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Politicking at Benson’t Flea Market

There were at least 4 booths at the Flea Market. Loetscher, Sutton (Nice homemade signs), Brekke and Hubbel.

Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Loetscher supports public ambulances

Jolene was at Democratic Forum today. She talked about tablets that first responders use in Houston, TX. They have saved taxpayers oodles of money because it gives first responders the ability to direct patients to the right services if they don’t need an ambulance. So I asked Jolene if she supported public ambulances. She said she definitely would like to look at the option and mentioned that Houston has public ambulances.

My contention has always been that public ambulances would provide faster response times (each fire station would have one) and would pay for themselves through patient fees. We would probably have to hire a third party independent contractor to collect the fees. Most likely it would work on a commission basis.

No matter who the next mayor is, I think this has to be seriously considered.

Loetscher takes a page from Stehly

When I have volunteered for petition drives, Benson’s was always a great place to talk with constituents. Too bad we couldn’t get Jim Entenman out of Michael Bender’s board room long enough to attend, he’s too busy talking about corporate handouts and welfare.

While Stehly has no intention of running for mayor, I bet if she announced on Monday she was running and on Tuesday the election was held, she would be the next mayor.

Jolene getting some help from the Dems

Jolene Loetscher stumbles a bit in Lalley interview

Know your hot button issues especially when running for mayor.

Jolene was on the Good Ship Lalley Pop (podcast has yet to post) show today, and she did pretty good, but she stumbled a bit when asked about the Downtown Parking Ramp. She said she supported the project and that it was good for downtown development. She went on to say that councilor Neitzert did a good job of ‘crunching numbers’ and explaining why we are paying double the national average for stalls. (Because we tax payers are taking on a 100% of the ‘soft costs’ which are about $6 million, and IMO should be SHARED with the developers like the ramp wrap, architectural and engineering designs, utility upgrades and reinforced foundation that is needed to support the PRIVATE hotel).

When Jolene was asked if the private investors should be released, she said YES. A good answer on it’s face . . . but.

What Jolene must not know, or has missed is that you can support this project all you want, but if you don’t support the investors staying secret you can’t support the project, it’s part of the convoluted plan. You can’t have your cake and eat it to.

The city doesn’t want us to know and says that NO public officials (or family members) are investing. Even if we trust them on that verbal only promise, there is NOTHING preventing public officials from investing in other NON-PUBLIC partnerships with the same secret investors, something I think is happening and is a conflict of interest IMO and probably the #1 reason these investors are being kept secret. It is NO secret that the mayor and some of the other councilors do invest in local development projects. But do these lines get a little blurred when you are helping your fellow investors out on a public project? You know, that whole back scratching thingy.

While the city has NO intentions of releasing the names of the private investors, only the guarantors, which includes Aaron Hultgren whose construction company has been fined thousands of dollars for OSHA safety violations for the Copper Lounge building collapse. Hultgren’s name alone attached to this project is another reason why the public should know most of the private investors.

I will give credit to Jolene for sticking up for transparency, but you can’t have it both ways as mayor. Private developers will fight you tooth and nail before releasing those names. So would Jolene cave to secrecy or would she forgo public/private development for transparency? Good question.

I have argued all along the best way to have transparency with development in Sioux Falls is by creating or eliminating regulation legislation that supports growth instead of handouts like TIF’s and taxpayer partnerships. These tax incentives NEVER trickle down to the common citizen taxpayer in this town. It hasn’t worked since Reagan introduced this asinine way of governing and it never will. Let FREE enterprise and development in Sioux Falls sink or swim on it’s own and let our tax dollars provide the services that truly trickle down to us all instead blowing millions on developer welfare projects.

So please Jolene, keep fighting for transparency, just don’t expect developers to get on board.

At least one mayoral candidate agrees, too much money going out the door from The Denty

Listen to what Jolene says about the EC and it’s visitors;

Maximize Our Investment

A full house for our City of HOPportunity: Jolene Loetscher for Mayor event! Tonight, believers in tomorrow from across Sioux Falls came together to learn about our plan and vision for the future of our city, including maximizing our investment in the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center to build an entertainment district and utilizing housing solutions to build stronger neighborhoods. This is the Sioux Falls of tomorrow. A city of solutions, innovation and opportunity for all.Special thanks to the incredible Maddie Todd for performing!#letsgojo #siouxfalls #cityofopportunity #mayor2018

Posted by Jolene Loetscher – Sioux Falls Mayor 2018 on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I have been saying for awhile, besides the tax revenue from ticket sales, the Events Center is acting as a vacuum with money going out of our city.

Speaking of Jolene, here is a fundraiser she is having;

Loetscher wants to ‘clean up the crap’ at city hall

She better get something bigger than a donut bucket and shovel.

“. . . I’m ready to keep cleaning up crap and doing business with an entrepreneurial spirit as mayor.”

She said this in a ‘tongue & cheek’ way in front of city hall with the mayor’s office in the background and her poop cleaning boots on. Are we going to see some more edgy videos from Jolene?

Some ‘polite’ advice to Jolene Loetscher

Who am I to give campaign advice? I guess I have helped with a couple of successful campaigns (initiatives and candidates) and lost some pretty bigs ones to. But I think when it comes to city politics, I have learned a lot over the years. I also think I am good judge of character when it comes to people and especially people who are running for office.

I’m not going to give Jolene political advice – at this point. I think Jolene is smart enough to understand politics, and I think she is a quick learner. I don’t think she needs policy advice and I think she has a nice boiler plate platform on the issues;

• Strong and Safe Families

• Economic Development

• Smart Spending

• Work-Play Opportunities

Like I said, not enough time to debate and discuss her platform.

I want to talk about first impressions. On Friday I watched Jolene’s announcement and then I watched all of her videos on her website.

As you know, we have a multitude of candidates running with a multitude of different personalities, ALL MEN. Some want to concentrate on our streets, some want to concentrate on economic development and some want us to know they wear jeans, everyday, so get used to it.

Before people start ragging on me about picking on Jolene because she is woman, I will say this; I prefer female leaders in government, I think they think about two-sides of the issue. Unlike men, women tend to look at both the social and fiscal part of legislation and also have more compassion. We need more women and more compassion in government.

So what is my first impression of Jolene’s campaign?

• Your introductory videos are over produced. You are selling yourself not a can of COKE. Don’t fall back on Social Media too much, good old fashioned door knocking works.

• I struggle with taking you seriously when you talk about liking cupcakes and not being able to dance. I think most voters want to like their candidates, but they really don’t want to hang out with you. Talk policy every freaking chance you can. I know Jolene understands it, show us.

• Government is serious business, especially running a $450 million dollar a year business. You come across as not serious and something you are just doing it for the experience and for FUN. People in our community are suffering, a lot of people are underemployed or unemployed, addicts, economically vunerable, mentally ill, victims of violent crime or discriminated against. You have to appeal to them also, and making Sioux Falls sound like some kind of play land just isn’t going to bode well with the working class.

I think Jolene has potential. While the cupcake talk and holding up the baby on the bike trail might appeal to the soccer moms, it’s the elderly men in this town that vote the most, especially in municipal elections, and more than likely the elderly ladies that are stuck to them vote the same way. They are your major demographic, like it or not. They are the retired working class of our community. If Jolene is going to challenge 7 men or more for the mayor’s office, she needs to get serious, and quickly. You can work on the dance lessons later.

Jolene Loetscher for Mayor of Sioux Falls?

I know, I know. I had to do a double take when I saw the media release.

Jolene plans to make an announcement for mayor on Friday (9/8/2017) at 11:30 AM at the River Greenway Amphitheater.

I know Jolene seems to be a pretty easy going person that smiles a lot, but I’m not sure what kind of weird sense of humor she may have. In other words, is this some kind of publicity stunt to get out the vote, or is she serious?

In reality, she is NO different than Paul TenGallonManureScoop, running a media company. Another person that wants to sell us something.

At this point I am speechless and will await her official announcement before I make anymore assumptions. It takes a lot of confidence to run for mayor, maybe it is just brimming over in Jolene –  maybe this is just what Sioux Falls needs.