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Happy Halloween from America’s Favorite Christian!


Found on FB


Found on FB (H/T – Horndog)

Nothing like a cup of coffee, a piece of cheese and Jesus. I’m good now.


I guess I’m not the only EHRISMAN causing civil discourse (H/T-Helga)



Not sure if many people know, but my last name ‘Ehrisman’ is spelled many different ways, but my spelling is rare. In German, it means ‘Honored Man’ That being said, it is rare I come across others with the name, except for immediate family. I don’t know Stacy, probably relation, but found her story wonderful;

An attorney on maternal leave was denied her request to postpone an immigration hearing in Atlanta, and had to litigate with her baby strapped to her chest. Then, she was berated by the judge, who refused to delay the hearing, for bringing her child to court.

 As soon as Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle agreed to work with two brothers on an immigration case in September, she filed a request to delay the hearing, set for October 7, so that she could complete her six-week maternal leave. Ehrisman-Mickle believed the presiding judge would accept the request, since two other judges presiding over separate cases agreed to push back their hearings in response to letters from her doctor. But Immigration Judge J. Dan Pelletier Sr. turned down her request, claiming, “No good cause. Hearing date set prior to counsel accepting representation.”

Because Ehrisman-Mickle’s truck-driving husband was out of town for work, and she did not have relatives close-by, she was forced to bring her 4-week-old baby to the hearing. Following instructions from her child’s pediatrician, she strapped her daughter to her chest during the hearing, but the baby began to cry. Ehrisman-Mickle was then criticized by Pelletier, in front of everyone at the hearing, for bringing her baby to court. Pelletier told her that her behavior was inappropriate, and that Ehrisman-Mickle’s pediatrician would be displeased, since the baby was exposed to the court’s germs.

The judge eventually agreed to delay the hearing, and Ehrisman-Mickle immediately filed a complaint against him.


I guess it is in our blood to question those in authority.

Found on FB (H/T Bill Bill Jr.)


An Archie Bunker Break

Love about towards the end of the video, Archie pretty much explains why I am an Indy and Edith explains why I am a Liberal. This show was really ahead of their times.

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Pretty Heavy Stuff . . .

I started reading this study today, and my mind was so overwhelmed, I decided to save it and soak it in, bit by bit. But amazing stuff;

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens

Wonder if MMM has read it?

Found on FB

I guess they have ‘Starbucks’ parking at HyVee now. Wonder if I can use the spot to pick up some beer to? Nothing like creating your own parking spot,


Let’s go kayaking . . . in my toilet.


Time to get out the shovel