KSFY gone Wild!


I wondered ‘who’ or at least ‘how’ they would replace Nancy.

No worries, Carleen Wild has just showed up.

Columnist should learn the basics of municipal government before writing about it

Yes, municipal governments work with the school districts in their respective territories and often school and municipal elections share a ballot like they will next Tuesday in Rapid City, BUT . . . (Stu Whitney column)

Building a new sports and entertainment complex. Working to improve race relations. Finding ways to ensure schools are properly funded. Forging relationships with businesses to spark growth.

This is what you get when you take a sports writer and turn him into a city columnist overnight. Lack of understanding.

Municipal governments have NO control over School District funding, and vice versa.

While it is nice for the mayoral candidates to weigh in on the school district opt-out in Rapid City or school start dates in Sioux Falls (as our mayor thought appropriate) they really have no control over it. That is NOT a leadership issue, it is a governing/jurisdiction issue.

Please, do us all a favor and do a little research on the basic tenants of local government. After all, it is where the big decisions are made, not in publicly supplemented indoor tennis courts.

Sioux Falls TV media’s silence over free bus rides for youth

Yes, the details still need to be ironed out until the ordinance becomes in effect on June 19, but doesn’t it seem odd that NO ONE from any of our TV stations has said a word about it? Just this morning KSFY and KDLT did identical stories about a rib booth at Ribfest, in fact the vendor used the exact same script for both interviews. It should not come as any surprise, the media has done zero coverage of things like the Tuthill ghost (SFPD refuses to give the public clues like the audio of the officer) so this case will probably go unsolved. Or how for over eight months there has been NO update on whether the Event Center siding will be fixed, which could end up costing taxpayers millions or left with a crap siding job.

Someone said to me that maybe there isn’t enough interest in the story. Are you kidding? Every parent I have told this to of young children is excited about it, they like the idea of the buses having bike racks and that ALL kids can ride regardless of the economic stature.

So while they are copying each others stories about a dry rub from Minnesota, maybe they can do a real story about what is going on in our community. But that would require them to actually call councilors and do interviews.

City spends over $20 million a year in debt service

David Bixler, Sioux Falls City Council Budget Analyst sent me the below graphic today with this email;

The tables below illustrate the programs and debt service supported by the 2nd penny (sales/use tax) for the last two budget cycles. In addition, other funding is summarized by the programs those sources support.

Click on Graphic to Enlarge



Bosworth found Guilty on all charges


UPDATED, revised. After the verdict was read and people left the courtroom the KELO camera man approached the bench to basically ask the judge if it was okay to tear down the equipment. The judge says to him, “Well tried. Good Attorneys that did a good job.” The cameraman mumbles something about someone ‘accurately predicting’ the verdict. (You mean the jury interpreting the law correctly – what a surprise! In Hughes County of all places!) and saying “I haven’t seen anything like that in 30 years.” then the cameraman said, “Ben Dunsmoor has followed a lot of court cases, and he felt she was going to be found guilty after taking the stand.” Then they muttled back and forth about Bosworth taking the stand, and the Judge said something about how he would have not advised her to take the stand and whispered something about, “If I would have thought . . .”

Hey, cameraman, of 30 years, first things first, SHUT OFF YOUR CAMERA, then go bullshit with the judge about the case. Livestream just doesn’t shut off automatically after everyone leaves the room.

A fitting end to this freaking circus.

New mayor of Sexytown?

Found this sign by Lincoln HS.


Planning Director Mike Cooper suggests deferral of FREE bus ridership for youth, council disagrees

The Sioux Falls City Council voted 7-0 to approve the new pilot program tonight at the special meeting (Councilor Rolfing was absent).

But as of this morning, that vote looked a lot different. Jamison, Erickson & Staggers were on board, Karsky was a swing vote, and Erpenbach, Kiley and Anderson wanted to defer because they didn’t feel the city directors and mayor were included in the deal.

Call a whaaabulance, heard there was a new one in town. Some people are more concerned about getting credit, then getting things done for our community that are truly ‘progress’.

The city administrators and mayor didn’t need to be included. This was a simple resolution approved by the city’s legislative branch. The directors and department heads have 20 days until the resolution goes into effect to iron out the details – that is their ‘JOB’. And remember, this is a pilot test program for the summer, if it doesn’t work or needs to be tweaked, changes can be made at the end of the summer.

Besides Cathy B. suggesting the program, I found out over the weekend that Councilor Jamison with the help of Erickson spearheaded this resolution. Many non-profits and including the school district are all on board.

So let’s forget about the politics for a moment, and applaud the council for moving forward on this fabulous pilot program. Maybe things will look different in September, but I’m guessing not. There was another pilot program that was poo-poo’d just a few years ago.

Snow Gates.

Guess how that turned out?

Progress Sioux Falls. Progress.

UPDATE: Sioux Falls CIP (2nd Penny) Stats

UPDATE: David Bixler (council operations) approached me before the special city council meeting tonight, and told me that the debt service is ‘NOT’ included in this table. I asked him to send me that data. Stay posted.

During Democratic Forum on Friday, Councilor Kenny Anderson Jr. handed out this nice little spreadsheet, look close, what’s missing?


The numbers are curious on a lot of levels. My question is where is debt service? Also, look how high user fees are.


The Sioux Empire Podcast

A friend of mine pointed this podcast out to me the other day;


I listened to the last episode, it’s a good time killer, funny, and NSFW.

Maybe I could be a guest sometime?

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden


Ernie November in the early days (Photo: Charles Luden)

(On  Philosophers)  (On  Zealots)

I have a slight understanding of a few things
but don’t know much
Just put in earplugs when they preach
Charles Luden • 4-16-15 • at Granite City