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I thought this was funny;



I’ve been seeing a car with a large Obama detail on it’s side door downtown. I figured it was maybe the SF Obama campaign car. So last night I was at the gas station and the car was there. Guess what the driver was doing? Checking his tire pressure and filling his tires. I was going to take a picture but i was right next to the guy.


have a good day,

Sounds like a good energy plan to me.

Which brings me to something I was thinking about last night. I think Obama is doing well in the polls because his campaign volunteers are so mobolized. Think about it. Before the RNC, John was lucky if he could get a couple of hundred people to show up to his rallies, not until he added Palin did those numbers go up. There is no doubt that Democrats (especially grassroots liberals) are better door to door campaigners – just ask my heros Wellstone, Hightower and Dean. Dean has really changed the way Dems get out the vote, he proved that in 2006 and I think he will prove it again in November.