For me, zombies bring to mind the flesh eating monsters of modern horror, but the walking dead have terrified the living in superstition for centuries. Accounts of the living dead are most notable in Haitian Voodoo. This variety of zombie is the subject of the 1932 film White Zombie starring Bela Lugosi. Lugosi’s character, Murder Legendre (which might be the coolest name ever), uses voodoo to lure a woman away from her fiance, but his plan backfires and she ends up a mindless automaton. The entire thing is steeped in over acting, but I feel it makes this movie even more entertaining. Watch it with friends and drink every time Murder looks shifty eyed.

It should also be noted that Lugosi reportedly expressed regret for taking this part  for only $800, since it did quite well in theaters.

Undeadly yours,