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Should the Sioux Falls City Council reverse it’s position on MMA & Ultimate Fighting ordinance from 2005?

When this ordinance passed in August of 2005, it had this specific writer in it (DOC: ULTIMATE-FIGHTING-ORD)

   (b)   The location of the activity and that the activity is not located in a park or any other city-owned facility;

In other words, none of these events can take place at the Arena, Events Center, Canaries stadium, etc.

Some have been wondering with the Sanford Pentagon hosting quite a few of these events that it may be time to lift the city-owned facility ban.

I really don’t have an opinion on it, except that when this passed it was because the city had concerns about liability. I could care less if a couple of meatheads beat each other up. Some say that it really isn’t ‘fighting’ in the traditional sense because of the martial arts and wrestling attributes to the contest, but every time I have seen an opponent lose, it’s probably because they are getting punched in the face and not because they succumbed to a fireman’s carry. Let’s face it, it’s boxers that are allowed to do flip kicks and roll around on the mat in the first couple of rounds.

Like I said, don’t know what to think of lifting the ban, I guess the only concern I would have is the same one the city council had in 2005, liabilities if someone gets seriously injured or died in a match. Could the city be sued?

Add another Million to the Events Center cost


Image: KDLT-TV Screenshot

Boy, this new 125 foot ladder truck will come in handy when they need to start sandblasting the rust from the EC siding. Ironically, it kind of looks like what the truck was purchased for;

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Mark Bukovich said “the event center, a great facility, but one of the issues that we have with that facility is the setback, where we can park the fire trucks, in order to reach the roof. This ladder truck will give us a great advantage of getting to the roof, if we ever need to.”

At a cost of nearly one million dollars, the 125 foot tall ladder is a big investment for Sioux Falls, which should last a long time.

Oh, there is probably so much water behind the siding that you don’t have to worry to much about the EC catching on fire.

Does mold burn?

I heard rumblings about this truck about a month ago and the main reason it had to be purchased was because of the EC. It is no coincidence that the EC is 122 feet tall and the ladder is 125 feet.

I’ve told people if you think the $180 million + investment in the EC is the end of the bills coming in, you are crazy. The operating subsidies and maintenance each year will be a drain on the taxpayers for years. The economic impact of the facility will never equal the subsidies.

Denny Sanford Premier Center Contractor List


Not sure how I missed this, but I found this PDF (FULL DOC: Awarded-Scopes-071714) on the city of Sioux Falls website the other day by accident. Not sure how long it had been looming on there. Of course, this doesn’t go into full detail about the contracts and how much they were paid, which we are still waiting for almost a year after it opened.

SMG Events Center Manager, Terry Torkildson thinks the siding is a ‘publicity stunt’


The ‘Visually (un)Interesting’ manager of the Events Center

Terry was the guest on  the Argus Leader Media’s SU FU STUpid show yesterday (FF: 24:50, in the video section of the website). Terry was asked about the EC siding, and he had an out at first,

“. . . Well the city owns the building . . . it’s their deal . . .”

Okay, I’m fine with that, he just manages the joint, he isn’t in charge of those things, fair enough. Oh, but Terry couldn’t resist to make just a few more comments,

“. . . I know I have been criticized in the past for saying this, but I think the building looks visually interesting . . .”

I guess if Terry thinks bent up forced straight steel, that has massive gaps and calk and rust stains pouring down it is ‘visually interesting’ I have a 1972 trailer home I would like to sell him. Trust me Terry, it’s not a dump, it’s just visually interesting. Maybe that is why Ford sold so many Pintos? He goes on to compare it to the Pinnacle Center (which has the same bent up affect) then concludes that is the ‘nature of steel’. Yeah, flat (not rolled) steel that is forced to bend on the building.

Though he admits at the beginning of his rant that it’s the city’s ‘deal’ he all of a sudden turns into an engineer,

“. . . the siding is water tight . . . we have had no problems with it . . .”


He concludes the whole problem has to do with the ‘messenger’ and not the actual shitty installation job,

“. . . I think it just some people stirring the pot . . . trying to get publicity for themselves . . .”

I was unaware that SF City Councilor Rex Rolfing was trying to create publicity for himself. You know, the person who brought this to the public’s attention. Before Rex even said anything, it wasn’t even on mine or the public’s radar. Terry should be careful of accusing elected officials trying to create publicity.

Terry sure had a lot to say about the siding, even though it’s the city’s ‘deal’, He must know a lot more then he is putting on. A week and a half to go and spin machine has kicked in.

My prediction is that it will not get fixed and our compensation will be on paper only and not in the form of an actual cash deduction.

Mayor Huether can pick a new police chief in one week, but after almost 50 weeks, no resolution on the Events Center siding

Oh the irony of our mayor, if he isn’t spending Federal levee re-payment funds on indoor pools (another project he proposed only a week after the election) he is out ‘getting things done’ in our community. But as we edge close to the deadline for mediation over the Events Center siding (I believe it is the end of August) we have heard nothing.

Will it cost taxpayers to fix it?

Will it be fixed?

Who’s fault is it?

I have been hearing from people who get themselves wrapped up in messes like this, that most likely there will be some settlement agreement between all parties involved, and most likely nothing will be fixed, or the settlement money set aside for future maintenance and repairs.

There is also the possibility that all of these negotiations could be sealed from the public (you know, like the list of contractors that worked on the Events Center and what they got paid.)

Maybe the paperwork has already been signed and it is a done deal, filed in the dark of the night? But trust me, when that deadline rolls around, there will be a lot of people in this community asking questions and demanding answers on our $180 million dollar investment. And this time around, I don’t think the mayor will be able to sweep it under the rug.


A Blast from the Past – Events Center Debate 2010

YouTube Preview Image

Is the Taxpayer Funded Events Center concerned about Patron safety?

There have been complaints about ADA compliance, possible drugging by bartenders and even complaints about moldy buns for sandwiches being served. One wonders how many more things we have to hear about before we get solutions, or dispel these rumors;

Just like other employers in Sioux Falls, the PREMIER Center says they struggle to find enough part time staff to work these kinds of events and are always looking to hire more part time staff.

Are they using temp agencies? Is there anything wrong with using them to clean up garbage? Not at all, but they may also be using them for food and beverage preparation, security and other functions.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t take long to train someone how to put garbage in a bag or how to sweep a floor. But safe food and beverage preparation isn’t a 2 minute course. It’s time our city council starts asking some serious questions about the workforce our Events Center is using, and why they are NOT hiring more PERMANENT properly trained part-time help like the Washington Pavilion does.

After the stories and accusations I have heard over the past year, I will NOT eat or drink at any event that is being managed by SMG or OVATIONS, and several of my friends feel the same way, until I get an explanation from them about their training procedures and workforce development.

Mortenson in trouble again?

Well, I guess with the luck the Vikings have had, this shouldn’t surprise us;

The $1.1 billion construction project to build the MinnestaVikings‘ new U.S. Bank Stadium may have hit its first major road bump. A $50 million dispute is brewing between Minneapolis-based contractor Mortenson, Dallas-based architect HKS and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA), accordingRochelle Olson of the Star-Tribune.

So Mortenson screws up our siding. Then the siding contractor screws up the Corn Palace domes. Now this. I guess if you are an attorney with this company, you have job security.

This story proves why an audit of the events center is so important. I think the cost cutting on the siding job may have a little bit to do with what is going on at the Vikings Stadium.

The ‘Tuthill’ ghost and Events Center siding have a lot in common


Just like that, the siding will be fixed, just as soon as you catch me!

Is it time the SFPD comes clean on the Tuthill shooting incident?

Maybe it is time they tell us ‘what’ or ‘if’ anything happened that night.

As I have mentioned in the past, the chief of police, Doug Barthel has said that certain types of evidence wouldn’t be released because he believed ‘it wouldn’t help solve the case.’

Guess what Doug, you haven’t solved it yet, maybe it is time to release the evidence?

Let me start by saying that I think the SFPD has been very successful over this past year solving crimes. Drug busts, murders, prostitution and robberies, within a few days. Heck, they even caught a graffiti artist (and those guys are sneaky :)

Where I am going with this? Doesn’t anyone think it is strange that the police department has been so successful solving many of these difficult crimes but they can’t find the Tuthill mystery person who was shot at on the night of New Year’s Day?

As I have said in the past, I do believe the officer saw ‘something’. But what we don’t know is ‘what’. There was an internal investigation (The county sheriff’s office and DCI did not investigate), NO audio was released to the public from his body audio recorder, a crime scene map has not been released to the public and a reward has been offered.

Ironically, this case is a lot like the Events Center siding issue, the public has only been given ‘tidbits’ but nothing concrete. Maybe the city could keep press conference costs down, they could tell us about the Tuthill cold case the same time they tell us what is going on with the siding.

Let’s face it, the EC siding issue is an embarrassment to the administration and the Tuthill shooting incident is an embarrassment to the police department. They will go away, quietly in the night, no pun intended.

Only if John Oliver was around before the Events Center vote

YouTube Preview Image