Snowgates; Contact SF city councilors about calling the Spring Election

I am listing the direct phone numbers of the four councilors who may be on the fence about Snowgates. Please call them and let them know you want them to call the election for this Spring. They will be discussing the election on Tuesday at the informational meeting.

Councilor Dean Karsky • 351-8571

Councilor Jim Entenman • 334-2721

Councilor Michelle Erpenbach • 321-0793

Councilor Sue Aguilar • 334-8245


#1 GregN on 12.03.12 at 2:38 pm

What about Rolfing? Where does he stand?

#2 Detroit Lewis on 12.03.12 at 2:53 pm

I asked Stehly the same thing. She doesn’t think he is worth the effort. I kinda agree.

#3 Pathloss on 12.03.12 at 4:21 pm

Entenman may come around. You sell more motorcycles if streets are clear and you can get out of your driveway. Erpenbach stirs witches brew and rarely heeds public sentiment. No comment regarding the other 2.

#4 Helga on 12.04.12 at 3:04 am

Do they know snow comes in the winter not in the spring?

#5 Detroit Lewis on 12.04.12 at 8:00 am

Helga – I know you think PL’s statement is a little crazy, but I see a lot of people still riding motorcycles, atv’s and scooters in the winter.

#6 Pathloss on 12.04.12 at 12:40 pm

There was a piece on KSFY last night. They interviewed Galen Huber. I’m seeing his side more. The city has but 6 plows and all have gates. Another 26 are private contractor. None have gates. It’s time to look for a new contractor. Our emperor mayor is probably somehow compensated by the contractor. With competitive bidding, a new contractor might very well provide snowgate use at no extra cost. The council should step in and supervise. The new contractor should be guarranted payment with an annual performance bond. The mayor is known for not paying contractors (other than his choice) and Home Rule doesn’t allow anyone to sue the city.

#7 Pathloss on 12.04.12 at 12:55 pm

Advice for the mayor:

Initiate snowgates. Make the contractor use snowgates for more budget. Save the embarrassment of a landslide election. Blame budget shortfall on citizens.

Everyone’s happy. The mayor and contractor get bigger cuts of public money. The council can continue to daydream or watch DVD movies at meetings. The taxpayer stays ripped off.

$100K consultant’s invoice is in the mail.

#8 l3wis on 12.04.12 at 1:14 pm

It will be interesting to see what questions they ask at tonight’s informational meeting on the topic.

#9 Helga on 12.04.12 at 2:51 pm

Scott, PL’s statement isn’t crazy at all. The nit wits who can’t agree to snowgates are the crazy people. Does no good to vote in the spring. Winter, for the most part, is gone by spring. But they give the whole issue a pass for another year when they vote in the spring.

#10 l3wis on 12.04.12 at 3:34 pm

We would be best to vote this Spring and get it over with instead waiting another year. And the initiative is written to take effect November 2013.

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