One interesting item for discussion is Obama’s chances at re-election and the dems chances to hold onto congress in 2010.  This guy discusses that, and his experience on Fox’s morning show:

There was just no pretense of trying to do anything even vaguely resembling the news. I’m not reflexively anti-FOX; in fact, I’d had a couple of good experiences last year on Shepherd Smith and on their business channel. But as for their morning program: Wow. I’ve never met people more terrified of what might happen if they actually tried to engage in a rational discussion.

Personally, I think the dems will be lucky to hold onto anything resembling their current margin in the house, and will almost certainly lose their 60-seat senate majority. But I still like Obama’s chances in 2012.


The office of Kenya’s president and his collaborators within our military released more photos this week of the president’s luxury jet flying over New York City (that place where you liberals get your picante sauce).

If you look close enough, you can see the liberal pantywaists running for their lives from their own Chosen One. LOL


Obviously, this is some sort of reconnaissance mission being flown in support of a future terrorist act by Bill Ayres in concert with Al Qaeda Zombie Saddam Hussein.

Grab your ankles, folks. The Obamanator won’t stop when he’s done levelling New York City. When all his chess pieces are in place, the whole of Christendom will be rounded up and either be forced to convert to his heathen religion or get their head lopped off by a scimitar.

Meanwhile, Sally and I will be laughing at you from the bunker out here in Real America.

See ya later, fornicators!

Minuteman Out.

For all of you Obamaphiles still high on contraband pharmaceuticals and your messiah’s inauguration, here’s a chance to fund your illicit activities for some time: prove Obama’s a legit president and this lawyer will give you $100,000.

According to well-respected attorney, dentist, and real-estate broker Orly Taitz (someone with that many degrees should be taken seriously by you liberal elitists),  Obama is not eligible to be the president because he was born in Kenya to a man with British citizenship and a woman who wasn’t old enough at the time to transmit her US citizenship. The American eggs in her uterus must not have been fully mature until she was 21 or something. 

Until one of you leftist clowns comes up with something better, I’m using this document to prove you all wrong:



Go ahead and try to prove me wrong. I dare you!

Until then, I will be monitoring this website and many others from my underground home in an undisclosed location in Real America.

Minuteman out.


President Obama, Dr. Henry Gates, and Sgt. James Crowley of the Caimbridge police will meet over a beer  (link opens new window) on Thursday, presumably to talk race relations.

After the whole flap about Gates’ arrest and Obama’s comment afterwards, the president has taken a completely different tack than right-wingnut pundits expected. He invited his friend and the officer who arrested them over for a beer. While I preemptively agree with the president’s detractors that this is a PR move, you have to admit it’s a brilliant one. It wasn’t a statement issued and read at a press conference, not a half-assed apology, just a simple meeting over mankind’s favorite beverage.

Now, I wonder if an invitation to have a beer would get me out of my next speeding ticket…