I guess the city was going to drop that little bomb during the informational meeting today;

The rumor was the bonds were going to be around $70-$80 million.

If you read the entire financial report, you will see the city’s sales tax collection isn’t really great, and they budgeted for a 6% increase.

Why on earth during a mild recession and record inflation you would budget like that is beyond me. Looks like sales tax collections this year will be around 3-4%.

You saw the stories. Great Bear had it’s shortest season of the year, 35 days. Let’s face it, it will continue like this due to global warming, and I am not sure why we play these games every year.

But let’s look at the money, why are we funding this park in maintenance and operations to over a million a year for 35 days of skiing that we have to pay for again when we use it!?

Stop the stupidity, auction off the equipment and let Great Bear be what it should be, a natural recreational space ALL seasons and stop running it like an actual ski resort. Folks can use it when it works, no fees and no more dumping millions into a park that doesn’t operate much.

Always cracks me up when the city’s finance manager cries and cries about property tax increases we need and food taxes then they turn around and spend money on snow that melts the next day.

Priorities folks.

Shutdown Great Bear as a resort and let the citizens use it when they want to. Weather permitting.

Just look at this Dakotanews poll;

Oh course folks in South Dakota want this service, so what has our legislature done in 55 years to secure this? Nothing! (last passenger train left SD in 1969).

This just shows how out of touch our legislature is. This form of transportation coming out of our state would benefit thousands of constituents, but instead they concentrate on guns, abortion and diet weed.

If dumb was a legislative body, it would be in Pierre.

Action on the House floor tomorrow(Tue), 2pm(1pm Mt time). Before then, please ask representatives to oppose SB89, SB90, and SJR501.

SB89 and SB90. (deferred from today to tomorrow) These are the bills with the 15-day eviction and loss of pre-court notice that an eviction is coming. (a recipe for more homelessness!) They make evictions quicker and easier for landlords, making it harder for tenants to re-locate, to fight wrongful evictions, and to hold unscrupulous landlords accountable.  Please ask representatives to Oppose these.

SJR501 forces voters to re-vote on Medicaid expansion “simply to clarify”(words of bill sponsor today) about whether we would want to let SD require low-income people to work for their healthcare, if the feds allow that again.  The corollary is that people could (I could say, will) actually lose their healthcare when they fall through whatever cracks such a program would create.

We voted for Medicaid expansion deliberately – with no if’s, and’s or but’s!  The legislature should respect our vote.

Sorry to report, it passed committee today (11-2). Before the House votes on it tomorrow afternoon, Please ask representatives to Oppose 501.

In committee:

HB1244 will get a vote in Senate State Affairs committee on Wed 2/28, 10am(9am Mt). So here’s an opportunity to defeat it. It interferes with our citizen rights to initiative and referendum. Allowing signature withdrawals is designed to disrupt our initiative process.  It’s a so-called cure for changed minds, when we already have a cure: Vote how you want on the ballot!  Urge senators to OPPOSE it (corrected from last time).  Casey.Crabtree@sdlegislature.gov ;Sydney.Davis@sdlegislature.gov ; Randy.Deibert@sdlegislature.govHelene.Duhamel@sdlegislature.gov ; Reynold.Nesiba@sdlegislature.govMichael.Rohl@sdlegislature.gov ; Lee.Schoenbeck@sdlegislature.gov ; Erin.Tobin@sdlegislature.gov,   David.Wheeler@sdlegislature.gov;

These contacts may feel like an exercise in futility. This year’s legislature seems hell-bent on keeping low-income people down. Shall we count the ways?!  But legislators should hear from citizens that we are not liking the way our low-income neighbors are being treated. Thus, we make our contacts, and I thank you.

Cathy B.