor pools?

  22. Titleist on April 1, 2014 at 11:53 pm said:

    Voters in Schleswig, Iowa approve spending 4.25M on a new gym, fitness, walking trail and storage.



    Schleswig. 4.25M

    PUBLIC INDOOR POOL for Sioux Falls!

  23. Derby on April 2, 2014 at 11:42 am said:

    Craig, not everybody just drops their kids off at the pool unattended. Most parents actually like to engage with their children during activities which I am sure you do as well. You are comparing a few bad apples to the whole bunch. Sorry for assuming your daycare comment was aimed at the middle and lower class, but I have heard people state that point before on this topic as well as the Wal-Mart issue.

  24. Craig on April 2, 2014 at 2:27 pm said:

    You’re right Derby – not everyone drops their kids off at the pool, but there are a LOT of parents that do. It isn’t a secret that some parents are pushing for a pool just so they can send the kids somewhere affordable. People joke about it being a subsidized daycare, and that is obviously a stretch, but there is some truth to it.

    I think Sioux Falls will soon have an indoor pool so this is really a moot point, but I do wonder if the voters will support a pool at that location. If not – how long will it be before someone starts the push for an indoor pool at the next location?

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