St. Paul & the Broken Bones (w/a little Luden Photography)

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Charles Luden took these photos in Canton, SD in the 1970′s



It’s a pool party (indoors)

Sioux Falls Aquatics Focus Committee Named • 1/22/15

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Well as one commenters stated, “It looks like a stacked deck”. Yup it sure is. The Sioux Falls special specials all gathered together to bless the forgone conclusions we knew were coming.

Don Kearney keeps talking, never saying anything and then answers questions never asked in an order never followed (but does mention renderings will be released next week to city council(?) – so has this committee already been meeting?)

We want to know what happened to the Quit Claim Deed issue and many more unanswered questions. We won’t hold our breath waiting for answers.

How about putting people on a “focus” group who don’t have problems with the ethics of campaigns and contributions.

Why do we need two parks board members (and a former one) to sway the opinions of this ‘neutral’ focus group? Why do we need a voting member of the city council on this group? What does an “Avid Park and Trail User” have to do with a swimming pool? A person who sells sporting goods is a good fit to supply items to the swim teams, pool and parks department, but to be on the steering committee? Still trying to understand what qualifications a Lighting Design and Engineer for corporate and religious events brings to the table. Does the certified pool operator have other plans once the pool is operational? Do the healthcare employees plan to sway the project for their particular employer’s benefit? We understand how the front persons for the NO on the outdoor pool campaign were placed in the leadership of this effort but no other neighborhood residents? What about an egg salesman who donated $400 to the previously mentioned campaign interest group? We’re just curious as usual.

Just a few more questions for our ethically challenged city administration to answer someday when they get around to it. It took about 7 weeks to name these pre-chosen committee members, let’s see how long before we have to wait for more answers.

In the end, will these 15 people just be the rah-rah club for Don Kearney’s plans or will they actually have any say in the process?

MC Election Review Committee Videos

This is from the last meeting January 16.

The first is a demonstration of the tabulation machines, the second is the meeting.

UPDATE: The ‘Secret’ Ambulance Service negotiations

UPDATE: Here is the SD Supreme Court case City Attorney Loop-Hole Dave is referencing in the meeting: (DOC:Hanson v MINNEHAHA COUNTY 2014 26859 ).

As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t apply. Commissioner Dick Kelly actually went and toured a facility on his own (whether it was in official capacity or not), the distinction here is that Kelly didn’t tour the facility in a public forum, in other words, the public wasn’t invited on this tour, he acted alone. The packet that Med-Star was trying to give to the city councilors was originally presented during their appeal, which was a very public meeting at Carnegie (even though Dave told the councilors NOT to attend).

Not sure when the city attorney came to his senses, but as I understand it, the packet information was emailed to councilors yesterday.

To say last night’s City Council meeting was a little strange is an understatement. It all gets started with the attorney of Med-Star Ambulance and the owner of the company leaving a ‘packet’ for the councilors to read.

The attorney of Med-Star accuses the city of breaking state law by allowing a monopoly within it’s boundaries. Basically the city’s health director is recommending another ambulance provider for the city, but they have a stipulation in the contract that a competing ambulance service cannot do ‘non-emergency’ transfers within the city. Med-Star’s attorney says that is the sticking point. They also have complaints about the process in which a competitor was chosen, but what is more interesting is what the city attorney is telling councilors about their involvement with the process. Basically the Health Director of the city chose the winner of the contract and will recommend to the city council.

As for the packet, the city attorney is advising councilors they should not read it because according to an October 2014 Supreme Court ruling if the council is making a ‘judicial’ decision on a contract, like ambulance service, they can only be addressed by the competitors in a public meeting or forum.

Councilor Anderson brings up the fact that when councilors wanted to attend the public forum when the selection process was happening the city attorney told them not to. So which is loop-hole Dave? They can only gather information at a public forum that you tell them not to attend?

Councilor Staggers shared his frustration about how they are getting NO information before they have to vote on the resolution, and anytime they ask about it, they are told not to participate. Heck after the meeting, councilor Rolfing reprimanded Staggers for trying to talk to Med-Star’s owner.

I guess the city attorney’s mission is to make sure the city council is as less informed as possible before they vote on the resolution, and he is getting assistance from fellow councilors.

The city clerk though is ‘storing’ the packets until loop-hole Dave figures out what they can do with them.

There was also entertaining public testimony about taking your family Christmas pictures in front of the red dumpsters at Arrowhead Park. I’ll have video on that eventually.

Trash Talking at the City Council meeting 1/20/15

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SFPD picks a specific officer to ‘thin the herd’ of deer in Sioux Falls.


Hey little guys, you may have a fighting chance.

South DaCola News

By Samuel Coldsweat

The SFPD announced today that they have picked a specific officer to ‘thin the herd’ of deer in Sioux Falls.

“It just made sense to us that this officer needed a little target practice, and what a better way to get it, but to practice on some dumb animals running through the trees and snow?” says Police Chief Darth Cowbell.

Of course Cowbell was talking about Officer Antwon Dickle, who ironically got himself in a pickle in Butthill Park the day after New Years. Dickle shot 8(?) times at a suspect that he believed pointed a handgun at him in a dimly lit area.

“Handgun, I-Pod, Pringles can, slingshot, dildo, what have you, the officer acted on the threat, but we were disappointed he missed the target, so we figured he could practice in the field on real moving targets,” claims Cowbell.

We wondered about the safety of the neighborhood he is shooting in.

“We will have him doing this at night to get the feel of the Butthill incident, but we will also warn neighbors when he is in the area, because we highly suggest they board up windows and go out for dinner and a movie those nights.” warns Cowbell “Just don’t expect us to record his operations or tell you how many shots he has fired, or deer he has killed. The SFPD just doesn’t operate well when we are transparent about our actions and being scrutinized. Cloak of secrecy is the best way to roll.”

We wondered how much ammo Dickle would be given to accomplish eliminating 30 deer.

“We figured with his accuracy, it would take about 20 rounds per deer.” sighed Cowbell, “So we are warning the food banks in advance if they are serving the venison, that they caution consumers that they may bite into a little ‘shot’ . . uh . . . or NOT (chuckling). Yeah, we know we may have better luck jumping out of trees and clubbing the deers to death with pool cues, but I think Dickle is up for the challenge.”

Cowbell estimated it will probably take Dickle about 6 months to accomplish his goal, and at that time he will be awarded a merit badge and advance to Eagle Scout training.


Election Review Commission to meet again this Friday

I would like to thank Robert Wilson with the county administration for having a change of heart and including me on the press release email list!


Great SOTU address

SD-WEEK-103-BUSH-OBAMA-LAUGHING-3-24-09Probably one of the better ones I have heard in a long time. I watched the WH version and it had dual screens with statistics. As this evaluation of the facts point out, the President did exaggerate a bit, but he also has turned around the country economically in 6 years after 8 years of the worst American president ever;

Private Sector Job Growth

The president was correct when he said the U.S. has gained 11 million private sector jobs in the past five years.

Obama: And over the past five years, our businesses have created more than 11 million new jobs.

That’s true as far as it goes. The economy gained 11,215,000 private sector jobs between February 2010 and the preliminary figures for December of last year.

Of course, the president said nothing of the 4,210,000 private sector jobs that were lost during the first 13 months of his tenure as president, due to the savage recession that was raging at the time he took office.

Overall, since Obama took office, the net gain in private sector employment is just over 7 million. And the gain in total employment during his time in office is lower than that — just under 6.4 million. That’s because of a net loss in government jobs, particularly in local school systems.

Of course The Three Stooges, our congressional delegation, cried about tax credits to the middle class and increase on taxes to the rich. Big surprise.


What Martin Luther King Day means to me


American History 101

Let’s not be shy, King talked about equality for all, not just for African Americans, but short fat loud mouth German-Czechs like me.

Increasingly, we have become a nation separated by the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. some of us are white, some are of pigmented skin.

Lets not forget that King’s message is about opportunity and freedom for all.

In a world dominated by the gun culture, and right wing dominance, now more then ever we MUST join hands in fighting tyranny. In our work place, in our churches, in our families and even in our play places. We have a government more concerned about what we are all doing, instead of worrying about our well being.

We must hold hands, we must break bread together and we must solve the challenges of violence, equal pay, racism, fairness in the judiciary and reach a common goal of common goodness, and peace.


Wars are not won by the barrel of a gun, they are won by words, honesty and integrity.

Americans will make this country great again by holding hands, having conversations and by seeing the enlightenment in each of us.

I think King said it best, “Judge me by the content of my character.”

How does the city become compliant with their own code? By changing the rules.

Remember this guy? He pointed out how the city was busy beating up on private citizens for not following code on dumpster enclosures, yet the city doesn’t follow it themselves. Solution? Change the rules.

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From the city council agenda for Tuesday, Item #21;


(c) Screening of dumpsters and outdoor storage. All outside garbage or recycling dumpsters or other garbage or recycling receptacles or any outdoor storage which requires screening on the site shall be screened from view of the street right-of-way by an opaque durable fence or wall with a gate with materials similar in color, design, and composition to the primary structure for with a minimum height of six 6 feet in height.

Notice the change? (bold italics). So now if the city can just hide their dumpsters from street view, they will be compliant. Nice move. Makes you wonder about the thousands of dollars spent by private business owners building enclosures when all they need to do now is ‘hide’ the dumpster. I guess the only way to get the city to change rules is by embarrassing them in a public meeting.