Want to prevent VD and Crime? Find God.

On the B-N-B show this morning, Greg was preparing listeners for the Mayor’s monthly visit at 8 AM Tuesday (I guess we need to get our adult diapers and barf bags). The topic? The rise of violent crime in Sioux Falls (can’t wait to hear the softballs Greg throws Mike).

One of the reasons my newest obsession is listening to B-N-B‘s show is because of the ‘wisdom’ his listeners dole out. It usually has me in stitches. A caller this morning did not disappoint. This person called in this morning and was talking about the drastic increase in STD’s in young adults (15-25) in Minnehaha and Brookings counties, and at first it sounded like he had some good arguments to make. Then he asks Greg, “Why do you think there has been this drastic increase?” He told Greg it was because of the lack of ‘God’ in young people’s lives.

While a good moral compass isn’t a bad idea, he couldn’t be more wrong. The problem is the lack of education and awareness. When AID’s was running rampant in the homosexual community, they started educating and the rates went down.

The same could be said about crime in Sioux Falls. One of the biggest factors is drug dealing. The community needs to be educated on what to look for, we also need to be getting to young people sooner about drug use. We also need to go whole hog on creating neighborhood watch programs that don’t cost taxpayers diddley, and guess what THEY WORK!

But if I had to take an educated guess as to why crime has increased so drastically in Sioux Falls over the past 5 years, I think it is much simpler then we think;

• Officer retention has been very bad, and SF police officers QUIT at a record rate last year. Not giving a decent COLA didn’t help matters.

• Drug use is going up (happening across the country) and with the lax gun control laws in our state, it is much easier for people to have (get) guns and use them (violently).

• The recession caused a lower class of working people, which tend to commit more crimes, especially when it comes to domestic and drug matters.

• The Boomtown campaign to get people to move here wasn’t well thought out. I don’t think this campaign helped to get professionals or higher income blue collar workers to move here, it got people who were already desperate and suffering where they lived to move here, and let’s face it, wages are not stellar here. In fact, if anything professionals are leaving faster then we are bringing them in. Don’t believe me that lower income workers raided our city? Then why have we seen our food banks and shelters expand so dramatically over the same period of time? While we asked people to move to Sioux Falls, we were not to specific of who we wanted really coming here.

• Also, as a caller this morning pointed out, our core neighborhoods in Sioux Falls are deteriorating, Why? Because we have thrown so much money at big development and urban sprawl, not just tax dollars in the form of TIF’s and Federal dollars but banks have been investing more in the ‘big projects’. How is it that we continue to break building permits each year, yet affordable housing in Sioux Falls is disappearing so fast?

• Lastly, our past and current police chief along with their boss, the mayor, have ignored all the warning signs, and the continue to ignore them.

As we continue to ignore our lower income workers and not pay them better wages, they begin to get desperate, and with desperation comes criminal activity. Maybe we need to hand out more Bibles?

Will the Three Stooges bother to show up?

While I like the idea, I will be shocked if any of them show up to the Lion’s den;

Sens. Mike Rounds and John Thune and Rep. Kristi Noem will return to South Dakota during a congressional recess period, but don’t plan to hold formal town hall forums. Spokespeople for the three said they hadn’t received invitations to the Thursday forum.

Kate Hayes, one of the group’s organizers, said she thought it was important that constituents remain an active check and balance system, weighing in regularly about Trump’s comments or policies that might worry them.

“We want to get back to where we’re doing our job as part of our democracy,” she said. “We need to be there to watch them and hold them accountable.”

Even if this was a grassroots Republican event, I doubt they would make an appearance, these clowns only show up to these kind of events if they can show off shooting hoops or collecting checks from rich donors.

But I’M NOT discouraging people from going to the event at Icon Lounge-Sioux Falls, Thursday, 5:30 – 7 PM. There will be a lot of other guests and speakers, should be fun, especially if NO Republicans make it.

Alt Mayor driving Real Mayor Bananners!

I have been enjoying Alt Mayor’s tweets, and I think I got the person narrowed down (more on that soon).

What I have admired recently is their calling out the mayor on transparency (oh the irony) and offering to sell the account to the city.

But what is even more funny is that it is driving the mayor crazy he can’t bust this person. It seems he threatened some kind of legal action with the State’s Attorney and Twitter, but like most things 1st Amendment, the mayor is no different then Sandy Jerstad yelling at a porn shop owner, you can’t muck with the 1st Amendment when you are an elected official.

Also, ironically, the Alt Mike has been pretty kind to the real Mike, besides a little snark about pool passes and transparency, they certainly haven’t been mean.

Once again, Real Mike proves just how ‘real’ he is when it comes to modesty.

Are snowgates working for you? And is it on the books?

Councilor Stehly offers her help when it comes to getting snow gate service properly;

I reached out to our Public Works Director Mark Cotter, and he assured me that his department is 100 percent committed to using snow gates citywide. We must understand that these gates are not meant to remove all the snow, but to help alleviate the majority of snow left behind.

Director Cotter and I would like to encourage you to reach out to us if there are problems with your service in the future. Councilor Theresa Stehly, 929-8783 and Public Works at 367-8255.

Let’s keep working together to keep Sioux Falls a great place for all people to live.

With a winter storm expected this next Friday, the phones should be busy.

There was something else in the letter I found interesting;

Snow gates are mandated to be used in all residential areas according to a voter approved city ordinance in 2014. Just as we have an ordinance requiring citizens to remove snow from their sidewalks, the city has an obligation to provide snow gate service.

Well, not really. As we found out this past week, the city legal team of crack attorneys at Sioux Falls city hall seem to have this policy of not putting those kind of things on the books, only when they want to harass you about doing something like scooping sidewalks or trimming trees (GAWD I HATE PROJECT TRIM). But it seems Sioux Falls may be the exception when a municipality doesn’t want to follow their own rules. In Bismarck, ND they actually take responsibility for laws passed by citizens;


10-02-05. Snow Removal. Notwithstanding the authority contained in Section 10-02-03, whenever, in the opinion of the director of public works, accumulated snow and/or ice creates hazardous road conditions or is likely to create hazardous road conditions which impede or are likely to impede the free movement of fire, health, police, emergency or other vehicular traffic or threaten the health, safety or welfare of the community, the director of public works may take the following actions in order to open and maintain the streets:

1. Post certain streets in need of snow removal for no parking. The signs must be posted at the times specified in Section 12-13-23(2)(l) before the snow removal is to occur. Any vehicles parked in violation of the posting shall be towed to facilitate snow removal.

2. When necessary to maintain the streets in good and safe driving conditions, goods and services may be purchased without complying with chapter 7-01 of this code. The board must be informed of any such purchases at the next following city commission meeting.

3. When necessary to maintain the streets in good and safe driving condition, temporary snow removal personnel may be hired. The board must be informed of any such hiring at the next following city commission meeting.

The City of Bismarck shall use snow gates or other devices to prevent snow, in an amount that prevents usual access, from being plowed or placed into driveways or their openings to public streets. This section shall cover City employees and contract employees. Any additional costs caused by this ordinance shall be paid by the City Sales Tax of the City of Bismarck. This ordinance shall not apply in the event of a snowfall of such magnitude that a snow emergency is declared.

(Ord. 4588, 03-15-94; Ord. 4644, 10-25-94; Ord. 5294, 06-13-00, Initiated Ordinance).

Imagine that, when citizens actually pass an ordinance, the city’s legal team does the legal thing, put it on the books.

I have suggested that the city purposely doesn’t put the snow gates on the books in Sioux Falls so citizens can’t sue the city if they don’t use them. While that is clever, it is also very sneaky.


The SD Democratic Party got clever with some video Cameraman Bruce shot. Thanks for sharing! The irony is how these same folks (Republican Lawmakers) are all of sudden constitutional scholars when repealing IM 22, but they can’t answer questions about simple bills on the docket for a cracker barrel.

Sioux Falls City Council Public Input, Feb 14, 2017

What is the Home Rule Charter? What is a Charter? What is an ordinance? What does the City Attorney mean by policy? What does SDCL mean? How does the Constitution stuff work?

Why don’t most of us know these things? One reason could be our city attorney Fiddle Faddle has decided the rule books he has to follow are to be construed to be “Against the Citizens”. Hmmmm, the founding leaders of our national government set forth a nation to encourage our better natures.

The founding documents listed above and we live by were set up to protect us from the tyranny and the installation of tyrants. The one person, our city attorney, the administration and our elected city council are supposed work with on issues is there to move policy decisions toward being “against the citizen” we have a bit of a problem. We the people have no place to go in Sioux Falls City government for unbiased help without having to pay a lot of money to hire legal help.

Our City Council Public Input speakers are asking pointed questions to be answered about this thing we call Open Government and the lack of it being practiced here in Sioux Falls when they spoke on February 14, 2017.

We hear a lot of comments about the Constitution, what is it anyway? We have protections based on 18th century idealist thought of what a fair government was to them. It has served us well in the back and forth of politics. The Constitution won’t survive us if we don’t teach those coming along to understand it.

The city will not survive either. No city employee should ever start out with the thought or make the statement he is there to defend the city against the citizens. The citizens are owners of the town. The city attorney only works for the mayor. The mayor is elected to be our city manager. The city is not a business, it is a social contract between us. The Charter is not to be used as a means to go after citizens. The Charter is our contract allowing limited powers in helping us get along and get the our services we need.

Once again, there is very little our city government does where we learn from business acumen other than some accounting functions. The rest of our city, state and federal government is a social contract guaranteeing our peace and liberty. Once we think we have to run government like a business, we turn just a bit more toward fascism. Mussolini did make the trains run on time but it was a bit messy.

And a quarter to their . . .

SFPD FOP statement and city hall’s reaction

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Of course City Hall had to respond;

The City of Sioux Falls has consistently stated that retroactive approval of a labor agreement by the City Council would establish a significant precedent and negate the timeliness required of the collective bargaining process. Bargaining began in May 2016, and both parties understood the necessary timeline.

Cost information:
The potential cost to the City of making the contracts retroactive (for both the FOP and AFSCME combined) would have been $152,010.08. This did not factor into the City’s decision.

For clarification, the $152K was already figured into the 2017 salary budget, it would not have cost us anything additional.

Sioux Falls Parks Board Meeting Agenda

As you can see for yourself, the Board discusses several important topics concerning our parks, and gives advice to our city council.

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Pavilion still taking money through the backdoor

Recently the Pavilion was bragging about making more money under the new direction of Darrin Smith, which is great. What is NOT mentioned is the taxpayers are on the hook for maintenance for the building thru the CIP. Over the past year the Pavilion has bled millions from the CIP for upgrades, and it continues into 2017 (approval of contracts).

Like the Events Center, taxpayers are on the hook for maintenance while the management companies only have to worry about operational expenses. It’s easy to say a facility is making NET but if the citizens still have to support it through the backdoor, what really is the true financial success?