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And this is how you don’t become lame

He may have the tail, but he is dodging the title

Well doesn’t this quote say it all?

If you ask Huether, the added resistance hasn’t done much to curtail his agenda. He still only needs a simple majority to pass a budget and get contracts approved, he said.

“In the end, as long as we keep getting things done, that is what I care about,” he said. “I’m not trying to denigrate the Council in any way shape or form but it is the way that it works. And now I have found you can still get things done with three votes.”

Huether said no matter what the Council throws at him or how it responds to his ideas, he’ll continue to “run government like a business” while trying to find compromise with Sioux Falls’ other elected leaders.

I suppose I could write all kinds of thoughts on his thoughts, but for once, Mr. Huether was being honest about how he feels he needs to run the city.

And it’s a crying shame.

Good Luck Jodi!

I wish Jodi luck in whatever she pursues!

March 3 is my final day as editor of the Sioux Falls Business Journal, and soon after I plan to launch my own business.

I have NO idea what Jodi plans on doing (Gossip around town has her in about a dozen different business ventures) but she has the connections and the experience to tackle about anything. Should be interesting to see where she pops back out of the water.

Let States Decide?

Looks like it is going to be a rough ride in 2017

Click to enlarge (entire doc: end-of-year-rev)

As you can see, sales tax revenue was down in growth in 2016, and 2017 isn’t probably looking much better.

Why is this? Not sure, I am certainly not an economics major, but what seems odd is that while we have grown over 3,000 people over the past year, our tax growth hasn’t been there.

As you know, there are some factors that are obvious, like low unemployment (under employment) and low paying jobs. Also the growth in shelters and food banks is a pretty obvious sign. Another thing that I think is really dipping into the sales tax growth is the lack of affordable housing (it is really at a crisis level like our growing violent crime rate). I think people are spending way to much on housing and essentials and not purchasing other goods.

Why is such a large project only put on the consent agenda

If you don’t know how the Planning Commission meetings work, they usually have ‘non-controversial’ items put on the consent agenda, in other words, stuff that doesn’t really need open discussion because of it’s affects. This gas station is a very large project being dropped next to a residential neighborhood (Item #1). I would think the planning commission would want to discuss the pros and cons openly during their meeting. We will see if they have a change of heart come Wednesday night.

I really don’t have an opinion either way on the project, but would like to hear why it may or may not be a good fit.

Seems our City Attorney Fiddle had to change his Faddle on Snow gates ordinance

Isn’t it funny after a city councilor and the media point out the absence of an ordinance in our bylaws, they have a moment of pause;

City Attorney Dave Pfeifle said in an email Friday no formal action is required by the Council to meet Stehly’s request and the City Clerk would be submitting it for publication in in the coming weeks.

“The city has the option to codify it and it will be placed in the code book in the near future,” he wrote. “Again, the code book is for the court’s convenience for those ordinances that are most likely to be enforced against the public at large through the court system.”

They also should be put on the books for the courts to protect the public from it’s government when they are NOT doing their job. I will say that Councilor Stehly told me after this last snowfall she has gotten dozens of compliments about how the city used snow gates in the past couple of days. BRAVO. See, it’s really not that hard to push a button.

I thought we killed this?

My only suggestion on this would be to put very large signs about 40 feet from the front doors of public facilities that says ‘NO SMOKING BEYOND THIS POINT’ with smoker posts (outdoor ashtrays) attached to them. The city already has a sign department that can make these signs very easily. But it seems like some people with the city cannot let this die;

“The intent is never to make this about the enforcement, the consequence of being caught, it’s really that education and creating that environment that is a healthy environment,” Michael stated.

Well then instead of making rules, laws and ordinances, do your job and EDUCATE!

Indivisible 605 Sioux Falls event

Indivisible 605 Town Hall live from Icon Event Hall + Lounge

Posted by Indivisible 605 on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bender Market Outlook 2017 (Feb 23, 2017)

Bender Commercial presented its 20th Annual Market Outlook to Sioux Falls on Thursday, February 23, 2017 in the Washington Pavilion Mary W. Sommervold Hall.

The presenters gave the audience of business and community leaders along with Cameraman Bruce a look at the future of Sioux Falls as they see it. We also get to see a snapshot of each of the presenters as they looked in 1997.

Presenters included, Michael Bender, Andi Anderson, Nick Gustafson, Reggie Kuipers, and Rob Fagnan discussing the future of their fields of interest.

See what might be in our futures here in river city.

Cameraman Bruce talks Security Cameras

Lock your doors, turn your lights on, trim your bushes, ACTION!