Ben Rhodes points out something I have been baffled about for 20 years. Why didn’t we sanction the Saudis for giving us the 9/11 terrorists? My guess is one word; MONEY

And then there was Iraq;

I thought at one point Metro Communications Director Paul Niedringhaus was going to call a whaaabulance during the joint budget meeting with Sioux Falls City Council and the Minnehaha County Commission. Hopefully a REAL one shows up in REAL time 🙂

Paul said he was frustrated (FF 47:00) that since 2012 the SD Department of Revenue was not giving them revenue trends (personal records) on individual phone use expenditures.

While the SDDR was still giving them the actual revenue trends, it seemed Paul was miffed he wasn’t getting the individual numbers. While he never said it, he made it sound like he didn’t trust the SDDR.

Not sure why since 2012 the SDDR stopped sharing that information with Metro, but I’m OK with that. Since the state government agency is seeing the information, and using it to disperse the proper funds to municipal agencies, there really is NO reason the municipalities need to see that information also. If Paul doesn’t trust the data he is receiving from the state, he should take that up with the state legislature and the AG. Not much the county commission or city council can do but offer a tissue.

What I found IRONIC about Paul’s request was that the city, the state and especially when it comes to ambulance service, Metro, hides information from the citizens consistently. His cries for having the freedom to view this PRIVATE information about individual citizens wreaks of hypocrisy.

I found this video interesting.

I have never really had much to say about 9/11, except this, GW Bush ignored the warning signs then, bungled the Afghan capture of Osama and started two unneeded wars over it which has cost us life and treasure. One of Osama’s intentions was to crumble us financially.

Did he succeed?