UPDATED: Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, July 23, 2019

City Council Informational, 4 PM

Monthly Financial Report for June 2019, you will see that while the sales tax revenue has been steady (and better than last year) the lodging tax continues to falter while Air BNB in Sioux Falls and the state has had record growth. I really think it is time the Air BNBs in Sioux Falls pay some sort of lodging tax.

Housing update

Legislative priorities of council for 2020 session, The city council is still supporting TIFs even though there has never been a comprehensive independent study presented publicly on how they are economically beneficial. We have NO idea what benefit TIFs have been. I have the short answer for you; there have been little to know economic impact, if there was we would have seen a study years ago showing it.

They also are asking the state to help in funding paratransit for agency ride services, which I agree with.

You will see in the calendar below that the EC Campus Book Club meeting has been moved to August 1st.

NEW Art Site

I finally got up a site dedicated to my art.

City of Sioux Falls Housing Director, Unruh, working for Tea’s development?

I just shake my head when I see these kind of conflicts. The taxpayers of Sioux Falls are paying Unruh’s salary so she can represent it’s citizens in helping with more affordable housing in SIOUX FALLS while serving as the President of Tea’s Development Board.

I don’t have an issue with her serving in either position, but she needs to pick one or the other.

C’mon Paul! This isn’t Rocket Science, it’s ethics, and this one is easy.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly on Forum

Theresa touches on many topics.

Local TV station changes name to ‘DirectTVland’

In a daring attempt to bring back Direct TV coverage to a local TV station, the station has changed it’s name to ‘DirectTVland’.

“We have always been known as Stormland TV, but there is more to life than just storms and hospital advertising, so in attempt to entice Direct TV back, we felt it was the right thing to do,” said GM Kay Hosingjob.

We wondered why Direct TV decided to drop coverage.

Hosingjob simply answered, “Because they are jerks.”

We asked a competing TV station why they thought Direct TV dropped them.

“While they are chasing hospitals and storms we concentrate on what is important,” said GM Dave Phoodtruck with KFLY TV “like what small town makes the best sliders in South Dakota.”

It’s time for citizens to fix the City of Sioux Falls Charter

If you watch the meeting, you will see the CRC (Charter Revision Commission) did their darn best to make sure nothing (so far) gets on the ballot for the Spring election. They consistently refer to the council to make changes. Quite honestly, when it comes to pay or how elections are run, that should be a CITIZEN decision, and should be put on the ballot by the CRC. In fact, I think most of the council would agree.

Fortunately, Dale Froehlich and Joe Kirby showed up to reveal the changes they would like to see. I’m sure they are NOT holding their breaths. They know as well as I do that it will be up to a petition drive to fix the issues with the charter.

The Denty has very few concerts scheduled over next 5 months

A business operator adjacent to the EC Campus came to one of the public input sessions for EC Campus Book Club and asked why there are so few concerts and events at the Denty this year.

Over the next 5 months there is only 6 concerts scheduled and about a dozen other events.

This building isn’t cheap to operate, with that few of rentals, how can it even break even with sponsorships?

I have also heard that major corners were cut when building the facility. Someone told me that most of the internal walls are only thin sheetrock, in other words if someone pushed you hard enough into the wall, you might go thru. As with the siding, many things will have to be fixed and upgraded here in the near future. This is what happens when you ‘ramrod’ things on the cheap. Thanks Bowlcut!

Sioux Falls Planning Director serves on Excel ‘Advisory’ Energy Board

Planning Director Eckhoff is asking for an advisory opinion on Thursday, July 25, from the Board of Ethics if it is appropriate for him to continue to serve on the board (he has for over 8 years, and receives a stipend). He says he will forgo the stipend. (Last page of document)

IMO, even if Jeff forgoes the stipend, I don’t think it is appropriate for him to serve on the board, especially as the planning director of the state’s largest city. This is an easy one for the BOE.

I’ve been hearing Jeff has been doing a great job for the city and works well with constituents and councilors, unfortunately he should have known to resign this position before accepting the city job – it is a major conflict.

What’s going on with the Bunker Ramp?

At the Sioux Falls city council meeting Tuesday Night, Bruce and I asked what is going on with the Bunker Ramp. I specifically asked why we haven’t gotten an explanation of what is going on with it, why we haven’t received an apology for such a horrible mistake and I suggested anyone involved on the council should resign and any city employee who assisted Mayor Bowlcut and Bucktooth to ramrod it be terminated.

UPDATE: No show for public input on EC campus study

The media reported this morning that only one person from the public showed up to the meeting, and Bruce and I were the only ones from the public who showed up tonight (the others were staff, TF members, etc.)

I’m NOT going to harp to much on it, because I think public input is important, and since Bruce and I were the only two there, we were able to give a lot of input. (Video is below, if you want the responses, just pause video since the presenter FF thru them pretty fast).

But a couple of things may have helped the situation.

I would have informed the public better, I never heard any public announcement about the meetings, I heard it from a fellow citizen. Is that the media’s fault? Not sure?

I would have also had all 4 meetings at night, with maybe one during Saturday morning. I would have also had them all in the same place (like the DT Library).

I could say some other things about the presentation itself, but you can watch that later and be your own judge. But two things that stuck out were too many questions about parking difficulties and this notion that somehow magically we could move the entire campus somewhere else, like DT. As Bruce pointed out, too late, and not relevant. It is where it is.

The cookies were good.