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New mayor of Sexytown?

Found this sign by Lincoln HS.


Planning Director Mike Cooper suggests deferral of FREE bus ridership for youth, council disagrees

The Sioux Falls City Council voted 7-0 to approve the new pilot program tonight at the special meeting (Councilor Rolfing was absent).

But as of this morning, that vote looked a lot different. Jamison, Erickson & Staggers were on board, Karsky was a swing vote, and Erpenbach, Kiley and Anderson wanted to defer because they didn’t feel the city directors and mayor were included in the deal.

Call a whaaabulance, heard there was a new one in town. Some people are more concerned about getting credit, then getting things done for our community that are truly ‘progress’.

The city administrators and mayor didn’t need to be included. This was a simple resolution approved by the city’s legislative branch. The directors and department heads have 20 days until the resolution goes into effect to iron out the details – that is their ‘JOB’. And remember, this is a pilot test program for the summer, if it doesn’t work or needs to be tweaked, changes can be made at the end of the summer.

Besides Cathy B. suggesting the program, I found out over the weekend that Councilor Jamison with the help of Erickson spearheaded this resolution. Many non-profits and including the school district are all on board.

So let’s forget about the politics for a moment, and applaud the council for moving forward on this fabulous pilot program. Maybe things will look different in September, but I’m guessing not. There was another pilot program that was poo-poo’d just a few years ago.

Snow Gates.

Guess how that turned out?

Progress Sioux Falls. Progress.

UPDATE: Sioux Falls CIP (2nd Penny) Stats

UPDATE: David Bixler (council operations) approached me before the special city council meeting tonight, and told me that the debt service is ‘NOT’ included in this table. I asked him to send me that data. Stay posted.

During Democratic Forum on Friday, Councilor Kenny Anderson Jr. handed out this nice little spreadsheet, look close, what’s missing?


The numbers are curious on a lot of levels. My question is where is debt service? Also, look how high user fees are.


The Sioux Empire Podcast

A friend of mine pointed this podcast out to me the other day;


I listened to the last episode, it’s a good time killer, funny, and NSFW.

Maybe I could be a guest sometime?

Double Standard w/Ambulance service?

As we all may or may not know, ambulance service for the city of Sioux Falls is provided by Paramedics Plus (including non-emergency transfers) and county service is provided by Med-Star. Which is fine, because having two companies providing service in the area is good for a back up plan in case of a major natural disaster, or other instances.

I was told on Friday (still checking to verify information)  that if Med-Star (the county provider) can’t provide immediate service in their service area, Paramedics Plus can assist.

But what is confusing is why can’t Med-Star be allowed to assist Paramedics Plus in the city limits if they need assistance? Or can they?

Cell Phone Ban?


Obviously, this isn’t a scientific poll, but interesting.

What I find strange about the ban is the almost non-existant media coverage until this point.

Last Friday I mentioned an email I received about the supporters and the proposed ordinance, on the following Monday, I asked Argus city reporter Joe Sneve to comment about it on ‘100 Eyes’, he did so graciously, but Patrick Lalley seemed to want to quiet him up about it, Joe continued to talk.

Finally a story comes out this week  in the Argus and a couple of the TV stations took time out from chasing rain drops and cooking pies and also did a story.

Why the big secret?

Are there certain people in this town that can just go to the city council, and wave a magic wand to get them to support their interests while keeping it from the public? It seems to happen too often.

I don’t care what side you are on this issue, but it should be voted on by the people.

Bravo to the City Council and Cathy Brechtelbauer!

The Sioux Falls City Council will be holding a special meeting at 5 PM on Tuesday to approve FREE youth ridership on the city busses for the summer. I don’t suspect any city councilor to vote against this.

Great Job! This is what happens when the city council shows great legislative leadership in getting things done for our town. It also shows they recognize a need in our community and support sustainability in transportation. I will say today that I am truly proud of my city and leadership in these efforts and thank city personnel for their timely and diligent cooperation.

And a big hand to citizen and youth advocate Cathy for getting the ball rolling on this!


UPDATE: Is the larger pipe for the Indoor aquatic center part of the budget?

UPDATE: I was told by a city official that the 8″ Pipe was included in the building budget. Maybe they learned a lesson from the Events Center? I also spoke with a citizen today who attended all of the “Advocational” sessions before the municipal election about the pool options, and he told me he asked Parks Director Kearney at the sessions if infrastructure would have to be upgraded if an indoor pool had to be built (roads/sewer/water, etc.) and Kearney either didn’t answer the question or said ‘NO’

There was a press conference recently explaining that a part of Western Avenue would have to be closed to put in new 8″ water pipe for the indoor aquatic center (opposed to the current 4″ water pipe);

From Tuesday, May 26, to Thursday, May 28, 2015, South Western Avenue will be closed at West 24th Street to provide access for utility work on the indoor aquatic center at Spellerberg Park. Contractors need to access water and wastewater lines that are buried under the street. Access to the Park Ridge Galleria will be maintained at all times.

Traffic on Western Avenue will be detoured to South Kiwanis Avenue via West 22nd Street and West 26th Street. The closure is expected to last only three days, but traffic delays should be expected.

“This is another milestone for the indoor aquatic center project, a big step in ensuring the project stays on schedule for enclosure by winter,” says Lance Weatherly, Civil Engineer. “We appreciate everyone’s patience during this brief closure of Western Avenue.”

So is this utility work included in the Indoor Aquatic Center’s building budget? I would be curious, because as you remember, much of the initial utility work done at the events center was not a part of that budget.

Why is Ovations sub-contracting food & beverage workers at the Events Center?

The criminal part of this story aside, what I am concerned about is that Ovations is sub-contracting out bartending services;

Ovations Food Services General Manager Chad Stoner sent KELOLAND News a statement about the investigation. Ovations is the food and beverage vendor for the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. Stoner writes the company is working with, “authorities as they investigate allegations” He adds the alleged suspect “was not an employee of Ovations,” but hired by a third-party vendor to work that particular concert.


1) What if someone gets ill or dies from the drugging that took place, who gets sued? The sub-contractor? Ovations? The city of Sioux Falls?

2) Are these 3rd party hospitality workers getting proper training on health, age verification, ADA compliance, etc.?

3) If the Events Center was supposed to create so many ‘permanent’ jobs (either part-time OR full-time) why are we sub-contracting work out to temps?

We should be very concerned we are opening the city up for civil lawsuits because Ovations is trying to operate the EC on the cheap.

As I have said 100 times, the EC was built to make a lot of people money, just not the citizens of SF, who get to foot the mortgage every year.

$25,000 for Sculpture toothbrush cleaning, and zilch for mosaic wall

I don’t think this was a mistake, I believe with all the Downtown development, they kind of want the wall to go away, but a bad way to go about it;

But the maintenance has been sparse since the last segment of artwork was installed in 2009. And time is taking its toll.

Creators of the mosaic believe vibrations caused by the demolition of the nearby River Ramp in 2012 caused many of the tiles to loosen. Ice melt and other chemicals applied to the adjacent road in winter splashes up on the mosaic and contributes to a leaching that is staining the tiles.

“Having that type of wall next to a busy street with our winters just makes it problematic,” said Sue Quanbeck Etten, director of central services for the city.

But chemical splash isn’t the only issue here. The wall sits along a triangular piece of land that the city believes is prime for redevelopment. It’s trying to gauge private interest now in building on that site. Depending on the interest, the city wants to expand the River Greenway to that side of the Big Sioux much the same as has been done next to Cherapa Place and the Hilton Garden Inn on the east side.

No surprise though, like most things public art wise in Sioux Falls they mis-manage funds to support it, and when they do get it right they fail on maintenance. I think the Statue of David jinx us years ago.