Another hardworking Eastern South Dakota politician in their element

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, or maybe it’s that I follow politics too closely, but none of this surprises me, especially here in the Sioux Empire;

A former office manager for the Sioux Empire Fair Association has been charged with embezzling almost $250,000 from the fair in 2007 and 2008.

Is the manager to blame, most certainly, but she was so blantant about it it makes you wonder who was paying attention? Adamski certainly wasn’t, he was getting gifts given to him by her (hopefully he will be brought up on charges also). The fair board certainly wasn’t and the Minnehaha county commission certainly didn’t give a rip.

Why not? Because that’s the times we live in folks, out of touch politicians who ‘don’t want to get involved’ or ‘Know the details’. Just look at the Sioux Falls city council, they vote on bonds all the time without knowing or even caring about the details. In fact, they probably don’t know to this day how much interest we will be paying on the Levee bond, yet they already approved it. Who cares – not my money.

When something like the Sioux Empire fair, which is fairly successful starts losing money hand over fist, fire alarms should have went off, people should have been asking questions and external audits should have been done yearly, in good times and bad times. This whole ‘I’m upset about it’ won’t freaking cut it anymore. Action NOT Anger will solve problems.

Can we trust our elected officials anymore to watch out for taxpayer’s money? I’m starting to lose what little hope I have had.

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