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Surprised his ego fit in the lobby?


Robo Calls about Events Center open house

The Events Center will have their Open Houses on Friday and Saturday. A friend just told me they got a Robo call a few minutes ago on their cell phone. It was the mayor inviting people to the open house. As if our media hasn’t pounded this into our brains already.

I also watched the Stormland TV live stream of a tour over lunch. It was funny because they were live streaming it on their website, and the special projects manager with the city mentions ‘Big Ass Fans’ (It is a brand of fans). She says it a couple of times, and after the press conference was over, the Stormland camera man still has his camera and microphone live, and he says to the reporter, good thing we were not streaming live when she said big ass over and over. LOL. Now who is the ‘big ass’?

SF City Council Public Input 9/16/14

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It is the only word I can use to describe the Mayor’s recent proposal;

One thing that sparked Mayor Huether’s interest was a penny sales tax that brings in additional revenue.

“Now, you need voter approval of course. It needs to be for a specific project. And yes, there has to be an end date in terms of when this funding or sales tax would stop,” Huether said.

Williston recently completed a sales tax increase that raised money for parks and $70 Million for a new recreation center.

Williston is now working with the state to create a new sales tax that would be split between the city and county. Something that Huether believes could benefit our area as well.

“I thought that was very intriguing. You’re hearing from the folks here in Minnehaha County how they’re burdened with the boom town of Sioux Falls. The city is growing and flourishing, doing quite well. And you’ve got the county of course that has to take care of some of the social needs, some of the social ills that come along with that growth,” Huether said.

We need to raise taxes in Sioux Falls!?

Are you f’ing kidding me?!

The problem with the county’s budget has NOTHING to do with revenue stream, it has to do with state law. We don’t need to raise sales taxes to fund them, we need to change state law so the 2nd penny, or at least alcohol taxes can be shared with them.

There’s a history lesson here folks. When the 2nd penny was initially introduced, it was for roads and was only supposed to be used for a limited time. That ship sailed, it is still here and it is used on everything from pickleball courts to dog parks. What’s more important to you? A fair and well managed county judicial system or pickleball?

Let’s also look at when they raised the 2nd penny to .08 six years ago. Supposed to go towards arterial roads, that plan has been a bust and in the meantime the city has collected around $30 million dollars in which they have just tucked away or used on other projects. Which is fine, but the intent of the increase was based on a bald-faced lie. What I am saying is the city doesn’t exactly have a very good track record when it comes to following through with it’s promises.

Also, take into account the city changed water/sewer over to enterprise funds. This gave them an excuse to raise our rates so they could fix infrastructure. Guess what? The 2nd Penny CIP money is supposed to be used for that, there is NO reason they had to raise our rates. The problem is the money  is being spent on bond commitments and entertainment so the city had to find infrastructure money someplace else. Raise Rates (taxes).

Make no mistake, this city is FLUSH in extra money, we could easily give the county 25% of our 2nd penny, and wouldn’t even scratch us.

Like I said above it is time for a change in law, not a sales tax increase. Not to mention sales taxes have proven to be the most regressive form of taxation in the nation.

It has to be one of the most selfish, ignoramus things this mayor has EVER suggested, he should be ashamed of even suggesting it.

Reader Submission


This was created by JT Nelson (JT created the ‘Huethering’ image). I told him that it is too bad it wasn’t built like a grain bin (rolled steel) it would be more sturdy.

I decided to have a little fun with the image (Scott L. Ehrisman (c) 2014);



Move over pickleball

Just when you thought our tax dollars for Parks and Rec couldn’t be spent on something more ridiculous, another special interest steps to the plate;

One organization is hoping to bring a whitewater park to Sioux Falls.

Mitchell Joldersma is the president of Sioux Falls Whitewater Park. His organization is looking to clean up the Lien Park riverfront to bring a whitewater park to the city.

The group was at Lien Park today in a clean up effort along the river. Joldersma says they want to make the river clean so that more people will get out and enjoy it.

While the concept of a whitewater park may be new to the Sioux Falls area, they are gaining popularity across the country. A whitewater park has either one or multiple features of water shooting down hydraulics and makes waves to either surf or tube down.

The group’s board members are setting up a raffle to help fund the cost of the park. The raffle will start in December and run through June of 2015.

Once the logistics of the park come together, Joldersma says they will present the plans to the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation board. From there, they will decide how to move forward.

I will give the group credit, they went and cleaned the area themselves, are trying to raise money for the project privately and are putting a plan together on their own. Have at it. But like most things that involve our public parks, the Parks department will be ponying something up for the project, make no mistake, so another special interest group of a very small percentile can have their play things. I don’t fault the group, that is normal operating procedure with the Parks Department, they love growing their budget, especially after taking a hit last night on the old ice rec center closure.

Just over the last couple of years the city has either spent or budgeted for;

Pickleball courts

Indoor Tennis

Indoor Pool

Kayak launches

Dog Parks

You get the gist. Yet, as a lady with MS testified last night at the city council meeting, plenty of money to entertain ‘dogs’ but no money for Paratransit. I wonder if SAM will have a bus route and boat racks on their buses so people can go rafting at Lien park?

The Lighting of the Can



Mayor Huether responds to councilor Jamison’s comments about ‘bearing some responsibility for creating a party atmosphere’ at Van Eps. You can hear Huether say under his breath while his microphone is on ‘Oh My God’

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‘White Buffalo’ to play SF, 10/26/14

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The White Buffalo will perform for the first time in Sioux Falls on Sunday, October 26th at Icon Lounge. The White Buffalo (aka singer/songwriter Jake Smith) recently made his national TV debut on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and has had many songs prominently featured on FX’s hugely successful program “Sons of Anarchy.” The White Buffalo is touring in support of last year’s release “Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways.”

The White Buffalo will be joined by local openers Burlap Wolf King and Jami Lynn. Advanced tickets are $15. Doors open at 7 pm, music starts at 8.

Tickets are for sale now:


Recycling in Sioux Falls


A few weeks back, AL reporter John Hult wrote an article about how the State Fair was not recycling. While I thought that needed to be reported, I emailed John and reminded him that many restaurants throughout Sioux Falls don’t recycle (besides cardboard and cooking oil).

If you don’t believe me, just drive around and look into restaurant dumpsters. Not to mention, I have worked in the industry on and off over the past 20 years in Sioux Falls. One place I worked at used to go through a lot of aluminum cans (soda) and didn’t recycle them. A couple of employees, including myself even offered to recycle them for them, and they refused.

There are two reasons I don’t understand why restaurants don’t recycle;

First off, it is very easy. With single stream it is not hard to train employees that aluminum, glass and plastic go in this container and food waste, etc. go in this one.

Secondly, after the city required haulers to have less recycled materials in their landfill loads, you would think they would put pressure on the restaurants to recycle.

I think the city’s sanitation department needs to work with haulers and restaurants to recycle more. While they are concerned about the appearance of private trash cans at city hall, they don’t seem to be too concerned about SF largest retail industry, hospitality not recycling.