Detroit Lewis Prediction; Huether will announce for higher office within the next two weeks

I think MMM will make his announcement before April 7th. If I was a betting guy, I would say Tuesday, April 4. I still think he is going to announce for US Congressional run, but it seems lately all the right wing squackers in the state seem to think he is running for governor, so I may be wrong.

So why do I think the announcement will take place this soon? A couple of factors. I think Mike wanted to see who was running on the Republican side, and he either KNOWS or THINKS the Democratic challenger doesn’t matter. I think he also wanted to wait until his main man Diamond Jim made his mayoral announcement. There is also the several interviews he did over the past couple of weeks, even one where he did an interview with his ‘bride’ on his bed (living room couch). But I have also noticed some disappearing CityLink YouTube videos lately that feature Mike. He knows from the last time he ran for his second term, it is a no-no to be in any NEW videos after his announcement. He also had to wait to make his biggest campaign speech (the state of the city) on Tuesday.

Maybe I am completely wrong, or maybe he will spite me and announce on April 10th. Either way, it will be soon.

Why did Sioux Falls grow so much last year? Lots of Babymaking.

So this is some interesting stats;

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO-AM) Sioux Falls was one of the top three fastest growing metro areas in the Midwest in 2016.

South Dakota’s largest city grew by 1.5 percent last year, according to newly released numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, behind Fargo, North Dakota at 1.9 percent, and Des Moines, Iowa at 2 percent population growth.

People are moving to booming Sioux Falls – no doubt about that – but if you dig into the Census Bureau statistics, you find that a baby boom had a lot to do with it. There were nearly 3,900 births in the metro area in 2016.

There are actually a couple of different stories out there. The 3,840 births occurred in the metro area that actually grew to 255,000 last year, not just in the city. This also may explain why tax collection is down. Ironically, this means our property taxes will be going up drastically within the next 5 years due to having to build more schools. I actually encourage my young couple friends who are considering having children to be responsible and limit it to one (or better yet NONE) or adopt. Science doesn’t lie, the number one contributor to global warming is over population.

Interesting Sioux Falls City Council Working Session on Tuesday

Besides the mayor blabbering about the State of the City and the Joint Minnehaha County meeting the most interesting meeting will be the Working Session;

City Council Policies & Procedures Discussion

I guess the council will discussing the council’s procedures manual. I’m sure they are going to go after public input again.

Bummer. Sioux Falls City Council meetings are not this fun. (H/T-SO)

City Council Public input in San Clemente, CA • March 2017

You wonder how often this happens?

Something I have been suspicious about a long time, picking favorites and winners and losers at city hall;

A Sioux Falls contractor says his company has been unfairly blacklisted from city building projects after a dispute over payment on an earlier project.

No other contractor currently carries the “non-responsible” designation.

Maybe the contractor could claim all of the bad things happened because of an ‘Act of God’. If the city can use it as an excuse for damaging personal property, why can’t a private contractor? What’s sad about this is the unlimited legal resources our city has to fight these kinds of things, with our money.

Huether Tennis Center Welcoming committee during Elite 8 tournament

Surprised they didn’t use the county/city M-Rat to block the parking lot.

Jeff Barth strongly considering a run for Sioux Falls Mayor

Jeff met with friends and supporters tonight to tell us he is considering a run for the office. Jeff would certainly bring a different perspective to the office and some integrity. I hope he does it! Please encourage Jeff to step up!

Dan Letellier at Democratic Forum, 3/24/2017

Dan, Executive Director of the SF Airport Authority was the guest at Forum today (we should have video up soon). He gave a great presentation of some of the things going on at the airport. I also appreciated his truthfulness in answering questions, and NOT dodging them. It was refreshing to see someone in a leadership role with some integrity.

One of the highlights was when he presented the future parking ramp. They plan to have it finished by 2021. It will be 4 stories and 1,100 spaces. The cost? About $20,000 a space (which is a common going rate). Ironically, the parking ramp Downtown that will have a tenant on it, will cost us about $25,000 a space. Things that make you go Hmmmm.

I asked Dan about the low wages the airlines pay to employees at the airport and if the Airport Authority had any control of those wages (between $9-11 an hour). He said unfortunately they do not, and he was frustrated by the low wages the airlines pay, because it effects customer service. He said the airport has even explored hiring their OWN ground crew so they could get around some of the poor service issues. He said cities like San Francisco and Seattle actually mandate a certain wage is paid. I asked him if our city council and mayor could do the same, he was unsure.

I have suggested that the next mayor and city council pass a city ordinance that mandates a business to pay at least $10 an hour minimum wage within the city limits. Ironically the city pays some seasonal workers under $10 an hour.

Apparently KSFY has become Huether’s official ‘Higher Office’ campaign propaganda network

After he officially announces, he can no longer use CityLink to campaign. Thats means NO more ‘Ask the Mayor’ or ‘Shut Up and Listen sessions’ or press conferences for that matter. In fact, after his March 28th city address, Mike really can’t appear on CityLink anymore unless it is a regular city council meeting (and I would highly suggest the city council after picking new leadership in May that they start running those meetings and respectfully ask the mayor to sit in the audience and only participate if needed to break a tie, in which he would have to walk to the podium to do so.) It is against state law for the mayor or any elected official for that matter, to use tax payer funded media to campaign. I really think this is why Mike is dragging his feet as much as possible. He has been enjoying the press, that will soon end, and the REAL ‘HURT’ will start;

Another challenge, she says, is the criticism.

“When someone is in public service, they’re doing what they think is best for people. I don’t think people understand that sometimes. They say mean, hurtful things that they don’t always realize that we are people and that you still feel bad when people say these things. I think now, we see it worldwide with social media. People never have to face someone and tell them things. They always hide behind social media. That’s a real hard part. He takes it better than the rest of the family. That’s been hard. Through the years you realize that’s part of the deal,” Cindy said.

Stop picking on my Poo Bear! As I told a foot soldier last week, ‘If Mike thinks I’m hard on him, wait until he has the full force of the Online SD Republican hate machine breathing down his back and watching his every move as he runs for higher office. Also, don’t forget about all the Dems that supported him in the past that he took a crap on.

He will be begging Detroit Lewis to write a scathing article about snow gates or pot holes.

Downtown Sioux Falls to see some cool changes

I need a door hinge, a quart of white paint, a flashlight and a 5th of Old Crow

It’s not often I get excited about changes DTSF, but this week has been full of some fun announcements!

We are finally getting a Hardware store Downtown, something I have been wanting for a very long time. Bravo to ACE and the Nybergs.

But the best surprise was the announcement of the Butterfly House and Aquariums possible move Downtown. Very cool. While they are looking for locations, I think the city should partner with them and provide (or sell) space to them by Falls Park. Either at the Northwest Entrance, across the street from there where the boat repair shop is, or over by the Farmer’s Market. No matter where they choose to put it, hopefully it will be where there is a ton of foot traffic.