One more reason not to shop at Wally World;

For the third time in three years, rooftop blizzard burdens have closed the Spearfish Wal-Mart. This time, however, the roof did not collapse.

Officials are concerned because the weight of the snow is more than double what the city building inspector and company engineers consider a safe load for roof supports.

You’d think they would have it fixed by now? Isn’t it ironic that the store that sells junk that breaks when you get it home (main reason I don’t shop there) has a roof that keeps breaking or has the threat of breaking?

I wonder if the consumerism drunken Republicans will get it?

‘Twas the morning after Halloween and into Wal-Mart

stumbled three wayward friends who each grabbed a cart.

Hungover and hungry, they came for cheap food.

Yet what they discovered was unexpected, not good.

For what decked the Wal-Mart halls, floor and walls?

But reindeer, Santas, snowmen and green and red balls.

Truly, the friends found this site very queer.

Despite what the calendar said, Christmas was here.

I also liked this part;

I would propose a boycott of these stores that so vehemently exploit Christmas, but I have yet to find a single store that has not.