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TenHaken will not be attending Diversity Forum on Sunday

Paul says his faith prevents him from attending;

Paul TenHaken This event was promoted before I had the opportunity to accept and my schedule does not allow for me to be there. The mayor’s office is a 24/7 job, but Sunday’s are for faith and family and not campaigning. I have had a chance to meet many of you over these past few months and I look forward to talking with all of you in the near future.

While I won’t defend Paul’s excuse, because I do not attend religious ceremonies on Sunday, I have a feeling he knew the piling on would occur. All the better for Loetscher I guess.

I agree with Belfrage, endorsements don’t matter, they may even hurt

Maybe on a National level, but in local politics, I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder if certain endorsements might hurt you if someone has already made up their mind to vote for you and see someone they don’t like politically endorse you.

For instance let’s look at both candidates;


 • Family Heritage Alliance, an organization known for it’s ultra conservative right-wing partisan stances. They opposed gay marriage and gay rights and host of other freedom issues that are unconstitutional. I heard Loetscher didn’t even bother responding to them. If that is true, good for her.

• Greg Jamison, while this certainly doesn’t hurt, he did come in 4th place, and Paul could garner his votes, the same could be said about the Anderson endorsement of Loetscher.

• Dave Munson, Not sure how much this helps either. Munson started the downward spiral of transparency at City Hall and Huether perfected it. Dave actually got in trouble for signing a 100% cost overrun on Phillips to the Falls without Council approval. He almost didn’t run for a 2nd term because of it.


• Rick Knobe, not sure a mayor from 34 years ago has much weight, but it certainly won’t hurt her.

• Andy Howes, a one-term city councilor that most voters probably don’t remember, but props to Andy for promoting some great rock shows in town 🙂

• Pat Starr, no doubt Pat has been doing a great job on the city council. He spearheaded the Glory House land deal and has held firm on many issues on the council when it comes to transparency. While I don’t think his endorsement hurts or helps Jo, it could hurt his relationship with a new mayor, especially if they are NOT Jolene. Hey Pat, I guess were in the same boat on that one 🙂

• Michelle Erpenbach, while I believe Jo when she says she will improve transparency in city hall, this is the LAST person you want endorsing you when it comes to transparency. Michelle supported the secretive operations committee and assisted in terminating Debra Owen, which was a violation of Open Meetings Laws.

As Belfrage points out, and as I do, not sure if the endorsement game is really that big of a deal.

KSFY’s ‘Unscientific’ Poll has Loetscher & TenHaken neck and neck

KSFY is conducting another FLUFF poll.

The Endorsement Race has begun

Hey, Detroit Lewis, smartass city blogger is missing from the list. I’m hurt 🙂

A group of current and former Sioux Falls elected officials came together today to endorse Jolene Loetscher for Sioux Falls Mayor:

Rick Knobe, Mayor, 1974-84
Kenny Anderson Jr., City Councilor, 2008-16
Pat Starr, City Councilor, 2016 to present
Casey Murschel, City Councilor, 1995-99
Vernon Brown, City Councilor, 2004-12
Andy Howes, City Councilor, 2002-06
Kevin Kavanaugh, City Councilor, 2000-08
Michelle Erpenbach, City Councilor, 2010-18

Sioux Falls needs a mayor who knows how to bring people together. Who knows how to build real consensus. Who inspires trust in her colleagues on the City Council and among her constituents.

Real change—and effective leadership—never begins with the word ‘I.’ It begins with ‘we.’ It’s not always easy, but it is always, absolutely essential.

As we enter the final days of this incredibly important mayoral race, we are overjoyed and humbled to have the support of these leaders.

UPDATE: Minnehaha County Republicans already trying to smear Loetscher’s business experience

The MCR sent this email out this afternoon;


There are stark differences between the two candidates seeking the Sioux Falls mayor’s office in the May 1 election. One is seeking a liberal social and anti-business agenda for the community and has the support of major Democrat players, and the other is Paul TenHaken.

I would agree, there is STARK differences. But Loetscher is anything but anti-business, and certainly NOT a socialist. The statement in itself if almost laughable. Anybody who had 8 jobs to work themselves through college, graduating TOP of her class is hardly a socialist, if anything that is the true definition of someone who supports free enterprise.

Paul needs your help.

I’m sure he does, because while Loetscher can easily get moderate and even conservative Republicans to vote for her, Paul will never win over people with a social conscience.

National liberal special interest groups are sending money and campaign staff to Sioux Falls to elect Paul’s opponent,

First I heard the ‘Liberals’ are sending in the ‘Army’. The one thing I have admired about Loetscher’s campaign is that it has pretty much been grassroots. I don’t really see a change in that strategy. But this line really cracked me up, because it is one thing to knock your opponent, but to flat out steal what they stand for? Really?

so it’s time all of us step up and help elect a leader with an executive leadership background, pro-business platform and transparent leadership style.

Loetscher has ran three companies. And still does, instead of hiding behind some secret contract for deed or lease agreement. A dog waste cleanup company, a bio-genetics company that tests animals for disease and a video marketing company that has clients like Coca-Cola and John Thune, and was put in charge of multi-million dollar budgets with her clients.

As for transparency, besides Greg Jamison, Loetscher was the ONLY candidate to come out on day one about transparency in government. When a Republican hack like TenHaken tells you they are for transparency in government all you have to do is ask him about tracking down twitter trolls or being involved with hiding state government workers websites that are a direct conflict of interest. Paul talks about transparency on the campaign trail, not when in office. While Loetscher talks about taking the door office of the mayor’s office, I can guarantee Paul will add more.

Over the next two weeks, your help knocking on doors and calling voters is Sioux Falls will be crucial to helping elect Paul.

Minnehaha Republicans

I will agree with one thing, Paul is going to need all the help he can get once people see through the smokescreen.

UPDATE: I guess a boilerplate email is going around, the Minnehaha/Lincoln County Republican Women are getting in the game now (Entire Email: WRep)

While most of it is very similar to the above email (just more rambling, typos and questionable grammar) this part stood out;

an optimistic and realistic agenda, a determination to assist our law enforcement officers  in making our city safer and more law abiding,

Between the two candidates only one of them has gotten legislation passed that protects victims of abuse and helps to train officers to recognize the signs of abuse. That person isn’t Paul.

We have had enough years of liberal progressivism, with Mayor Huether.

LMAO! The liberal progressive, Mike Huether?! Let me catch my breath for a moment. First off, Mike was handing out the cookies, but not to a bunch of lazy socialists, he was giving the farm away to wealthy developers and contractors any chance he could while letting the social issues in this town like crime, workforce development, affordable housing and diversity go in the crapper. This is what Corporate Welfare Republicans do, I’m surprised the GOP hasn’t welcomed the guy yet. He has made a lot of well known Republicans in Sioux Falls very rich.

As for transparency, that is neither a liberal or conservative talking point. Both sides support or should support open government. Neither side has the edge on that topic, even though I will say again, that Jamison and Loetscher were the only two to start talking about it in the beginning.

Kenny Anderson Jr. Endorses Loetscher


I was at Dem Forum today when Kenny endorsed Jo. Sorry we didn’t Livestream the event, I guess it was a record attendance;

Today, Loetscher received the endorsement from one of the other candidates. Kenny Anderson Jr. announced his support for Loetscher at the VFW in Sioux Falls.

“It’s just an incredible moment for us to know that Kenny has served this city so tremendously, and his whole family has. And for him to say that he stands behind our vision and our belief, really means a lot to us,” says Loetscher.

Anderson says he could have sat back and watched the runoff play out, but he says the decision to endorse Loetscher was easy for him.

“I feel that Jolene will have that open ear, to all people of our city, not just one segment, and that was a real deciding factor for me,” says Anderson.

Thank you for running Kenny and thank you for your service.

Jolene Loetscher on Lalley Show, REPLAY

Jolene talks about her differences with Paul. LISTEN HERE. (FF: 32:00)

Did we learn anything from 8 years of Huether?

After the election results came in last night I’m starting to ask that question. I will give the TenHaken camp credit though, I have been hearing they ran a multi-faceted campaign that contacted people through social media, direct mail, robo-calls/push polling, radio and print media. Diversity works.

But I ask people if they recall this resume from 8 years ago from another candidate;

Business acumen and pro-business

Corporate Marketing experience

ZERO government experience as either an elected official or public employee

Someone who wasn’t afraid to wear Jesus on their sleeve

Lots of ‘promises’ on how they will make Sioux Falls better for EVERYBODY.

Someone who got the financial contribution support of the big banksters in town

Someone who used nationally proven strategic campaign techniques

While that was Mike’s resume, guess who’s resume this time around fits that bill? Only ONE candidate, Paul TenHaken and to a certain degree Loetscher. Did we learn anything about what a Marketing guru has done for our city? I’m guessing not.

While many may say Mike was a Democrat and Paul is a Republican, I have often thought Mike was a Democrat in name only and used the Dem stamp to get support from labor and the party resources. After he switched to independent he proved to me that he really never was a Dem.

I truly believe that Paul is using this run as a stepping stone for something greater (kind of reminds of someone else to? Huh?)

I think it will be important for the new council to get ahead of the game this time around, whether it is Jo or Paul as mayor. They really need to implement policies ASAP to assure transparency and open communication between the mayor’s office and council. It’s better to just write open government into ordinance than to take a ‘wait and see’ approach. We have been down that road the past 8 years, we don’t need to be there ever again.

Argus Leader endorses(?) TenHaken & Loetscher

I was told last week that they were going to ‘endorse’ someone, I just didn’t think they were such big wussies they couldn’t pick just one. I figured Loetscher would be endorsed. There are many close relationships between the JO-LOET Camp and the Argus management. Jo is my 2nd choice, so I agree . . . with that proposal . . .

The TenHaken endorsement was done to try to save their Republican readership. Paul is Huether Part II. If it walks like duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck.

Loetscher proposes SFPD uses precinct systems

While Jolene’s idea is a good one, I would go whole hog on it instead of baby steps.

Jolene proposes putting in 5 precincts at the community centers. As I understand it these centers are already to crowded with activities.

I would tweak the plan by putting the precincts at the Fire Stations and expand them to provide public ambulance service. You would kill two birds with one stone and you would put public safety under one roof instead of multiple roofs.