Did Herseth-Sandlin have to leave Raven Industries?

From Princess to President

SHS going to Augustana may explain why we haven’t seen much of her in the public eye helping to save what little is left of the SD Democratic Party. I know behind the scenes she has done some fund raising, but that is about it.

As for leaving Raven, I’m not saying SHS was fired, or asked to resign, highly unlikely. I just find it a bit odd that you would take almost a 50% pay cut to take on a higher profile job.

Could it be that SHS saw the writing on the wall with Raven not doing as well as they were when she got on board? That, and the fact being a University President is a pretty good gig, even if a pay cut was involved. Not sure, but it is quite a transition from Congress person to corporate attorney to university president, just saying.

And then there is the question about Pam Homan. Was she angling for the job?

Cameraman Bruce talks Security Cameras

Lock your doors, turn your lights on, trim your bushes, ACTION!

UPDATE: Parks Board Meeting, Nov 5, 2016

UPDATE: If you forward to 51:00 in the meeting you will hear a bash session until almost the end of the meeting of Argus Leader, the media, and Joe Sneve. They also finish up bashing recording the meetings. This is apparently why they DON’T want these meetings recorded, because they do talk ‘freely’. Notice that it is mostly staff, Kearney, the Parks Director, doing the bashing. This proves why transparent and open government is important because of this kind of nastiness behind the scenes.

All hail the secrecy of Sioux Falls City Government! Over the last few months we have been pushing for more board and commission openness by doing videos or at least audio recordings.

The mayor’s veto of the video or audio recording of Park and Recreation Board meetings gave us a morsel of information. The board already recorded the meetings and they were available for the asking. So here is the November 15, 2016 meeting audio. We’ve added some photos of Sioux Falls park features for you to watch as you listen to the meeting.

Take not near the beginning of the meeting when the board members make comments about the lack of Public Inputers. For those of us who attend these meetings, there is a collegiality amongst the members and staff. We feel the wink, wink, nod, nod as we public outsiders watch the actions. It is very interesting to see and it does not come across the same when we video, but it is there.

Huether fails to mention the skyrocketing crime problem in Sioux Falls

In Mayor Huether’s ‘Home Stretch’ interview with Meti-Stormland-Sick Kids TV today he mentions all the things he plans to get done before he leaves office. In the entire interview there is NO mention of fighting crime.


Maybe Leland left it out, not sure, but it’s pretty pathetic to do an interview about your last 14 months in office and not mention ONCE the growing crime problem in SF.

One of the things the Mayor will have to deal with is slumping sales tax revenue. Huether says that issue will last past his time as Mayor, and will affect the next Mayor.

And like crime, he plans to pass it on. That’s leadership folks, GW Bush style.

Theres a time to hold them and a time to fold them – Kenny Rogers

Oh Rex, why do we enjoy watching you try to be the leader?

He has only been on the council for 7 years and almost 2 years in leadership, we should give him a break at knowing these things? Right?

We have been accused of making snippets so it gave Cameraman Bruce an idea, “Why not piece together snippet of the wise decisions and comments Rex Rolfing made during the meeting?” Well, here it is, 16 minutes of precedent setting activity while Mayor Mike was missing for the Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Sioux Falls City Council meeting.

Council members asked questions during input, invited citizens to come forward to make comments and we saw sever Points of Order called to get the meeting back on track.

Robert’s Rules in action, first time we are able to watch and enjoy the mess. Should we buy the Robert’s Rules for Dummys to keep up”

Why does everything fall apart when you least expect it? We now have Council members who are exercising their right to speak up. Enjoy as we did.

Progress at the City’s Romantix Annex

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Gift the old ice center to the Glory House (Feb 14, 2017)

Come and listen to a story about a man named Robert as told by his family. Dr. Robert Giebink was a successful doctor in Sioux Falls for many years. As a responsible and interested civic minded person, he lent his time and skills to many organizations.

Back in the 1070’s Robert was asked to help a nonprofit organization called the Minnehaha Ice and Rec Center with land. He gave the land to help the community. In the 1990’s the land was given to the city for the legal $1 with promises.

Dr. Robert’s family showed up and filled in many holes in Mayor Mike’s MIRC / Glory House story. The city never paid $100,000 for the property, they paid a single dollar. A dollar. We also hear from the donor’s family, it was a gift to help people, not make money. To those who knew Dr. Giebink, even a little, would recognize the selfless gift this property was. The family wants their father and grandfather’s gift to help those in need with the gift of a chance to succeed.

Pulling it from his . . .

In case you missed it, Rex did a stellar job tonight.

UPDATE: Will STOGEEZ be allowed to transfer their cigar smoking privileges?

UPDATE: The state gave permission to Stogeez to allow cigar smoking to continue at his new location. He is grandfathered in.

As the stink hole ashtray emporium plans to move from it’s current location on Phillips Avenue, many people (including casino/smoke shop owners) have been asking the same question “Can the smoking license be transferred and what kind of setup will the new Stogeez have;

The current Stogeez location will soon be transformed into a different bar.

Officials with The Carpenter Building aren’t releasing a lot of details at this time but say it will be nothing like Sioux Falls currently has.

Stogeez is closing on March 3rd and will reopen at the old Bogtrotters location on East 11th Street on March 13th.

Stogeez will be in the same building as Copper Lounge and a new wine bar.

I heard the new bar is going to be a gourmet cupcake dress boutique that has a bead shop and jello shot bar in the the back that serves it’s own micro brews and woodfired flatbreads called “Beaujoire Brews and Beads”. I heard Stogeez got booted because the residents of the Carpenter got tired of their entire building smelling like Fidel Castro’s office.

As for Stinkies, as you may recall when the smoking ban went into affect Krybaby Kant went to the legislature to get a special license/exemption(?) to allow cigar smoking in his establishment (two other bars got the priviledge also, one since has closed) as long as he could prove a certain percentage of cigar sales, oh and BTW, guess who monitors that? Yup, the establishment owner. There are also special exemptions for smoke shops BUT, those shops must be separate from bars or casinos and must have there own outside entrances.

It sounds like the old Bogtrotters space will house several different businesses. Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like it will have a smoke shop, Stogeez and a wine bar. My assumption is that the wine bar will be smoke free. But IF Stogeez gets to keep their smoking exemption, will it have a separate entrance that is outside with NO inside entrances between the smoke shop and wine shop? Is this the city has control over or is this a state issue? Kant is no dummy (ah-hum) so I’m sure he got his ducks in a row before making the move, but you never know.

Also, was the exemption written so it could be moved to a different location?

Questions to ask.

Want to prevent VD and Crime? Find God.

On the B-N-B show this morning, Greg was preparing listeners for the Mayor’s monthly visit at 8 AM Tuesday (I guess we need to get our adult diapers and barf bags). The topic? The rise of violent crime in Sioux Falls (can’t wait to hear the softballs Greg throws Mike).

One of the reasons my newest obsession is listening to B-N-B‘s show is because of the ‘wisdom’ his listeners dole out. It usually has me in stitches. A caller this morning did not disappoint. This person called in this morning and was talking about the drastic increase in STD’s in young adults (15-25) in Minnehaha and Brookings counties, and at first it sounded like he had some good arguments to make. Then he asks Greg, “Why do you think there has been this drastic increase?” He told Greg it was because of the lack of ‘God’ in young people’s lives.

While a good moral compass isn’t a bad idea, he couldn’t be more wrong. The problem is the lack of education and awareness. When AID’s was running rampant in the homosexual community, they started educating and the rates went down.

The same could be said about crime in Sioux Falls. One of the biggest factors is drug dealing. The community needs to be educated on what to look for, we also need to be getting to young people sooner about drug use. We also need to go whole hog on creating neighborhood watch programs that don’t cost taxpayers diddley, and guess what THEY WORK!

But if I had to take an educated guess as to why crime has increased so drastically in Sioux Falls over the past 5 years, I think it is much simpler then we think;

• Officer retention has been very bad, and SF police officers QUIT at a record rate last year. Not giving a decent COLA didn’t help matters.

• Drug use is going up (happening across the country) and with the lax gun control laws in our state, it is much easier for people to have (get) guns and use them (violently).

• The recession caused a lower class of working people, which tend to commit more crimes, especially when it comes to domestic and drug matters.

• The Boomtown campaign to get people to move here wasn’t well thought out. I don’t think this campaign helped to get professionals or higher income blue collar workers to move here, it got people who were already desperate and suffering where they lived to move here, and let’s face it, wages are not stellar here. In fact, if anything professionals are leaving faster then we are bringing them in. Don’t believe me that lower income workers raided our city? Then why have we seen our food banks and shelters expand so dramatically over the same period of time? While we asked people to move to Sioux Falls, we were not to specific of who we wanted really coming here.

• Also, as a caller this morning pointed out, our core neighborhoods in Sioux Falls are deteriorating, Why? Because we have thrown so much money at big development and urban sprawl, not just tax dollars in the form of TIF’s and Federal dollars but banks have been investing more in the ‘big projects’. How is it that we continue to break building permits each year, yet affordable housing in Sioux Falls is disappearing so fast?

• Lastly, our past and current police chief along with their boss, the mayor, have ignored all the warning signs, and the continue to ignore them.

As we continue to ignore our lower income workers and not pay them better wages, they begin to get desperate, and with desperation comes criminal activity. Maybe we need to hand out more Bibles?