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Who is going to the first concert at the Events Center?

She better do this cover;

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Had a good chuckle today. A friend was driving by the EC and he called me and asked if I wanted to go to Joan Jett with him (the tickets are $10) He was able to get two floor tickets, 17th row. How ironic that the first concert at the EC with $10 tickets isn’t even sold out (they went on sale Friday). Makes you wonder how many tickets were scooped up to the other shows by First Premier and Sanford employees and scalpers? I know, it’s Joan Jett, but I am going out of curiosity mostly, and hey, I get to see the inaugural concert at the EC. Also, I went online today and saw you can still get tickets to Aldean from scalper sites. I wonder how many empty seats will be at these ‘sold out’ concerts.

Found on Facebook

Is this the most kickass picture you have ever seen? A FB friend in Sioux Falls took this picture the other night at their house. So beautiful and creepy at the same time. I love the tail and head design.


Little details and NO inked deal with Feds, but hey, we’re getting a kiosk!

There has been little to no talk about the Rail Relocation project over the past 6 months. I have even pulled the ear of a couple of local reporters to see if they have heard anything. Nope. There was a mention in the 2015 budget of a fence. But that is about it. Now comes a Kiosk for the project in the consent agenda today at the council meeting.

Rail Relocation/Railroad Interpretive Kiosk; Confluence $ 5,100

So what has been going on? Are the Feds ready to ink a deal with the city and the railroads? How much has it been appraised for? What are we paying for it? How much money are the Feds going to give us? It’s nice we are blowing tax dollars on a Kiosk for a project that hasn’t been inked yet with the Feds.

What is going on? Is there a Federal investigation going on? It certainly would not be uncommon for the Feds to audit the process before handing over $30 million dollars, in fact it would be expected of them to do so. So who would do this investigation? The IRS? The FBI? The months of silence on this project is eerie.


Wages in Sioux Falls

During the financial report last Tuesday at the Sioux Falls city council informational meeting, councilor Staggers asked Tracy Turbak after he told us about the glowing unemployment rate in Sioux Falls what wages were like in Sioux Falls. Turbak of course says he doesn’t keep that kind of data (yeah right), but told Dr. Staggers he was welcome to check the South Dakota Department of Labor Statistics.

During the course of the meeting, councilor Erickson did some googling on her I-Pad and reported that the average median household income in Sioux Falls was $50,700 a year. Now let’s remember what this means, this is ‘household’ income, NOT, ‘personal individual income’. Big difference.

That aside, it got me to googling today. I cross referenced many different national websites and statistics, too many to link and after collecting data nationally, statewide and city wide on cost of living, etc. My educated guess is that the average individual worker in Sioux Falls must make at least $16.00 an hour to make a ‘living wage’ which comes to $33,280 a year. It varies in different parts of the country ($15-$20 per hour), but for a city our size, that is the closest. Now remember, my definition of a living wage is ‘covering expenses’ there is no wiggle room their for ‘extras’ like a recreational vehicles, vacations, or even basic entertainment.

It is believed that 53% of American workers make less then a living wage, we are a little bit better then that in Sioux Falls, and we will get to that in a moment.

After figuring out what a living wage in Sioux Falls should look like, I followed the SD Department of Labor MSA statistics on Sioux Falls (these are end of 2013 numbers)

Sioux Falls had 140,000 workers in 2013

42% of them made under a living wage (59,000) but what was even more shocking was that almost half of them (27,000) made 50% of the living wage or below ($16,640) per year.

Who makes the lowest wages in Sioux Falls? You probably already guessed it. In a town that loves to brag about all the great restaurants we have in town, most of the poverty wages come from the hospitality industry.

I was glad to see that we are below the national average, but I do believe Sioux Falls has a lot of work to do when it comes to wages. There is a reason our food banks are handing out food at a record level and that almost half of the kids in our school district are on FREE or reduced lunches. Low unemployment is one thing, but higher wages contribute to a better quality of life.

Peter Gabriel offers some advice to fixing the Events Center Siding

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It’s not Rocket Science

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Nothing to see here, move along


Take the shell off this turtle and it becomes snack time for their predators.

Yes, let’s have a press conference right before a holiday weekend so no one will remember on Tuesday;

City officials will give an update on efforts to find out why metal panels on bulging on the exterior of the Denny Sanford Premier Center.

Public Works Director Mark Cotter and City Attorney Dave Pfeifle will speak at a news conference at 2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 28, at the Premier Center, 1201 N. West Ave.

Contractors and architects have been looking into the issue since spring, and a third party expert visited the site this summer to help determine who was responsible for the way panels turned out.

The large steel sheets that line the curved face of the Premier Center are bulging where they meet, creating a ripple effect.

Cotter has said they don’t pose a structural problem and the building will open as expected in late September.

Models of the building will help determine how to correct the issue. Those are expected to be ready by mid-October.


And several councilors have still not been filled in on what is going to be said tomorrow.

Cotter’s statement about structural issues is ludicrous at best. There is not one single building inspector, construction manager, sheet metal manufacturer, etc, etc, that I have not talked to that says siding is an integral part of the structure. As a person who has worked in siding and construction, I can tell you, it is not only cosmetic, it is structural.

Rip the siding off of your own home, find out how structural it is.

Bike Trail Cops

Some friends shot this picture the other night, the SFPD has been doing this for years, I don’t have an issue with it. But I like the ironic difference between the bicycle cops and the cycle cops. Nothing like having a nice ride on the bike trail and being passed by a HD.


Lot’s of Fluff, but little detail


Well, what else can we expect from the administration but a lot of smoke and mirrors? Nevermind that the council still has yet to see a report about the piss poor siding job, now they want to talk about local contractors. Good stuff.

For almost a year several city councilors have been asking for a detailed report from the public works department and Mortenson on what local contractors were used and how much local materials were purchased, and have not been given anything.

I’m not talking about a list of local companies and manufacturers who subcontracted their work out to state vendors. I want to see an actual list of local contractors who hired local workers and bought local manufactured products. Instead we just get a bunch of bull and fluff;

Going into the project, city officials set the goal of using 85 percent local labor. Last week, construction managers estimated that they slightly exceeded that goal.

“We knew our local contractors have the experience and the qualifications to construct this project for Sioux Falls and the state of South Dakota,” Mark Cotter, director of Public Works, said in an email. “As a community, we all benefit when we support one another.”

Reports from the city and Mortenson Construction, which is managing the project, show that local contractors were awarded more than $60 million worth of work. That’s closer to 65 percent of the project costs through July, but not reflected in that number is when contractors hire a local company to work for them.

Read the whole story, and you get the gist, a lot of money was moved through contractor offices in Sioux Falls, but without the real numbers about materials and labor, all we have is a bunch of fluff. Why not release the true numbers? Because you will realize that there isn’t a lot of sweat equity from Sioux Falls workers in this project, just a lot of greedy brokers.

Ok, which hospital is going to hire Dr. Homan?


Homan announced today she is calling quits next July. Reading the FB comments, it seems many are jubilant about it.

The South DaCola office pool starts today :) I’ll put $1 on Sanford.