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Pretty Heavy Stuff . . .

I started reading this study today, and my mind was so overwhelmed, I decided to save it and soak it in, bit by bit. But amazing stuff;

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens

Wonder if MMM has read it?

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I guess they have ‘Starbucks’ parking at HyVee now. Wonder if I can use the spot to pick up some beer to? Nothing like creating your own parking spot,


Let’s go kayaking . . . in my toilet.


Time to get out the shovel


Possibly the coolest invention I have ever seen

Mayor Huether more concerned about popularity and dog poop then he is about real issues affecting our community

Before the election, many important topics were brought to the mayor’s attention. A rising crime rate in Sioux Falls, low wages, affordable housing and public transportation, impoverished children.

So now that the voters have spoken, and 56% of them approved of giving Huether 4 more years, what have been the top two news stories over the past 2 days involving the mayor’s office?

He had to have his first Listening and Learning session of 2014 in a precinct that didn’t support him to try to win over their favor and he wants his code enforcement office to crack down and do a better job of educating people about letting their dogs poop on city hall’s lawn.

“The lush grass outside the mayor’s window at Ninth and Dakota has become a major oasis for downtown dogs.”

Huether is also making his way to one of our Sister Cities, Potsdam, Germany (he says he is paying for the trip himself) Two words for you Mike ‘Beer Spa’. Just make sure no one posts the picture of you in one on Facebook.

So while real problems still exist in Sioux Falls that need to be resolved, our mayor is busy worrying about stupid shit, literally.

Another SD Legislator makes us proud


I think someone needs to ‘dump’ on Pastor DooHickey.

The mysterious ‘missing’ open container

First I ask you to watch this VIDEO before reading my post (it drags a little at the beginning)
VIDEO Poster’s statement;
Ryan Bultena
I was the passenger in a vehicle tonight that was stopped for no reason, when asked why we were stopped the state troopers, Sioux Falls police, and K-9 units had no reasonable response… I was only the passenger and yes I had a few drinks but I am legal to ride in a car after drinking. They would not answer my questions and said there was an open container which I was sited for that was never there. They also illegally detained me from using a public restroom after I asked if I was under arrest. One officer says he found a open container while the other officer next to him (looking nervous) says no there was no open container… They are very confused and called 7 units to this call for 2 people In 1 car. The drug unit as well as Sioux Falls pd and state troopers arrived. The end result after the whole situation was I was charged with open container even after the officer in the video says there was no open container. The point of this video is for everyone to share it and stand up and fight for your legal rights as a citizen! If we do nothing then your part of the problem not the solution.
Obviously, the person filming doesn’t start video taping until a little late in the detainment, and, as he points out in his video post, he was drinking, and from the slurring of his speech, I’m sure he is over the legal limit (I guess I would have to be drunk to if I was riding in a Monte Carlo). That being said, there are TWO things that concern me. First off, he received a citation for an open container, but there is NO evidence of an open container (only the driver telling the Trooper that he ‘had’ an open container, I’m sure to take the heat off of her). Maybe it had already been brought to the Trooper’s car, but I do know it is common practice to put an open container on top of the offender’s car so the Patrol Car can video tape it. There is also a discussion about ‘spilt beer’. As I understand it, doesn’t matter if there is spilt fluids in the car, as long as there is NO evidence of a container that spilt it. But the most troubling part is the disagreement between the Trooper and SFPO. Notice the officer standing there tells the guy that there was NO open container. So why doesn’t the officer go speak with the Trooper about the ‘lack of evidence’ and to show proof of the violation.
After sending in two PO’s, a K-9 Unit and a State Trooper one wonders if these officers were just doing a little fishing instead of serving and protecting.
If I was the guy who got the violation, I would definitely talk to a judge about it.
*This appears to have occurred at the Get N’ Go at 14th and Minnesota

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These are two separate issues. I commented on the second one.



A little ‘Bird’ told me about this marketing graphic

Building a Better Sioux Falls is using some interesting stock photography in their mailers.

Someone seems to be not to happy about building a new Walmart.

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