And you thought I was harsh on Doug Morrison

This letter writer rips the hypocrisy of his new position to threads;

It is with absolute disgust and bewilderment the very quiet announcement of past school board president Doug Morrison, now hired on a full-time basis by said Sioux Falls School District in a newly created role that doesn’t seem to have even been known to the general public until after the fact. On face value, this doesn’t pass the smell test. It reeks of cronyism, corruption and a good ol’ boy network system. It shows even more that the education system is truly corrupt.


Another Republican entering the Mayor’s Race?

Pitty Patt thinks he is on to something;

My spies are telling me that within the next two weeks there will be an announcement made of an unexpected but very serious Republican contender jumping into the race for Sioux Falls Mayor

I’m really puzzled by who this person could be.

First off, Jamison seems to have the support of the Republican establishment in Sioux Falls and Entenman is angling for the Business Community. That doesn’t leave many crumbs for a third Republican in the race.

Erickson said she was going to sit out this mayoral race and the only other prominent Republican has said they were probably NOT going to run, Paul TenHaken.

I did some digging last night and couldn’t really find much. I guess we couldn’t rule out Mark Mickelson, Steve Westra OR Craig Lawrence, but at this point that is just a guess.

I was approached by a prominent Indy last year that has close ties to the business community, but he hasn’t said a single word since. I also haven’t ruled out Darrin Smith or Hildebrand for a run, but they are both Democrats.

I guess we will see.

More ‘Reruns’ at The Denty

Besides Garth doing 8 reruns of his show within a couple of weeks, it seems the reruns are starting to rear their head at The Denty;

Country singer Shania Twain will be returning to Sioux Falls during her 2018 “Now” tour.

Hey, I don’t have an issue with this, I mean, people still go to SkyForce games. Right? If it weren’t for Bill Cosby coming back to the Pavilion a dozen times or so, it may never had made a buck . . . wait, has it?

But honestly, I would like to see some more diverse entertainment. I just bought my first ticket to a show at The Denty, The Foo Fighters, and it was because a friend had an extra one to sell (I hate arena shows, but I don’t think the Foo Fighters are playing the Icon anytime soon).

I take issue with subsidizing the mortgage and maintenance on this building anyway, but if we are going to only use it for a large Grand Ole Opry it’s time we had a chat with management.

Vegas has Sioux Falls little league winning first game by 2 runs

Maybe I’m not reading this crap right (since I rarely gamble) but it looks like the oddmakers have us by 2 points going into the first game. WOOT! WOOT!

Since I really don’t give a rat’s a** about sports, especially youth sports, I thought I should at least say something positive about our team ‘Midwest’.

Good Luck!

Republican Leaders in SD continue to grasp at straws about the evil weed

Doesn’t matter how many FACTS you throw at Republican leaders in our state about the benefits of eliminating the prohibition of marijuana, they continue to grasp at any made up crap they can to call out on the evil weed.

Mayoral candidate and all around Shaggy double, David Zokaites did a presentation about drug prohibition and especially the worthless nature of prohibiting marijuana at public input during the Minnehaha county commission meeting this week AND the same presentation at the city council meeting.

At the end of the meeting during open discussion (FF: 1:14) Commissioner Jeff Barth said that the county and state should start the conversation now in case marijuana gets legalized in our state next year (which he thinks it will) when it comes to taxation, zoning, etc. He thought we were blindsided by Marsy’s Law and should be better prepared with marijuana legalization.

Bob Litz who happened to be standing at the podium talked about an upcoming speaker at a conference who is a sheriff from Colorado, who will speak about the effects of legalization in his state.

Of course, the commission’s Neo-Con, since Dick left, Cindy Heiberger had to weigh in. She said while David pointed out that NO one died from marijuana usage, she had to point out that it causes ‘social issues’.

I would partially agree, because people are tired of being arrested and prosecuted over a harmless drug, and the ‘issues’ it is causing in their lives.

REMSA to re-name their Ghost

I wasn’t able to find the ghost of Tuthill, will I find it when I call for an ambulance?

I guess at the REMSA meeting on Wednesday the board is renaming ‘Phantom’ ambulance in their Metro 911 training guide. Who wants to guess what the new name will be? I’m going with Morning Fog or Casper?

Cameraman Bruce plans to film the historic moment.

Sioux Falls Mayor proposes city flag design

The City of Sioux Falls ‘OFFICIAL’ Flag?

I’m sure you have seen it around town, especially hanging from downtown businesses store fronts, the tri-colored ‘unofficial’ flag of Sioux Falls. The city council and Mayor’s office has been pressured several times to make the flag the ‘official’ flag of the city, with NO luck.

The group pushing for the design had essentially gave up and just started selling the flag as the ‘unofficial’ flag of Sioux Falls.

Mayor Huether realizing there really hasn’t been a resolution on the issue put his staff at central and media services to work to come up with an ‘official design’. After they compiled about 10 different designs he shared it with directors, family and close friends.

This was ultimately the design the Mayor picked. It still has to go through city council approval.

Mayor Huether had this say about the new design.

“I think it reflects the passive, plain, artistic ignorance of the ruling class in our city while also representing the bare bones uneventful lives of the working class of our city. I have NO doubt our city council will pass this POSITIVE design, and if they don’t, I will just veto their NO votes. I think I can do that.”

The mayor has promised to get things done his last year in office, and here is yet another example of his leadership and vision if only this article wasn’t a big joke.

UPDATE: More Silence from the Arc of Dreams

Recently there has been several ads in the Argus about their proud sponsorship of the Arc of Dreams and the NEW design, but zero information about why the design has changed.

Hello? Anybody?

UPDATE: As I suspected it had to do with the wind’s affect on the sculpture. I would like to thank artist Dale Lamphere for coming clean on the design change. Remember folks, art is fluid.

I pointed this out when the sculpture was first announced almost a year ago;

1. Since the large structure does not connect in the middle, there could be issues with it’s weight when it comes to high winds and counter balance.

I find it ironic, just like my badgering about how SculptureWalk was juried, funded and insured, they slowly made changes to it. This time it only took them a year to wise up to the fact that the wind would blow it down. SW really needs to start paying me for my consulting work instead trying to get me fired from my job for writing letters to the editor about ugly goose sculptures.

Found on Facebook, AP Scores UP in 2017!

Seems the school start date after Labor Day actually HELPED AP scores. The smartest kids in the room must be reaching for their Preparation H.

City Plans to tap Entertainment Tax slush fund for SF Stadium and SMG

Looks like SMG isn’t happy enough with padding their pockets with the Orpheum, the Arena and The Denny, they now want a piece of the pie at Sioux Falls (Canaries) Stadium, and with the slush fund called the entertainment tax they see dollar signs. As we know, with the EC, they get paid, the entertainers get paid, the promoters get paid and concessions manager Ovations gets paid while the taxpayers are stuck with the maintenance and mortgage that is well over $10 million a year.

Another scam that just sends more money straight out the door of our community while not helping to pay the REAL bills.

Just look at the budget boost from 2017-2018.