Greg Neizert to announce he is running for Sioux Falls City Council on Tuesday


Greg would be representing the North West district if elected. He would be taking over Dean Karsky’s vacant seat;

Tomorrow October 13th, 2015 at 11:00am in the Carnegie Town Hall

Overflow Room located at 235 W. 10th Street, I will make an official

announcement regarding my candidacy for City Council Northwest District.

Will retiring Sioux Falls Police Chief Barthel tell us the ‘real’ story behind the Tuthill Ghost


Hey, it’s October, who doesn’t like a good ghost story?

Councilor Anderson told me on Friday about a recognition they will be having for Chief Barthel (I believe in tomorrows city council meeting). I asked Kenny if the outgoing Chief will fess up to what happened NY’s Day at Tuthill Park before departing. I think Kenny’s response was ‘probably not.’

It has been almost 10 months and we still have no clues. But of course, the public hasn’t been allowed to see evidence either and the shooting was investigated internally (because no one was injured – are we sure?)

Hopefully this incident won’t be ‘haunting’ Doug into his retirement.

Sutton VS. Huether for governor nomination?


My possible opponent may be good at creating ‘bull’ but I’m good at cleaning it up.

Stormland TV did a story about Mr. Sutton, focusing on the attributes of the state legislator, his disability and his possible run for governor, in which he says;

“You never know,” Sutton said. “You just never know.”

I hope he does run for Governor in 2018. The funny part is when I hear my political friends talk about Sutton, they always say great things, and these are my Republican friends. Trust me, they know he is a player for the Governor’s race and needs to be watched closely.

Bernie Hunhoff also points out another great attribute of Sutton;

 “I think he knows everybody West River,” Hunhoff said. “And obviously, if a Democrat can make some headway West River, he can probably do pretty good in statewide office.”

Something either Mickelson or Huether would struggle with greatly.

So will the Democrats put themselves through another miserable and disappointing primary in 2018 for the governor’s race? More than likely since Daugaard is term limited. The interesting part is to see if the party will divide itself over a Sutton/Huether primary or if they will quietly ask one of them to back down. There is also the factor if Noem decides to run for governor leaving her congressional seat open (I think Huether would run for that seat instead).

But let’s say Sutton & Huether do decide to run against each other in a primary. Besides the fact that Huether will have Sanford & First Premiere in his corner and more money I think a Sutton/Huether matchup will be interesting. Let’s compare the two;

Billie Sutton is an investment consultant banker (handling ‘real’ investments and ‘real’ money for his clients).

Mike Huether calls himself a ‘former banker’ (actually, he was the head salesman for a subprime credit card company, selling debt, not investments).

Billie Sutton is a REAL cowboy and former bronc rider who broke his back and has become disabled from participating in the sport.

Mike Huether ran into a steel fence post while chasing down an out of bounds tennis ball and broke his arm.

Billie Sutton wears a cowboy hat and drives a big truck.

Mike Huether’s hair scares the Hell out of most people, he also drives a truck.

Billie Sutton is a rancher who used to ride broncs.

Mike Huether did a photo op on a bull and collected beer cans as a child.

Billie Sutton and his wife have twins on the way.

Mike Huether has a tennis barn with his name on it.

Billie Sutton is the assistant minority leader of the Democrats in the State Legislature.

Mike Heuther is the chair of the city council meetings and yells at Kermit Staggers quite a bit.

Billie Sutton is a Democrat.

Huether calls himself a Democrat.


At this point, whether Huether decides to run for governor or not, I encourage Sutton to put his hat in the ring.

Let’s raise the ENTIRE tide in this state


Are you as sick of hearing about it as I am? WE NEED TO RAISE TEACHER PAY! And we need to do it with an increase in taxes.

No we don’t.

First off, the money exists to increase education funding, it’s about priorities that our governor and state legislators make when it comes to funding education. Elect more socially conscious representatives that understand an educated society is a better society, and we can fix the education funding problem in Pierre. Keep electing backwoods hillbillies that are more concerned about shooting critters and unborn children (instead of educating the children that are already born) and there will never be more teacher pay.

Secondly, even if it was about raising taxes to increase teacher pay, why would any worker in this state support a tax increase to pay teachers more while their wages remain stagnant?

They won’t. This notion that somehow we are going to convince the hardworking citizens of South Dakota of another unnecessary tax increase to benefit one sector of our workforce (public teachers) just won’t fly.

So you ask, what is the solution? Don’t get me wrong, I think teachers should get paid better. A LOT BETTER! But I also think nurses, welders, plumbers, construction workers and hospitality workers should get paid better also in our state. This is why teachers will never have the support of other working South Dakotans for a salary hike, because we get tired of you whining about a pay increase when you won’t go to bat for the rest of us. Many workers in South Dakota in multiple fields are leaving the state in droves for better pay, we are all in this together, not just the teacher. Heck the state with the help T. Denny had to create an indentured servant program to keep welders here (Dakota scholarships).

My point is simple, when the teachers advocating for higher pay realize this just isn’t about them, but about all South Dakota workers, we will advocate for them, but they need to advocate for us to, you know, the ones paying their salaries.

I’m all for higher teacher pay, but are teachers for higher pay in other fields also? I’m guessing they are. Share the love.

I can’t wait to read the rebuttal letters on this ‘snark’


How I love good satire, and Mr. Summers nails it. I have a feeling though that some Argus readers may not get the joke;

If your child really disappoints, consider more severe options like the “I Never Loved You” award, or the “Most Worthless Excuse For A Child” certificate. Harsh? Maybe. But nobody said winning was easy.

I have a feeling the rebuttal letters from the humor challenged are going to be more entertaining then this article itself.

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I took this photo Friday Night.


Sioux Falls City Council Meeting Agenda, 10/13/2015

It may not be the most exciting City Council meeting this year, but there may be a few ‘fights’.

First let’s get started with the Mayor’s Beauty Awards (make sure every hair and blade of grass is in place!)

Item #1, Approval of Contracts.

Legal Services for the Events Center (Wonder if this has to do with the siding ‘settlement’?)

New flooring for the Washington Pavilion. While this is no surprise, it brings up a great question about what the entertainment tax revenue is being used for since the bonds have been paid off.

The city council’s Budget Analyst, David Bixler told council last week (though he admitted that he was getting further info) that he thought the extra money now in the entertainment tax fund (extra penny on entertainment, eating out, etc. often called the 7th cent) is being used on maintenance on the Pavilion, Orpheum, Arena, Convention Center, etc., BUT NOT the Events Center.

It would be interesting to see the breakdown, and why the Pavilion is ‘hogging’ all the money?

Item #4, MMA fighting ordinance. I really don’t know what to think of this. On one hand, I don’t like violence or professional sports, in fact I think they are both ‘silly’.

I also don’t have a issue with two consenting adults, whether they are male or female, beating the crap out of each other (as long as they signed the proper paperwork :) and since this kind of crap is already going on in a hospital owned facility (The Pentagon), what’s the harm?

Maybe I will see something to open my eyes on Tuesday night to change my mind?

Last but not least is the pool rates, 1st reading, Item #6.

Safer streets or more unneeded regulations?

During the Sioux Falls City Council Public Services meeting on Tuesday they will be discussing a total cell phone usage ban (besides GPS and hands free) of course the DOCS are not up yet, I’m sure they will magically appear about 5 minutes before the meeting starts :)

During the October ‘Inside Town Hall’ Councilor Erpenbach pushed for the ban and thinks the city council should approve the ban.

Not so fast.

While I am not totally against the ban, and would comply if put in affect, as I have pointed out before the texting ban, that there are laws already in place. In other words if you get in an accident now, while using your cell phone while driving, you can be charged with a myriad of things. Distracted and Reckless driving come to mind. If you kill someone due to your cell phone use, you can be charged with vehicular manslaughter. Like I said, the laws are already in place.

Secondly, I think if the public really supports this, they should put it to a vote. The city council does have the power to put this ordinance change on the ballot WITHOUT a petition drive, and I would support them fully if they put it on the Spring Municipal election ballot.

I have told several councilors that is is ‘above their pay scale’ to put this ordinance into effect on their own without the voters approving it. I have even talked to several citizens who agree with the ban, but agree with me, it should be up to the voters, not 9 elected officials.

Heck, if we entrusted the citizens to an advisory vote on a $180 million dollar Events Center, why not a cell phone ban? I actually think the ban would pass if put to a public vote.


They also introduce the NEW Code Enforcement Manager, Matt Tobias, to Sioux Falls during the show. He actually looked less evil then I expected :) He has a rude awakening though, I wonder if he suddenly disappear after a short stint like our Human Relations director?


Seems this is coming back to Public Services on Tuesday also. I think the solution is simple. Let them park in public spaces, don’t make a bunch of noise, and clean up your trash.

UPDATE: It’s a Pool Party (just not for the poor kids)

UPDATE: Here is the proposed changes (DOC); Poolratesproposed

I would first like to thank the Sioux Falls city council for releasing their pool rate plans at least 5 days in advance of the first reading, unlike the mayor’s office that releases their plans 5 minutes before a meeting.

I’m not sure what to think of the council’s proposed changes (I will want to see a more in depth document after the agenda is released this afternoon at 4:59 PM)

Now offering an alternative, the council plans to present a proposal of its own next week that includes more modest rate hikes on season passes and establishes one-size fits all passes that can be used at any public swimming facility in Sioux Falls.

. . . the council intends to develop a seasonal pass system that would offer access to the entire public pool system – indoor and outdoor. A $250 family annual pass, for instance, would entitle a family of five to year-round pool access, and a summer-only family pass would be $80, up from the $70 pass families paid this year.

I like where this is going, and I know the council has been in discussions for months about how they would tackle the indoor/outdoor debacle. It’s the FREE passes that are hitting a major snag. I support keeping them, but I suggested to the council that people who apply for them should be asked to give a free will offering to the Parks Department of any amount if they ‘can’. Not sure if that will be in the final package (or if the genius’ over in the attorney’s office nixed it?) Either way, whether you support FREE passes or not, if the passes do get approved, it should be eligible at ALL of the pools (indoor and outdoor). The councilors differ in their opinions on that;

Continuing to provide passes at no charge is about ensuring the entire community has access to the entire pool system – indoor and outdoor, said Councilor Kenny Anderson Jr., who helped draft the pending proposal with input from his colleagues.

“This is something that will allow our youth to access all of our public pools in Sioux Falls,” he said. “As far as I was concerned, all of our public pools are public pools and people should have a selection of what pools they would like to go to.”

Exactly! (Even though Kenny and Michelle have been making a habit lately of changing their minds when it comes to the final vote after telling their colleagues in private that they support something). Hopefully Kenny holds steady on this one. The way I look at it is if we are subsidizing the outdoor pools in the exact manner as the indoor pool, what does it matter where they use their pass? Like I have said in the past, I don’t use the public pools (I can’t swim) but I have no issue with subsidizing them, even for FREE use, I use the bike trails and other parks frequently, and I feel we are all in this together. But some councilors feel that the indoor pool is too ‘special’ of a place for the poor kids to swim;

“I would prefer right out of the gate (to see) no free annual passes for the indoor pool,” Karsky said. “Once it’s free, it’s hard to go back because then you’re taking something away.”

Yeah, Dean, those free pass kids might dirty up the water too much, because as councilor hat hater Rex Rolfing said, “for some of those kids, it’s the only bath they get all week.” Maybe with their free pass we could give them a bar of soap also?

Why don’t you just admit it Dean, the indoor aquatic center isn’t being built for ‘those kids’ it’s being built for those who can afford it. Why else would we put in bleachers? So the special interest parents can come watch their kids compete. I don’t want this to be a ‘special interest’ pool, I want this to be like all the other public pools, a community pool used by all, young and old, rich and poor. If Snow Fox or any other special interest has an issue with that, they can buy the pool or build their own (BTW, still waiting to hear how much they are kicking in for a sponsorship at the place. They must have blown their wad on consultants and t-shirts before the last election).

Parks Director Don Kearney said while the graduated fee schedule that has season passes escalating through 2018 does more to account for rising operating costs than leaving rates static for long periods of time, the council’s plan won’t do much to reduce the subsidy the pool system requires.

As for cost recovery, puuuleaze! You should have thought of that before building an indoor pool that is going to cost well over a million to operate each year! A project that Sanford was willing to build, taking taxpayer’s off the hook. Don’t come crying later that we have this monster subsidy because the consultants, city attorneys and finance officers are bad at math and planning. We were telling you that before the election, just another dirty little cover up by the Parks Department and Mayor’s office.

I have a feeling that the second reading of this proposal will be a firestorm, not just from the public but from the council and administration. Brace yourself. We will all probably need a good bath after the dust clears.