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Found on Facebook

These are two separate issues. I commented on the second one.



A little ‘Bird’ told me about this marketing graphic

Building a Better Sioux Falls is using some interesting stock photography in their mailers.

Someone seems to be not to happy about building a new Walmart.

photo 1



It’s time to JAM!?

Gotta love google maps, a friend of mine decides to type in the old address of the infamous DT dance club, JAMZ and this is the image that is produced. Guess some people can’t let the crazy partying go.


UPDATE: My pet goat?

UPDATE: I also see the mayor has his own photo album page on the city website. I wonder how much this block of wood cost taxpayers?

Gov_MayorPhoto (2)

The irony of the bunny questions is almost tragic.


Been there, done that.


Write your own caption


Yeah, would love to hear Mike’s feelings on being ‘NICE’



Seems cheap (Found on FB)


Put on some pants

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Major storm on Friday

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Missing shoes

While having dinner tonight at a friends, (BTW, GP makes hella pasta!) I heard the story about size 12 Patagonia shoes that were left on their breezeway over the weekend. If you own these shoes, please email me so they can be returned (they live in the McKennan Park neighborhood). There is more to the story, but we won’t get into that right now.

Love my random emails

I get some pretty ‘weird’ emails sometimes, running this blog and all. This link for instance. Still trying the figure out the dancing Scott and Elvis nun theme?

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