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Most South Dakotans are NOT Social Conservatives

During Noem’s latest blab fest interview she did not disagree with reporter Austin Goss when he said she was a social conservative. Where it got interesting was when he made the claim (she did not) that most South Dakotans are social conservatives like her.

While it may be true that a large percentage is, when it comes to the ballot box and polls the numbers speak another picture.

In raw numbers registered voters who are;

• Republican, 48%

• Democrat, 27%

• Independent, 24%

• Other, 1%

But in a poll I came across the other day (sorry, still trying to find it again) it said that South Dakotans that consider themselves;

• Conservative, right leaning, 46%

• Progressive/liberal, left leaning, 41%

• Moderate, middle, 13%

This of course blows up the notion that ‘most’ South Dakotans are socially conservative or lean right. Also, this polling has gradually become more moderate to left over the past few years (I have looked back to 2014).

You can also look at initiatives. South Dakotans voted twice that they are pro-choice. They have also supported raising the minimum wage and recently rec and medical marijuana.

While I do agree there is a fringe base that support Noem on her Highway to Whackadoodle it is quite a stretch to think that South Dakotans who voted to keep abortion legal and marijuana legalization are ‘social conservatives’ 🙂

While her supporters may be the loudest in the room, they get very quiet when the votes are counted.

Yup, all this CRAZY hails from Rapid City, South Dakota

Another, South Dakota, Alt-Right, Neo-Con makes us proud. What makes me laugh, is all the labels and prejudice aside, she is really ignorant. Even if she is trying to make a point about being a phobe, she doesn’t understand being a phobe.

Fighting off a boycott and scrambling for a headliner, the biggest annual conservative gathering takes place this week. Six things to watch at CPAC (H/T – Helga)

The right descends on Washington this week, as thousands of activists pour into the nation’s capital to attend the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. It’s a heady time—with Republicans having seized control of the House, closed the gap with Democrats in the Senate, and now gearing up for a chance to reclaim the White House in 2012. But all is not well at the old-line American Conservative Union, which throws the annual party.

The organization is embroiled in an embezzlement scandal. Fellow travelers are boycotting the whole affair because CPAC’s big tent allowed a gay Republican group inside. With one day left before kickoff, no headliner had been chosen. And longtime leader David Keene is said to be leaving the group after the conference.

So amid the turmoil, what’s a political junkie to look for at this year’s three-day orgy of ideas? An endless stream of 2012 presidential wannabes will preen for adoring fans and plentiful cameras. Donald Rumsfeld will be hailed as a conquering hero. A host of new conservative leaders will be welcomed to the club. And if that weren’t enough to whet your appetite, Pat Boone will be on hand, too!

An open letter to conservatives (H/T – TPM & AG)

This about sums it up;

Dear Conservative Americans,

The years have not been kind to you. I grew up in a profoundly Republican home, so I can remember when you wore a very different face than the one we see now.  You’ve lost me and you’ve lost most of America.  Because I believe having responsible choices is important to democracy, I’d like to give you some advice and an invitation.

First, the invitation:  Come back to us.

Now the advice.  You’re going to have to come up with a platform that isn’t built on a foundation of cowardice: fear of people with colors, religions, cultures and sex lives that differ from your own; fear of reform in banking, health care, energy; fantasy fears of America being transformed into an Islamic nation, into social/commun/fasc-ism, into a disarmed populace put in internment camps; and more.  But you have work to do even before you take on that task.


This kid’s got it right!

It’s not every day we can sit back in our secure bunkers, and rest easy knowing there are some in this new generation of heathens who truly are Real Americans. This kid is one of them, and is dead on about the president of Kenya:



Yeah! In your face, Pinkos!!!

The kid’s t-shirt displays his true patriotism even better:


It’s good to know we have a new generation of Real Americans ready to carry the flag for us when we pass on to eternity. Hopefully, his parents were smart enough to hold him out of public schools, and build a secure bunker stocked with ammo and gold coins for him to ride out the coming apocolypse to emerge as our new ultra-president/potentate and lead us down the Real American path.

See ya later, fornicators!

Minuteman out

Thank the LORD that he sent Michelle Bachmann to save us from government healthcare

In these trying times of woe, when our own illegitimate president from Kenya is attempting to destroy our economy, take over all our hospitals, and kill our grannies, it’s nice to know we can still count on the LORD to send us true Real American Patriots like Michelle Bachmann.


On a conference call the other day, along with North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx – who correctly exposed the murder of that gay kid in Wyoming as a hoax, and former Colorado Rep. Marilyn Musgrave – who bravely stood her ground even as it became obvious that the people of her district had mistakenly elected her Godless heathen democrat opponent, Bachmann exposed president Barry Hussein’s true agenda:

“We all need to consider that in God’s timing that he may have allowed us, as members of Congress, to be in the position that we’re in just for this specific issue right now,” she said. “Everything that all of us have worked together and labored for over the years, all of it could be undermined with this one bill. President Obama realizes that. The radicals that are on the pro-abortion left, they realize that. They could win it all. And the unborn, and the vulnerable, the disabled and those at the end of life could lose it it all.”

Without such brave Real American Patriots in the halls of congress, people might start believing the myths that the government doesn’t want to send your grandmas to government-run glue factories.


See ya later, fornicators!

Minuteman out.

Anti-babe of the week: Sally Kern


Sadly, it’s not rare that a right-wing loony from my home state makes the news.  However, this one has, in addition to taking the cake by saying gays are a bigger threat to America than terrorism, has now officially left reality for some other bizzaro plane of existence.

In her most recent act of outright stupidity, Kern has issued a proclamation for morality, which you can read here. She has also publicly blamed gays and illegitimate children for the current economic mess. It seems fundamentalist nut-jobs like her have moved on from witches, gypsies, and jews to gays, pornographers, and abortionists, whom it’s still OK to hate. I’m not sure what’s sadder, that people like her exist or that they get elected to public office – in a large city no less.

I’d pay good money to see her in a debate with an actual thinking person. Theocrats cannot win such debates, and ultimately must rely on the righteous stupidity and willful ignorance of their supporters to suppress their opposition. For a case study, look at the recent Iranian elections. Theocracy is dying. Hallelujah!

The bright side in all of this is that 90% of the people commenting on the story think Kern is a complete tool with no business in government.

And Conservatives wonder why I think they are jackasses

More proof here;

I’ve nothing against “the arts,” as such. I’ve everything against using taxpayer monies to fund them.

I partially agree with that statement. For instance I think it is a crock of shit that the city of Sioux Falls helps fund SculptureWalk, but leaves the public out of crucial decision making, like picking the sculptures that would be on display each year. But I support public funding of the arts when it goes towards education, which most of SD Arts funds do.

We are going to spend chump change (by DC standards) on this,

Yes McFly. The feds match our paltry funds and private donations are in the millions. As the WHO would say, “Call that a bargain, the best I have ever had” (or something like that). It is estimated that arts funding will cost each resident of SD $.78 next year. Whoa Nelly! Talk about Pork!

but we are also going to charge people more for visiting?

Sounds good to me. Think about it –  most public art is enjoyed by tourists. Why shouldn’t they be chipping in? Of course (rich) conservatives think the best way to pay for things in SD is by fining people to eat.

And you wonder why the Conservative brand is turning into one big pile of crap – the lack of ideas and common sense.