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SMG, Ovations & Events Center change gratuity policy

To my surprise, I was listening to the SF City Council informational meeting and Councilor Erickson mentioned that she was able to TIP on her debit card at the Events Center at the Jason Aldean concert. At the Joan Jett concert, I could not.

After the informational I spoke to someone (city official) who attended the Joan Jett concert, and I said to them, “I wasn’t able to TIP on my debit card at the Jett show, were you?” They said “NO.” Then I said, “Did I speak to the city council about tipping ‘before’ the Aldean concert?” They said, “Yes.” I attended the city council meeting last night to correct councilor Erickson on her ‘assumption’ that tipping on debit cards was available at the Joan Jett concert and grand opening events. It was not.

Not saying I had anything to do with the policy change, but am glad the policy was changed, and hopefully they will also be able to put out tip jars at the beer stations in the future.

The only thing missing is the key to the building


What if the Events Center vote was rigged? Would it matter?

We were discussing this at dinner the other night and it lead to an interesting convo. Trust me, I don’t think it was, even though the conspiracy theories are certainly there. I think the key to what won was the get out the vote effort, and getting a lot of un-experienced young family first time registered voters to the polls. They tend to vote with their hearts and not with their wallets (or brains).

I also think it would have been difficult to rig the vote because I just don’t think the people in charge of the election were smart enough to pull it off, and the ones that were smart enough wouldn’t be able to train the monkeys in the room.

I guess we will never know.

But where our discussion got interesting was when we asked the question, “If it was rigged would it matter today?”

Probably not.

It was an advisory vote and essentially the city council approved the building and the bonds. All the public really did was ‘give an opinion’. It’s kind of like the proposed Walmart on the Southside and the zoning issue approved by the voters. Just because the voters approved the zoning there are still many legal angles preventing WM from building.

In other words, even if it was discovered today that the EC vote was rigged, there really isn’t much we can do about it now. We are proud owners of another white elephant in Sioux Falls.

Where does this mysterious ‘A’ rating come from?

Is our local news media, especially TV media, lazy slobs? Well maybe not slobs, Brady Mallory is a pretty spiffy dresser, but after watching and listening to this story, I am clueless as to who or what gave the Events Center an ‘A’ rating.

First Stormland TV takes a shot at it;

A member of the concert and ticketing giant Live Nation was also on hand Friday night and had a list of things to change. Torkildson says that list should be seen as great news.

“He said at the end of the night, if I’m giving you things of this nature, you guys did a great job.

So did ‘Live Nation’ give that rating? There is no mention in the story who gave the rating.

Let’s have KDLT take a shot at it;

After having a weekend to reflect on the first major concert at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, organizers are giving the event a solid “A” grade.

So SMG, who manages the EC gave themselves the grade? That is interesting. That’s like giving myself an A+ rating in the love making department. “She seemed to enjoy herself, and I got off, so that is a passing grade.”

I guess I can’t blame SMG for giving themselves such high marks, we wouldn’t expect them to come out and say, “Gawd, we totally suck!” But, really, the media shouldn’t allow SMG to just grade themselves. Notice in either story no patrons were interviewed after the event.

I give the TV stations a ‘C’ for ‘Clueless’ once again on how to do a news story.

$117 Million dollars gone in 14 minutes

YouTube Preview Image

UPDATE: Get ready for a ‘Parking Apocolypse’ at the EC tonight.

UPDATE: Okay, I am wrong once in awhile. I talked to some concert goers a bit ago. They told me several positive things, so I am trying to save face. They said the parking was fine, that the lines at concessions moved fast, and it was truly sold out. They also said the bathrooms (mens) went smooth. They said the only negative was that the women’s bathrooms had long lines.

Hey, KDLT, I posted about this in July, glad you finally woke up and did a story about it. I was a little off in my post, it was a date change instead of a location change. I will have to give them credit though, they were the only local MSM to report about the change that had been rescheduled months  ago;

Going to a high school football game is supposed to be fun. But, for the Washington Warriors and Huron Tigers, Thursday night’s game lost its luster. The game was rescheduled from Friday to Thursday thanks to a sold-out concert at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center.

City leaders claim there is enough parking around the events center for big events. Their latest request to have this football game rescheduled though proves there might not be enough spots to go around if there is more than one event taking place.

Sue Crell, concerned parent said, “During the discussion time when they were thinking of building the premier center and the whole nine yards, issues about the parking were always brought up.”

If the city is worried about 1,500 fans affecting the parking at the EC, we are going to have some issues. I suspect parking tonight out there will be a nightmare. Good luck Aldean fans.

The funny part is that the city probably wants parking issues at these sold out events so they can push for a parking ramp at the location. I guess city employees have even joked (rumor) about building a ramp in administration meetings. I think the comment was, “We’ll just build a ramp in a couple of years.”

What is this?


I know I have posted about this before, thinking it may be some kind of digital signage stand, but now it is some kind of tribute to bad outdoor lighting, concrete and South Dakota. Not sure whose property this is, but have been told it is the city’s property.

Please explain your art project.

Events Center VIP Party

Little does the public know that about a thousand people were invited to a VIP party tonight at the center, this was the invitation, a stainless steel booklet hand delivered (too some) & mailed with goodies inside, It was NOT at taxpayer expense (it was stated at the event), I guess Denny made an appearance, he jumped out of a Papa Johns pizza, or something like that, in one of his Carnival costumes.


Whatever happed to the Events Center siding mockups?

YouTube Preview Image

As you may or may not have noticed, the mockups have not occurred yet, and there is no timeline as to when they will. City attorney, Fiddle-Faddle told the Argus Leader they didn’t start them because of finish work on the EC. When asked about when they would start, he basically said within a year’s time.

This is unacceptable, because the longer we go without these mockups, the longer the fix goes on the back burner. I have a feeling that Mortenson and the City are going to try to find some way of not fixing it and leaving us with a big bag of Jiffy Pop waiting to explode.

YouTube Preview Image

UPDATE: We could have had the opening EC concert at the Arena

Our first concert at the EC, at $10 a ticket is only expecting about a 3rd of capacity;

Huffman said he expects a crowd of about 4,000.

Makes you wonder how many empty seats will be at the other ‘sold out’ concerts, or if most of those seats have been scooped up by scalpers.


If I had to make a rough estimate of how many people were at the show last night, I would say between 2,500-3,500. Maybe the EC and SMG will release how many attended. In the AL today they estimated 4-5,000, but didn’t have hard numbers ‘available’. They must have had the Lifelight counters present.

Parking will be an issue for the sold out concerts. Let’s say there was 5,000 people there last night. When we arrived most of the Arena and EC parking lot was full, there were people parked on the street also. We parked in the South Canaries lot which had very few cars in it. For your typical concert that is at that 5,000 range, parking should be fine. But when there is a sold-out show or multiple events, it is going to be a major problem.

The sound was pretty decent for Joan Jett, but not as good for Starship. I was not too impressed by the light show.

As for drink prices they run about $6 for a 16 OZ tap and $6 for a well drink. You are allowed to tip the bar and beertenders, but cash only. If you run your card they do not give you an opportunity to leave a tip on it, and I got the feeling they are not allowed to. So I asked why they could not have a tip jar in view. An SMG employee said this, “We were told by management (SMG) that since it is a city owned facility we are not allowed to put out tip jars.”

I’m just shooting in the wind on this one, but I think that is a complete line of BS from SMG. I can’t imagine a city ordinance existing that prevents ‘tip jars’. Besides, when I have been to concerts at the Pavilion, I have seen tip jars by the bars, and that is a city owned facility.

So what would be the reasoning behind SMG not wanting to encourage tipping their employees? The more money people spend on tips, the less they spend on buying product.


I also noticed in the AL today that the siding mockups have not been started. The excuse the city attorney gave; they were working on touch ups to other parts of the building. Then when asked about when they would start the mockups, the city attorney said that Mortenson has up to a year to come up with a solution. In other words, we better get used to the siding we have now, because it will probably never get fixed.