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Found on Facebook – write your own caption

This was taken from a roof top last night at Hot Summer Nights. Don’t have a date? Blow, blow hard.

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The Daily Breakdown

Here are some interesting stories South DaCola Soldiers sent me over the past few days;

• Hey, but the siding on the Events Center is NOT ‘Structural’. Except when it falls on you!

• This is what happens when we let our police force act like the military.

• Guess who’s neighborhood is getting their street re-surfaced AGAIN!


• Mike Rounds, still a fake and a joke.

• Chuck Luden sends me more strange photos.

statues in Aberdeen


New mayor of Sexytown?

Found this sign by Lincoln HS.


The Sioux Empire Podcast

A friend of mine pointed this podcast out to me the other day;


I listened to the last episode, it’s a good time killer, funny, and NSFW.

Maybe I could be a guest sometime?

The microphone is hot, and a little wet

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You know, one of the reasons the city clerks in SF give a 1-minute notice to our city council meetings is because I told former clerk, Debra Owen that I enjoyed listening to the chatter amongst the councilors before the meetings with their mics on.


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Should we be cautious of charismatic leaders?

I found this an interesting story, (H/T – Lamb Chislic)


Don’t delete that email from your mother

Sometimes she sends you some cool stuff (even if I am still mad about the text and driving casualty photos you sent me, still have nightmares).

Cards Against Humanity


Not sure if you have played this ‘crass’ card game that is based on ‘Apples to Apples’ but here is a little sampling.

There post was about their charitable donation to this organization.

While the Mayor gets a H/T from a religious organization, there is this


I am starting to think the Daily Show needs a South Dakota bureau, I’m game.

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