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SF City Council Public Input 1/6/15

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The continuing saga of Quit Claim Deeds and legal Occupancy Permits highlight our coverage of Sioux Falls City Council Public Input are a great way to start a new year.

Dan Daily actually thanks the Mayor for sending proof the city is operating the T Denny Sanford Events Center illegally after the last Shut-up and Listen session.

He points out two things,

1. The Spellerberg Quit Claim Deed has holes in it requiring it to be settled properly before work is done.

2.The other item adds a twist to the EC. The city may have issued themselves one temporary occupancy permit but was filed wrong making it null and void.

READ Dan’s testimony here: (Doc: QCD-OP )

What a city!

Events Center Siding update and other ‘little birdy’ news about Sioux Falls

A couple of sources confirmed to me today that the city definitely had a meeting last week to talk about re-siding the Events Center, and while it was decided that it will be re-done, the bigger question remains, “Who is footing the bill?”

Also, another bird landed on my shoulder and told me that the Parks and Rec department had to ‘recruit’ people to be on the Indoor Aquatics Center design committee after apparently the desired ‘kind’ of people did not apply. The city announced on November 24 they had 50 applicants, but I think some serious ‘scrubbing’ was going on. If this is true, I find it interesting that something that is supposedly so popular and needed that the city would have to recruit (cherry pick) people? I would have thought that would have been an easy list to fill.

Lastly, I guess all the grand development that is supposed to occur around the Events Center just had another bump in the road;

A recent auction failed to land a buyer for the property that used to be The Oaks Hotel & Convention Center. The land at 3300 W. Russell St. generated a lot of interest, according to Yvette VanDerBrink of VanDerBrink Auctions, but offers weren’t high enough . . .

Pretty sad when you can’t even auction off a blank plot of land less then a mile from the Events Center.

City is operating the Events Center with a ‘Temporary Occupancy Permit’

As discussed on Saturday with the Mayor, it seems the EC only has a temporary occupancy permit,


Since August 1, the city has been holding events without final inspections being approved (as noted in the document).

If our EC is truly ‘finished’ and we are using it, what is the hold up on a final occupancy permit? Can restaurants sell food before a final inspection? Can a home be lived in without final inspection? Not sure, but I would certainly think we would want a permanent occupancy permit before putting on sold out events.

As we have seen in the siding debacle (so far) from MJ Dalsin, that the city and Mortenson wanted to cut corners and cost, that is why the job by McGrath was so poorly done. With this temporary permit, it makes you wonder what other corners were cut to keep this facility under budget.

I have a feeling the siding is just the tip of the iceberg.

UPDATE: Lien on Me

UPDATE: As we have suspected all along at DaCola, the city and Mortenson forced the crappy siding job. Steve Young (BTW, Great Reporting) got Dalsin to spill the beans.

These were my theories;

1) Koch Hazard actually designed a paneling system that was workable, and Dalsin agreed to apply it.

TRUE. As I was digging through some of the first drawings of the EC, I noticed the panels were hexagonal in nature. These were the designs that were supposed to be used, but Mortenson and the city rejected them to SAVE money;

But Kuik and Dalsin dispute the claim that their company is responsible for designing, specifying and installing the metal panels on the west side of the center that appear to be bulging, creating a rippling effect on the curved face of the building.

Kuik said a mockup of the wall that was fabricated in Dalsin’s yard at Mortenson’s request showed what he called “deflection in the end swedge panel joints of the flush panels.”

Everybody looked at and saw that deflection issue, Kuik said, including city public works director Mark Cotter, as well as the Koch Hazard Architects design team and Mortenson officials.

Cotter has said in the past that the bulging panels were not something he saw in the mockup. Kuik apparently disagrees.

That mockup was built to replicate the design and curve of the west side facing Western Avenue, Kuik said, though he reiterated that his company was not involved in the design or specifications for the wall. In fact, he noted that a preliminary design by Koch Hazard called for an insulated composite metal wall panel, but that it was scrapped for a corrugated and flush metal panel that came in $3 million cheaper.


Hazard designed it correctly. Dalsin agreed to go with that design, then the city and Mortenson came in and said, Notta-Collata.

Make no mistake, just because Cotter is 3rd in charge in the city, doesn’t mean he makes these kind of decisions on his own. Think about it kids, think about it.

Here is Dalsin’s press release that goes into more detail (DSPC West Radius Metal Wall Panel Information)


We once again get to see our intrepid City Attorney David Fiddle-Faddle dance. This time around the M.J. Dalsin lien during Tuesday December 9, 2014 City Council Informational. He really fancies himself to be a smooth mover.

Kermit Staggers asked him several straight up questions and Fiddle-Faddle gave several left and right answers. If you remember one of our earlier videos, David told us how experienced and successful he was in these types of issues ( check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo-R4… ).

If you build a house you can’t move in until the building inspectors give you an occupancy permit. If you build a building for your business, you can’t use it until the building inspectors give you an occupancy permit. In Sioux Falls recently, the building inspectors did not show up before the scheduled opening of a business and it almost had to postpone the grand opening.

If you moved into your house without one, Fiddle Faddle and crew would issue a Notice to Abate, tag your door, take you to jail or other “official” documents to force you out.

What about the Sanford Event Center? There has been no occupancy permit made public. Why is this? Consider this, if the inspector issues an occupancy permit to an unfinished building and something happens, the inspector who signed it could be brought up on murder charges. This has happened in many other cities. Look it up, it is interesting.

Why does the city operate a building with thousands of people inside with different rules than we citizens have to follow? If something happens in the building or on the grounds, would the building’s insurance company cover the losses?

Who or what is the city and its officials hiding from us. You will love Fiddle Faddle’s claims of transparency, HA!

We just want answers and M.J. Dalsin just wants their money.

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Events Center Siding Fiasco heating up

Not sure what to think of Item #7, but I am guessing the blame game has begun.

Here is the full document here, it’s a long one (Dalsin-Lien)



I love this page, we have no idea what EC contractors were awarded until they have to file court documents;


Rapid City council votes to build new Arena without a vote of the people

Well, I hope they don’t hire Mortenson to handle the project, besides we have them tied up fixing our siding, on site and probably in a court room.

It looks like it will still probably go to a public vote though;

Rapid City officials have approved spending $180 million to build a new civic center arena.

The city council voted 7-3 on Monday in favor of the project after more than three hours of testimony and debate. Local sales tax money would repay the $180 million the city would seek in bonds for the arena, which could seat up to 19,000 people.

A resident started distributing a petition for a binding public vote on the expansion just moments after the council’s vote. The campaign needs roughly 2,000 signatures to force a referendum on the council’s decision.

I know that the mayor of RC said yesterday he would like to see it go to a vote. I hope they are successful in their referendum in getting it on the ballot. If that happens it will be interesting to see how the vote comes down.

UPDATE: Why is the city using an ‘Out-of-State’ legal advisor?

Not sure why the city is paying out $35,000 to Thompson Hine. We could be getting advice from them on naming rights associated with the Events Center, or maybe they are consulting the city on the siding issue? Not sure, hopefully a city councilor pulls this from the agenda for discussion.

UPDATE: Just got word that the city is in fact hiring Thompson Hine to represent them in any ‘possible’ litigation with the siding issue.

Notice one of their ‘services’ is providing assistance in litigation with contracts. Maybe the city is getting serious about the siding issue, nice if they would fill in the public.;

Contract Litigation

Litigation before and against the U.S. government requires highly specialized skills and knowledge of unique jurisdictions, venues, laws and regulations that are in many ways unlike more typical commercial litigation and contract issues. We represent clients in claims before and with procuring agencies; in various federal venues, including the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, Civilian and Armed Services Boards of Contract Appeals, Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition and other federal courts; and in state courts. We also represent clients before the GAO and SBA in connection with bid and size protests.

We assist and represent clients in the preparation, submission, prosecution and appeals of contract claims, including those in the following areas:

  • Suspensions of work, delay, impact, loss of productivity and acceleration
  • Defective specifications
  • Prime contractor-subcontractor disputes
  • Changed and differing site conditions as well as geotechnical matters
  • Payment disputes

Events Center nominated for award

When I saw this story, I about fell out my chair laughing. I guess the construction of the facility wasn’t one of the criteria to get nominated;

Sioux Falls’ newest sports and entertainment venue is on a short list of international venues to be nominated for Best New Major Concert Venue for the 26th annual Pollstar awards, city officials say.

If they do win the award, hopefully they don’t accept it in front of the building, a piece of siding may fall on them.

Sioux Falls ODDS & ENDS

After listening to the podcast version of Mayor Huether’s interview on Belfrage’s show yesterday, I noticed that the mayor said some interesting ‘OTHER’ things.

When he was talking about the snow plow issue he mentioned that the city doesn’t want to become ‘lawsuit happy’. I about chocked on my water. This is a guy who is having his attorney’s office criminally charge and arrest people for storing building materials in their yard. I would have to say the city is VERY lawsuit happy.

He then talks about how the Events Center has had ‘record sales’ since it has opened. Huh? How do you break record when there is no record to break. While I think it is great the place (mostly contractors and promoters) are making money, I think saying we are breaking records is a little far-fetched. Beating projections would be a more honest statement.

He also mentions the city has big plans for Van Eps Park now that it is a dry park, but he didn’t expand, just told listeners to be watching for them next year. I heard he is erecting a large Coca-Cola bottle in the park with a crucifix floating inside.

Lastly, once again he can’t resist taking credit for snow gate implementation. Mike, the voters of Sioux Falls implemented snow gates, not you, get over yourself. He also mentions that snow gates may not always be used depending on the snowfall, around that 6-10” range. As I understand it, if we get a heavy wet snow, they don’t work well, and it would probably be wise NOT to use them. But if it is a normal dry light snow, they can be used up to 20-30”. I also heard not only will they not be used on emergency snow routes, that the secondary routes may be ignored to.


I noticed in the Sioux Falls Business Journal a blurb about Lloyd Companies and Hegg teaming up to build a $45 million dollar apartment complex in Minot, ND in the Bakken Region. Surprise! Surprise! I wonder who will be investing with them and if they got any TIFs?

Arc of Dreams

I see the Arc of Dreams has raised $480,000 so far which is great! I hope they fund this project totally privately, and pass their fundraising skills on to the mayor’s wife so she can pay for own damn indoor tennis center.

As I understand it the project is being built on private land. But I found it a little strange that they have already hit half their fundraising goal and haven’t approached the Planning Commission or the CORP of Engineers for permission to build. As I understand from an engineering standpoint, the counter balance in the ground will have to be enormous. I will be shocked if 1) They can build this for $900K and 2) that they don’t ask tax payers to contribute. Stay tuned. The two guys heading up this project are behind BibleWalk, uh I mean SculptureWalk downtown, I expect them to be extending their hands at a council meeting very soon.

Irony of the day; The SF Airport Authority more transparent then the city

If the airport can report the contract results PRIOR to construction, why can’t the EC months after the turnover to the city?

Airport remodel contractors;

General Contractor – Hoogendoorn Construction $3,875,000

Roofing/Metal Panels – MJ Dalsin Construciton $546,632

Exterior Glazing/Windows – Midwest Glass $269,133

Drywall – Olympic Drywall $468,240

Acoustical Ceiling – FM Acoustical $266,900

Tiling – Grazzinni Brothers $48,430

Terrazzo Flooring – Demarco Brothers $252,370

Carpeting- Commercial Interior Décor $115,214

Painting- Valhalla Painting $61,390

Elevator/Escalator- Kone $487,000

Fire Sprinkler System – Midwestern Mechanical $88,000

Plumbing- Krier and Blain $575,000

HVAC System- Krier and Blain $745,000

Electrical System – Thompson Electric $1,171,298