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Why is the city trying to change the zoning of Planned Parenthood?


If you dig in the Planning Commission meeting agenda, Item #7, which is titled ‘Various Re-zoning’ and sponsored by the city, you will see the last item on the list;

REZ-1878-2014: REZONE from the RA-1, Apartment Residential-Low Density District to the O, Office District for allowed forms. Location: 6501 W. 41st St. – southeast of S. Sertoma Ave. and W. 41st St. Applicant: City of Sioux Falls

Purpose: The zoning map for 6501 W. 41st St. where an office to the west currently exists and vacant land to the east exists was incorrectly identified as RA-2/MD2 Form which does not allow offices in the zoning district. The city is proposing to rezone the property to the O/BCF1 Form where offices are permitted.

First, let’s just say that I am just asking the question, and not speculating. While it makes sense that they would want to rezone the property East of PP (to build offices) I’m curious as to why they are including PP in the rezoning? Since PP does medical procedures at their location, which most are not abortions, they should be zoned INSTITUTIONAL, not OFFICE.

Is this being done to force PP from that location? Or did PP say they were already moving? If so, who would lease to them?

And why is the city sponsoring this move? Who put them up to it?

UPDATE: Compromise on Snowplows?

They are going to use a disclaimer. Sorry, but this won’t hold up in court. Huether give it up.

Here is a copy of the letter the attorney from Freedom From Religion Foundation sent to the city attorney: Freedomfromreligion

As you can see, he states several cases that show this is unconstitutional.


A little inspirational reading for the mayor (click to enlarge):




Heck, with a snowplow like this, the snow would melt at impact!

As any intelligent person that understands the US Constitution and 1st Amendment, and Jon Arneson would know, you can see where this is headed;

Arneson believes having those painting on city property puts the City into a corner where, by law, it would be seen as an endorsement of religion. He says U.S. Supreme Court rulings dealing with religion and government over the past 30 years support that.


I guess we are supposed to hear a resolution today from the city, I suspect if we don’t hear one by the weekend, that the city decided to quietly paint over the plow blades. We will see. I did notice it is already circulating the national news that our Mayor is Constitutionally inept. There was a blurb about it in the USA Today.



The Dog Ate My Homework

YouTube Preview Image

Looks like SF City Council Chair Dean Karsky is going to be recusing himself from A LOT of votes.

I see Dean pulled the trigger and got a seat on the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Board of the Directors (Notice he has doesn’t mention in his title that he is city council chair). Since the SF Ethics Commission Kangaroo Kourt cleared Karsky of any unethical behavior (even though it clearly is) he decided to sit on this conflicting board. Karsky promised the ethics commission (and the citizens of Sioux Falls) he would recuse himself from voting on any council items that have anything to do with Chamber business. It will be interesting to watch the meetings with Dean spending most of his time in the overflow room.


Arterial Road Funding to be discussed Tuesday at SF City Council Informational meeting


I think this graphic pretty much says it all

City councilor Kenny Anderson Jr. Plans to discuss proposed changes to arterial street funding. Anderson and Public Works Director Mark Cotter will be making a joint presentation.

This of course all stems from the 6 year anniversary (2008) of raising the 2nd penny tax to a full penny after developers and city administrators made false promises to the city council in order for the tax increase. The developers haven’t even came within striking distance of their promised 60% input. The entire tax increase was based entirely on lies and a failing economy that was evident at the time of the increase.

One proposal would be to keep the tax increase in place and simply ONLY match developers platting fees for arterial road expansion. Any additional money from the tax increase would go towards existing road maintenance, not expansion.

The Villagers have spoken already, LEAVE PUBLIC INPUT ALONE

A friend recently sent some questions to the entire Sioux Falls city council about some different topics, one of them was about the public ‘engaging’ the council during public input (and how it isn’t happening). Council Chair, Dean Karsky responded in this manner;

I have been toying with the idea of moving the public input to the Informational Meeting as it would allow for more interaction with the Council and possibly engage the public more with us.  Still working on the pro’s and con’s of doing so, input on the matter is welcome.

Here is my input Dean, LEAVE IT AS IS!

There is absolutely no reason why the council can’t ‘engage’ the public during public input at the city council meetings. During the Munson administration, the council interacted all the time with the public.

If this is a matter of ‘time’ I should remind the council that they are getting PAID to attend the meetings, and the public, which comes on their own time to testify, pays those wages. If they don’t like hearing public input, or they think the meetings are to long, or they don’t get paid enough, then please, resign. There is nothing more annoying then a politician running for office then complaining about their duties once they get elected. Then why did you run?

Lastly, I do partially agree with public input at the informational. In fact several of the citizen advocates in the community have discussed that it would be nice to have public input at the informational. The problem with only limiting it to the informational is timing. The meeting is at 4 PM when many people cannot attend because of work conflicts. By all means, have public input at the informational, but also keep it at 7 PM to so working folks can testify.

Once again, the council is out of touch with the public on this one, just like snowgates, they seem to want to do the opposite of what the public wants for their convenience. Their convenience is of little importance to good government, the public’s convenience is.

We ‘MUST’ obey who?

YouTube Preview Image

We do not live in an authoritarian society.

Our Sioux Falls City Council met on a Monday this past week so the members could attend the Chamber of Commerce yearly get together at the T Denny Sanford Premier Events Center (wow want a mouthful). There were concerns expressed by the public about changing the weekly meetings to accommodate the event at a recent Council meeting. Of course these were completely ignored. Going to the Chicago concert was more important. (I felt a little throw-up in my throat)

But back to the point of this video. While we have concerns regarding many invocations given at the council meetings, council member Michelle Erpenbach made a few points we needed to address.

Michelle tells us, we the public must OBEY our leaders or authorities. Huh? Blindly following? Without question? Are we supposed to jump off a cliff just because? Allow profiteering leaders take us to war so they can make money? Allow multinational corporations to destroy our very communities so they can suck money out us then leave? Just because? We don’t think so.

Our system of government is designed to check the assumption of powers not expressly given temporarily to our fellow citizens who become officeholders. We do not stand in front of our fellow citizens and force them to accept commands in the name of a deity. Like painting the snowplows, there should be a separation of your religious views in publicly owned property, places and spaces. Just being in the majority doesn’t trump the rights of a minority.

We have heard excellent invocations at the city council. We often hoped council members would actually listen to and then act on the words of wisdom. The words given were based on the moral values gained by their faith. Not preachy.

So to the people who give invocations, do not force us to listen to words selling your latest project or church. Do not insult us by forcing us to attend your church sermon. But give inspirational words to cause the listeners to pause. Allow the listeners to consider what they are about to do affects people they may never meet.

This invocation gave us an insight into core beliefs of the speaker and we must remember it forever. It’s not good.

Mayor Huether thinks he is a city councilor also, how can he wear so many (ass) hats?

The City Council is the legislative body of Sioux Falls City government. The Mayor is not a member of this legislative body. No Sioux Falls mayor is a member of the council and should never have the appearance of membership.

When looking for email addresses of councilors, we find Mayor Huether’s photo implying he is a member of our Council. What? Why is Mayor Huether’s picture on the webpage reserved for City Council members? The website’s title is Sioux Falls City Council.

He is head of the Executive branch of government and should not be on this page or any other council listings.




Irony of the day; The SF Airport Authority more transparent then the city

If the airport can report the contract results PRIOR to construction, why can’t the EC months after the turnover to the city?

Airport remodel contractors;

General Contractor – Hoogendoorn Construction $3,875,000

Roofing/Metal Panels – MJ Dalsin Construciton $546,632

Exterior Glazing/Windows – Midwest Glass $269,133

Drywall – Olympic Drywall $468,240

Acoustical Ceiling – FM Acoustical $266,900

Tiling – Grazzinni Brothers $48,430

Terrazzo Flooring – Demarco Brothers $252,370

Carpeting- Commercial Interior Décor $115,214

Painting- Valhalla Painting $61,390

Elevator/Escalator- Kone $487,000

Fire Sprinkler System – Midwestern Mechanical $88,000

Plumbing- Krier and Blain $575,000

HVAC System- Krier and Blain $745,000

Electrical System – Thompson Electric $1,171,298

How was the Keith Urban Show this past weekend?

NOT a single local media outlet (KELO, KSFY, KDLT or the ARGUS) is uttering a word about Keith Urban being in town this past weekend for PRIVATE concerts for First Premier and Sanford employees.

How interesting . . . we have had about our fill of ‘other’ EC events, but when it comes to junky siding and private concerts for the ‘specials’ we hear zippo.

We certainly would not want the general public’s perception that the EC is for “special people” to be publicized!

This was the last word printed about these two private concerts and it was back in August.

J.L. Atyeo, jatyeo@argusleader.com 12:35 p.m. CDT August 29, 2014

nford Health and First Premier Bank employees will be treated to an exclusive concert when Keith Urban and The Band Perry perform back to back nights at the Denny Sanford Premier Center.

The concerts, announced Tuesday, are open to employees only with the Oct. 24, show for First Premier employees and the Oct. 25, concert for Sanford workers.

As title sponsors of the city’s new 12,000-seat venue, Sanford and Premier are able to use the facility once a year. This year, the two companies partnered to host a concert. Sanford has had employee concerts in the past, but there are no plans to do one every year.

Sanford employees can bring one guest, but because there are more employees throughout Sanford’s network of hospitals and clinics than there are seats in the venue, employees have until Sept. 8 to enter a random drawing for tickets.