UPDATE: The Pavilion’s strange job posting for the VAC Director

UPDATE: The job posting has REAPPEARED.

The job posting and job description was created on April 4, as you can see above (DOC:VAC Director April 2017) but the Pavilion didn’t post it to their employment page until today, for a short period of time that is, then poof it was gone. Even though it still exists on the interwebs, for now.

There is some legal hoops an organization like the Pavilion has to jump through when posting a job to the public, apparently for a couple of hours is OK.

So why wouldn’t they have posted the job longer then a few hours? Could be a glitch in the website, but my guess is that a candidate was already picked before the job was posted to the public. I guess we will have to wait and see if the new director (if they picked someone already) has any ‘connections’ to the board or other dignitaries in Sioux Falls. If not, then they need to have a long talk with their webmaster.

Property Tax paying voters left out of school start date decision

While I think most are OK with the August 23rd start date some wanted to see the last week of August instead, but it is unfortunate how the School District came to the decision;

However, survey conducted earlier this school year showed that more than 55 percent of 5,177 parents surveyed wanted the start date moved back to before Labor Day. Two-thirds of more than 2,000 staff surveyed also said they wanted school to start before Labor Day.

I still think this decision should have been left up to voters with the June 6th school board election. I think leaving non-parents and non-teachers out of the decision that still help fund public education in Sioux Falls sends the wrong message. Parents and teachers that are registered voters could have voted with non-parents and non-teachers that pay property taxes in our community and had an equal say also, instead of tipping the scales in their favor with a dubious survey. An election would have been the COMMON SENSE way to decide the school start date, and with an election less then two months away, it would not have been inconvenient to the school district. It seems the school board and school administrators still struggle with the concept of a democracy.

McKennan Park ‘Big House’ people are going to lose big time

I was amazed to hear this;

A judge told them to fix, tear down, or move their controversial McKennan Park house; now a husband and wife want the South Dakota Supreme Court to decide.

To tell you the truth, I would be surprised if the SDSC even agrees to hear the case. I thought the original hearing was pretty cut and dry, and so did judge Pekas. After losing the initial case, I would have looked at my options to move the house.


(19:00 -53:00 on the video)


Posted by Sioux Falls Downtown Rotary on Monday, April 24, 2017

UPDATE: OSHA investigation nearing the end?

UPDATE: Even though there was 28 citiations worth $100k handed over to Hultgren, it seems Legacy is probably off the hook due to being a LLC. It doesn’t mean there still couldn’t be civil suits against Legacy or even the city for that matter (for having knowledge of what was going on). Either way, IMO, the city should not allow Legacy anywhere near a public partnership with the city. Just by showing bad judgment in allowing such an unsafe construction company to work on it’s projects (several of them) tells me we need to send Legacy packing on the parking ramp and all future projects. We will see if the council has the cojones to see the same thing.

ELLIS & SNEVE from the ARGUS discuss the fines.

While this is under way (I heard there was about 50 subpoenas handed out) Stehly is fighting for the identity of investors of the DT parking ramp;

City Councilor Theresa Stehly wants to know who stands to profit from a city-backed, mixed-use development in downtown Sioux Falls.

Yet the giant secrecy of MMM’s Iron Curtain exists;

It’s not the first time a city councilor has called for greater transparency in the city’s public-private partnerships. In 2014, then City Councilor Greg Jamison unsuccessfully pressed for an ordinancerequiring investor disclosure in developments that receive tax increment financing from the city.

Jamison’s request followed an Argus Leader Media investigation that revealed Mayor Mike Huether and his wife had invested in real estate deals that required city approval.

And what would make us think anything has changed since?

It took 7 years, but the mayor finally admits to his Hubris

Before we get to the mayor flapping his trap and not really filling us in on what he is running for, I still predict he will be running for Congress. Once you read the article you get the hint that he doesn’t like losing, and Congress would be his best bet. Remember, it is only two year terms, and in 4 years he could run for governor or mayor again. I think the mayor is weighing this heavily, but I also think he realizes what is going on around him. I may be wrong about the congressional run, but remember, I predicted Staggers and Huether in the run-off for mayor 6 months before the election.

What I found interesting about Whitney’s article is that Huether finally admits to something we have known about him and his leadership style for a long time, he is a dictator;

“First of all, this is the executive branch,” he says of the governor’s seat being vacated by Dennis Daugaard. “It’s not the judicial branch. It’s not the legislative branch. And I don’t care who the candidate is – I’ll put my qualifications up against any of them, particularly if you want to bring business acumen to government. OK? If it were a non-partisan race, I would have thrown my hat in the ring already.”

As usual, what Mike has never understood is that all 3 branches of government must work together in a democracy. But for 7 years he has enjoyed a city attorney that follows orders from the guy who appointed him and a rubber stamp council.

He is going for broke. Nothing but victory will suffice.

I don’t handle losses very well,” he says. “I would struggle if that happened. I’ve had people encourage me to run for things and say, ‘Do it and just get your name ID out there. Establish your foundation for the next race.’ No. That’s not how I do things. There are no fallback positions. That is not how I do it and I know that people don’t understand that mentality – but that is me. That’s a problem I have and it’s an issue I must deal with as a person. And I struggle with it. I do.”

Win at all costs, no matter who you destroy or if it benefits the citizens or not. It was his mantra while running against Staggers, it was his mantra while pushing for an EC, Pool and Administration building. Mike doesn’t give a rip if what he proposes helps a damn soul as long as HE is WINNING. And it is a piss poor and disgusting attitude for any politician to have.

More importantly, with help from Hildebrand’s consulting firm, he coordinated a get-out-the-vote effort that pushed him past Brown and Costello and into a runoff with Staggers, the penny-pinching city councilor that he knew he could beat head-to-head.

Since I was partially involved with the Staggers’ campaign, I can really tell you that it was Hildy’s get-out-the-vote strategy that put Mike over the top. Not only was Hildy suckered by Mike, but Sioux Falls Democrats helped Mike to. And what has Mike done to the pro-labor party? First he took a dump on the unions then he left the party all together. Remember, win at all costs no matter who you trample.

“I’ve taken a lot of heat, but that’s exactly what we should be doing in government,” he says. “And I know not everybody in the press likes that. I don’t care. I don’t give a crap. It should be run like a business, looking for productivity and service improvements and getting better bang for your buck. That’s what I did in business and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for Sioux Falls.”

His business acumen philosophy will probably bankrupt our city. The signs of over borrowing are already starting to rear their head. By the end of his term, it will be obvious what his ‘business acumen’ has done for us. We will have a lot of bond payments for play things and little money to keep up our infrastructure.

He became estranged from his former campaign strategist on the events center issue, as Huether favored building at the convention center complex and Hildebrand spearheaded the Build It Downtown campaign. Huether claims to have lost other friendships in that battle, but he came out on top – just as he stuck to his guns to override the city council on a $25 million administration building plan.

Win at all costs, screw friends, who needs them.

Hildy describes the mayor as I have described him for years, an out-of-control dictator;

“There are people who have known Mike Huether for a long time who still don’t know what drives him,” says Hildebrand. “Some might argue that he’s been a strong leader, but saying ‘my way or the highway’ is not being a strong leader. That’s being a strong dictator.

And he has certainly proved that, time and time again.

He admits that the statewide odds are against him but feels he can find a “perfect storm” to stir up voters, pointing to name recognition and favorability ratings while refusing to comment on whether he has conducted internal polling for a potential run.

Once again, just because you ‘say something’ Mike doesn’t make it true. If you have actually conducted a poll, tell us that, don’t just pull the old, “I’m popular, just ask me.” routine.

“Try to outwork me,” he says, leaning in again with competitive flare. “If there’s one thing I love to do, that is engaging in people. Actually engaging the people. Going to where they’re at. And that makes everybody else unbelievably nervous. There are still people in South Dakota that actually want you to earn their vote instead of buy their vote. They actually care that you shook their hand. Or that you listened to them. Or that you had to agree to disagree on something that they challenged you on. They respect that more than someone who’s out there raising millions of dollars from people outside of South Dakota and pretending to represent normal voters. And if I do run, that’s what I’m banking on.”

Yet he knew he couldn’t beat Staggers in handshakes, so he spent well over double of what Kermit did.

Nothing new in this article, just the same old hubris. Surprised he didn’t mention his chain-smoking alcoholic father . . . oh, sorry, that will probably be in Part II of this intriguing in depth article into a Hayseed Egotist from Yankton.

Drink Up!

Councilor Stehly will be handing out Fliers today!

Drinking Liberally fills us in on some interesting tidbits

Seems there is going to be some shakeups in the SD Dem party next weekend, or maybe not;

In South Dakota: Next weekend the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) will hold its McGovern Day dinner, the SDDP’s big annual gathering and fundraiser. Keith Ellison, Congressman from neighboring Minnesota and National Democratic Party Vice-chair, is scheduled to be the featured speaker. Keith was one of the few Democratic office holders who endorsed Bernie Sanders, the Socialist from Vermont, in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primaries. He said Bernie reminded him of Jack Lemmon in that greatest of all Minnesota ice fishing movies, “Grumpy Old Men”.

The SDDP will hold a state Central Committee meeting in conjunction with the dinner. Constitutional amendments, which could lead to an election of state party officers at this same meeting, have been introduced. To quote from a letter from Rachelle Norberg summarizing the proposed amendments, “One of the most important changes in the proposed amendment is the moving of State Officer elections to a spring window on odd-numbered years, typically held at the same time as the McGovern Day fundraiser. If passed, this change causes an election of new officers to be held April 29th, 2017. Please ensure all potential officer candidates are given adequate notice to the best of your ability”

There could be fireworks at the Central Committee meeting, folks!!! Rumor has it that Paula Hawks wants Ann Tornberg’s job.

I am not a big fan of the current SDDP Chair, but a snap election, initiated in this manner, with almost no notice, seems deeply arrogant on the part of the conspirators and very wrong-headed. This appears to be a palace coup by Powers behind the throne. Changing one Queen for another is not progress even if the new Queen would be substantially taller. Change requires changing the Powers that be.

I would agree with the mighty Pooh-Bah, change can be good, but you have to do it carefully. I keep telling the Dems I would return to the party if they get their poop in groop, looks like I will be an Indy for the indefinite future.

Sioux Falls Parks Director responds appropriately to Breast Feeding incident

It seems Director Kearney had to do a lot of ‘Sucking Up’ yesterday 🙂 But I will have to give him credit, he actually handled the situation the way a public official should;

Admitted they made a mistake.

Apologized for the mistake.

Taking corrective action.

Trust me, I still don’t trust Don farther then I can spill a glass of milk, but he did what I wish more public officials in Sioux Falls would do, admitting they made a mistake and correcting it.