Snow Gates; Letter to the editor

Snow Gates petition drive organizer, Theresa Stehly wrote a great letter to the editor yesterday;

Our community leaders have supported spending tax dollars on many quality-of-life projects in the past. The cost and effectiveness often takes the back seat to what is perceived as the benefits these projects will bring to the people who want them and will use them. Providing snowgates in Sioux Falls is a service that would help everyone in our city. We feel it is a project worth the effort.


#1 Pathloss on 09.18.12 at 4:08 pm

What I can’t understand is why the city fights snowgates. It works and should happen but you have to shove it down their throats. There’s a parking director. There should be a ‘tell them when to eat and crap director’. Put your ear next to anyone’s ear at city hall and you can hear the ocean. With Home Rule, the mayor has all the power. He doesn’t need council approval. Huether, if you agree with snowgates implement them. I think he wants free contact information for 5,000 so he can buy them a snowgate if they’ll reelect him.

#2 l3wis on 09.18.12 at 8:58 pm

Would love to see someone sponsor snowgates. I think it would be awesome to have a company billboard on them.

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