I’m not a Kos kid, but this is just too funny to pass up.

A few days ago, an earth-shaking article about a judge’s decision in the case of our president’s birth emerged from the depths of the internets. Never one for fact checking, Orly Taitz jumped all over it claiming this was finally the truth they were looking for. Freepers, and other assorted wingnuts had a huge collective orgasm.

Then one of them actually clicked on the link at the bottom of the article. The result? They were treated to a highly entertaining video of Rick Astley’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”. For those of you unfamiliar with internet memes, this is known as being Rickrolled, and by internet standards, is a very old prank.


I guess if you want to believe something bad enough, you’ll grasp at any straw you’re given.


Sadly, it’s not rare that a right-wing loony from my home state makes the news.  However, this one has, in addition to taking the cake by saying gays are a bigger threat to America than terrorism, has now officially left reality for some other bizzaro plane of existence.

In her most recent act of outright stupidity, Kern has issued a proclamation for morality, which you can read here. She has also publicly blamed gays and illegitimate children for the current economic mess. It seems fundamentalist nut-jobs like her have moved on from witches, gypsies, and jews to gays, pornographers, and abortionists, whom it’s still OK to hate. I’m not sure what’s sadder, that people like her exist or that they get elected to public office – in a large city no less.

I’d pay good money to see her in a debate with an actual thinking person. Theocrats cannot win such debates, and ultimately must rely on the righteous stupidity and willful ignorance of their supporters to suppress their opposition. For a case study, look at the recent Iranian elections. Theocracy is dying. Hallelujah!

The bright side in all of this is that 90% of the people commenting on the story think Kern is a complete tool with no business in government.


After amusingly debunking the 9/11 truthers’ claims, Popular Mechanics has now done the same for the claims of wingnuts about FEMA death camps, FEMA work camps, and the “hundreds of thousands of coffins” found outside of Atlanta.

You may now rest assured, unless you’re the guy in the picture, who probably thinks PM was paid off or threatened by FEMA (and its always-competent leadership) to write the article.

Sometimes I wish these wingnuts would dig a big bunker and hide out there for a hundred years or so.