Sioux Falls City Council Public Input 8/21/14 • Tractors & Tape

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New Middle School – No Sidewalks

While the other TV stations have been hooping and hollering about the inside of the new McGovern Middle School, the folks over at KSFY have found a little problem with the exterior. No sidewalks leading to the school. (I just think it is a conspiracy to punish the School District for naming the school after a liberal);

The newly opened McGovern Middle School was built near a few busy streets in Sioux Falls.

It sits on Maple St. near Marion Rd.

The problem is, there isn’t anywhere for people to walk on those roads.

Including students.

It forces people to walk on the street which doesn’t even have much of a shoulder.

Ms. Bartness does a good job of ‘starting’ this story but comes up short at the end;

The school district tells us the city is in charge of making sidewalks in Sioux Falls.

KSFY News reached out to them earlier, but haven’t heard back.

First off Logan, there is more then one person you can call with the city about this. But what I find interesting is the School District saying the city is responsible for ‘making sidewalks’. While this is true most of the time, the adjacent property owner of new construction is assessed for the cost of those sidewalks. The city does it all the time with private businesses and homeowners, so why wasn’t the school district assessed for these sidewalks?

Once again, I see a case of a different set of rules being applied to government entities, like the school district. Reminds me of the school district parking lot next to the EC that doesn’t have ADA parking. Hmmm.

Good job Logan, now maybe you can track down Chad Huwe with the city and he can explain why the school District doesn’t have to pay for sidewalks out there.

Pretty Heavy Stuff . . .

I started reading this study today, and my mind was so overwhelmed, I decided to save it and soak it in, bit by bit. But amazing stuff;

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens

Wonder if MMM has read it?

SD Senate Debate


Just watched the US Senate debate, got a good laugh at all the BS that comes out of Rounds mouth. He said he wants to shut down the EPA, the Federal Department of Education and revoke Medicare.

So I guess if we send him to Washington, he will make sure we are dumb, sick and living in an environmental wasteland. Sounds like a winning campaign platform to me.

Below, the Myers team demonstrating at Dakotafest how the Benda suicide took place according to an unnamed source. I guess the barrel of the gun was 18″ from his stomach. That is one heck of a stick he needed to push the trigger.



Just what is being done by city legislators when it comes to fixing the boulevard ordinance?


That is a very good question. The current ordinance states:


   (a)   The portion of a dedicated public right-of-way between the street and the property line excepting the sidewalk shall be landscaped and maintained by the abutting property owner. Landscaping shall be limited to sod, seed or other living ground cover approved by the city. Nonliving ground cover, including, but not limited to, rock, stone, brick concrete, asphalt or other like materials, shall not be used as landscape material except as provided herein.
   (b)   The city may authorize the use of nonliving ground cover for landscaping a public right-of-way when it is determined that a location will not allow for adequate maintenance of sod or other living ground cover. This exception shall not include the use of loose rock or asphalt as landscaping material.
(1992 Code, § 38-12)  (Ord. 37-03, passed 5-5-2003)
As you can see, as it currently states, your boulevard can ONLY be green cover. When is our council going to fix this? I do know that some councilors agree, this needs to be revised so thousands of residents can be in compliance. The mayor and some of the council say just leave it as is.
The problem with that is that there is NOTHING stopping code enforcement from giving out violations. Nothing. As the ordinance is written right now, they can give out a violation to anyone who is not in compliance. And they can pick and choose who those violators are.
So how is ‘doing nothing’ fixing the problem? I encourage our council works on revising the ordinance.

Reward the troublemakers, punish the property owners

Yesterday one of my South DaCola foot soldiers had a voicemail left in the afternoon. It was a message from a reporter at one of the local TV stations. She said she wanted to do a story about flowers in the boulevard. The soldier called them back about 30 minutes later, and the reporter told her that they no longer were going to do the story.

So what happened in that 30 minutes? I wonder if a call was also placed to city hall?

As for people who are beautifying city property (boulevards). I find it ironic that the city wants to punish people who are using their own resources to improve city property through code violations and fines.

But when other citizens of our community drink all day in one of our public parks, pass out, get into fights, etc. the city administration decides to reward them with bathrooms, picnic tables and a fence to contain their rowdiness.

To hell with a Bad Neighbor, more like a Bad Mayor.

What is the ‘real’ cost of the Road Diet?


Don’t get me wrong, I think the Road Diet is a great idea, and I see a ton of people taking advantage of the FREE 90 minute diagonal parking. It also helps out business on Main Street, especially Parker’s Bistro. But as you look at the project, you see it is quite expansive. The city, according to my sources, also built the patio bump out for Parker’s. Which makes sense due to liability, etc. But what is puzzling is how all this work was done for ‘around’ $8000. According to a traffic engineer with the city, when asked in this informational (FF: 33:20) he said the materials for the project would cost ‘around’ this much, but didn’t have final numbers or labor cost. So we move ahead with a project without having final cost figures, and on top of it we lowball an estimate to the council? This goes back to that whole transparency thingy with the administration and how information is being withheld from the city council, and they are expected to make decisions based on only having half of the info. Lame.

We saw it with the film projector purchase and again with the indoor pool at Spellerberg. Speaking of the pool I see the super secret selection committee is announcing the construction company that will build the pool today, hopefully it doesn’t start with an ‘M’. Funny how they are already announcing the construction company without having final plans approved by the council and a quit claim deed that is floating over the park like a cloud of stink from JM’s.


Does this remind you of something?

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Like when our SWAT team blew out the windows of an apartment building to catch an unarmed fugitive, or when they put over 40 bullet holes in houses trying to coax a mentally ill-sucidal veteran from his home. But my favorite was when over 20 of them (My count from an Argus Leader photo) showed up to be Looky-Loos at a murder/suicide scene. I thought to myself, “Isn’t that many officers at a crime scene like that give more of a risk to contaminating the site?” The other part that surprised me, besides the fact that it seems they don’t have a lot to do as patrol officers is that when Chief Barthel was asked during the budget hearing how many officers are on patrol at any given time, he said between 20-40. I thought to myself, “If half to all of our patrol officers are at one scene, where the suspect and victim are clearly dead, who is patrolling the rest of the city.?”

Where did I take this photo?


So which is it Karsky, City Council or Chamber Board?

Karsky is about to be elected to the SF Chamber Board (DOC: CHAMBER ) He says he will recuse himself from voting on anything involving the Chamber while on the City Council. That will be nearly impossible. Chamber members come before the city council weekly asking for various licenses and permits and rezoning.

So Dean, which is it? The City Council or the Chamber Board? You are going to have to make a decision. Because I can guarantee you that if you serve on the Chamber Board and the Council at the same time and you vote to approve something for a Chamber member, you will have an ethics complaint filed against you for every time you don’t recuse yourself, and NOT by me. Many business people in town are very concerned about the relationship.

Seems someone wants their cake and wants to eat it too. Just building that resume for your 2018 mayoral run, aren’t you Dean? How would you like to add ‘unethical’ to the list?