Gotta give props to Helga for taking these screenshots on the Phillips Avenue webcam 🙂

Funny you should have a picture of the parade.  I happened to have the Phillips web cam up Sat. afternoon and I wondered why the porta potty showed up.  An hour or so later people and kids started lining the street.   So I saved some pictures for someone else so here they are.  That bigger group did a dance and probably had some music.

Yeah, there was some music.


Over 1,000 zombies walked the streets, and there is talk of a parade next year instead of a walk. Think about it, graveyards on flatbeds! To heck with Kermit Staggers dressing as a Leprechaun mayoral candidate during the St. Patty’s Day parade, once this event gets momentum it will be the biggest this town has ever seen! Wonder if we can give out FREE pork sandwiches?