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Was Legacy picked to build the proposed DT city parking ramp?

Well isn’t that the burning question?

Earlier this year the city issued a request for qualifications from interested investors and received three submittals. A selection review team spent the summer grading the proposal and in July made a recommendation to Community Development, but no selection has been made, O’Neil said.

Among the groups vying for the project was Legacy Development, the company that owns the former Copper Lounge building that collapsed last Friday, killing a construction worker.

While we may never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie PoP, we do know, Legacy has a record, and it is getting dimmer every day.

There really isn’t an immediate need for a city administration building


Don’t take my word on it, just look at the presentation (DOC: city-admin)

They are basically moving departments from buildings that already exist to ultimately move the attorney’s office from a leased building ($100K a year lease – to a $1 Million a year mortgage).

On top of that, they have no plans for the emptied buildings still owned by the city (Parks & Utilities). I think the comment made was ‘conference areas’. They want to keep them.

When I think of fiscal prudence, this isn’t really what I would consider a very good fiscal decision, in fact, it borders on idiocy.

Will our entertainment facilities implement their own smoking ban?

No Smoking_2

First off, I would like to thank the 6 councilors that voted for the pared back smoking ban (Erpenbach and Kiley voted against it-they wanted a full ban).

Especially a big thank you to Councilor Erickson for spearheading this effort. Her concerns were quite simple. She didn’t want a fine or criminalization of using a legal product, she wanted to keep children safe in our parks and she wants to further look at this ban, but she wants council involvement and do it in a studied, incremental way, not a ram-rod approach our mayor and his administration takes on these issues.

But there was a bigger question lurking in the shadows. Why hasn’t our entertainment facilities that are privately managed already implemented these changes? The Events Center already has a ban on concealed weapons.

Ironically, managers from both SMG (Events Center/Orpheum) and the Pavilion were at the meeting last night asking for the policy changes. So if they want them, why not implement themselves?

There is nothing stopping either one of them from posting signage and having a management policy that restricts smoking, say, 25 FT from the entrances to their buildings. Since they are privately managed, they can make these policy changes without the assistance of executive order, council direction or health department direction.

Maybe they wanted the council to do all of their dirty work for them? Funny how two managers that make well over a 1/4 million a year combined are not capable of making this decision, that they clearly support, but depend on our part-time council to make a decision based on something that was handed to them on a turd sandwich.


Mayor Huether thinks the Events Center makes us money

Oh, Mike, how you twist thee . . .

As he was gloating over the ‘Ask the Mayor’ show Holsen produces and his great service of informing the public (because the local media does not) he mentioned that the Midco Aquatic Center will never operate in the black ‘Like the Events Center does.’

Give it up Mike. While the sponsorships and rental fees at the EC make SMG a profit and probably cover operating fees, the over $10 million in mortgage payments and normal maintenance is NOT covered by the profits of the Events Center, that comes out of our road funds. If anyone ran their business like we run the EC, they would be bankrupt in 6 months.

Was the Planning Department going to Annex without proper notification?

If you were listening to Stehly on the B-N-B show, she mentioned a resolution on the city council agenda tonight for the city to annex private property (Item#40).

This isn’t an entire neighborhood, this is just one home. Stehly said the planning department told her that the man was sent a certified letter, but out of curiosity she called the person to see if he was testifying tonight. He had no idea they were going to annex his property tonight or that it was on the agenda.

Now that’s customer service!

Stehly to be guest on B-N-B’s show in the morning


Theresa will appear at around 8:05 AM, Tuesday on Belfrage’s show to talk about the Smoking Ban.

The Sioux Falls City Council needs to put their foot down with the mayor

For seven years I have watched the mayor push ‘HIS’ agenda, using his city directors to implement legislation. It is NOT his job, it is the job of the city’s legislative body, the city council. The new council so far has been ‘mildy’ successful tamping out some of his ideas, and implementing their own. Youth bus rides for example, and their recent attempt to either sell or gift the old ice plex to the Glory House.

Councilor Stehly says it best;

Councilor Theresa Stehly has been more rigid, maintaining throughout the ban’s debate she wouldn’t be supporting any added prohibitions on tobacco use.

“Smokers are taxpayers as well and I’m not going to support anything that is going to impose a fine on a tobacco user. I think our police have much more important matters to attend to than arresting a smoker,” she said. “And the public needs to be aware that this was initiated by bureaucrats in the health department – it did not come out of the City Council.

The Mayor’s job, as the executive branch, is to run the day to day operations of the city, you know like, making sure building permits are issued correctly . . .

I hope the council votes this down, or at least eliminates the fine portion.

UPDATE: Sioux Falls Council Agenda

UPDATE: After the building collapse and the press conference today discussing the response and what is next, there seemed some strange statements being made. For instance, while OSHA and the insurance companies would be investigating the incident, NO one from the city would be. Even when asked if Building Services could come to a press conference to answer questions, the media was told ‘they are busy’. HUH? When a fire occurs, doesn’t the fire department do an inspection to determine how the fire got started? How is this any different?

Also, who is paying for all this police protection and stabilizing the site? Should taxpayers be on the hook for the entire rescue when their may be negligence? Shouldn’t the city be looking into that?

There is also the question of who won the RFP to build the parking ramp? Was it Legacy Development? The ones involved in the Lewis project?

Good question. There seems to be a lot of tight lips at city hall, and not a lot of answers here.

It seems the City Council’s consent agenda has a couple of interesting items;


I find it interesting, because the council pulled the DT parking ramp from the budget for 2017, but it seems the planning is still in process.

And while the city has always gave money towards Sculpture Walk, I think with budgetary cut backs towards public art, maybe it is time SW took on these expenditures themselves. If they can raise $1 million for Arc of Dreams, they can cover the cost of installation of SW.

Downtown Design Standards Meeting (Nov 29, 2016)

We ask, what could ever go wrong? Why do we need standards and codes? On November 29, 2016 we heard discussions with interested asking great question on how to make a growing downtown Sioux Falls a more inviting place to walk, shop, work and live. It all starts with standards based in codes laid out to make it work.

Why do we let developers who are concerned about their property but not the well-being or feel of the rest? We have design standards to build in safe streets and vibrancy.

Gee, why would we need standards or codes? What could ever go wrong?

Art Collective Show MOVED to December 12th