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Public Input at SF City Council Meeting

Fox News Screws up NBC GE Taxes Story

South Dakota YouTube Videos

Have you ever searched South Dakota on YouTube? You find some crazy stuff.

Warning, the first video shows the killing of two coyotes. It’s not pleasant.

Video Description via YouTube: “The Alaskan assassin and I take some time out from deer hunting to see if we could call in a few South Dakota song dogs. If USD’s mascot wasn’t the coyote we probably would have let these yotes walk but unfortunately for them it is so they had to die.”


Video Description via YouTube: “sick joke….protection order restraining order….hookers”


Video Description via YouTube: “Live Ghost caught on video at old Hospital Basement with audio feedback and paranormal activity.”

I’m Angry Guy, and that’s why I drink…

Doug Stanhope says GFY bloggers!

Frozen Flash Mob in Sioux Falls, SD

A New Wesley Willis Documentary?


Rock over London, Rock on Chicago!!!

South DaCola’s Jesus Juice break

SouthDacola Movie Club with Zed de la Muerte



Oh wait.. If you’ve seen the trailer for this movie, then you’ve already had the entire movie spoiled for you. Most, if not ALL, of the clever and original parts made the trailer. So really all you are waiting to see is the one redeeming cameo about halfway through this 1hr 20min film. This movie plays out less like an apocalyptic zombie movie than it tries to be “Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist of the Living Dead”. Character development and storyline takes a back seat to sight gags and the awkward teenage crush that the movie seems to be founded on.  Initially I had nice things to say about it. The more I think about it the more it really irks me that it was played to be this end of the world zombie comedy, and instead we were being sold a soundtrack and set up for a sequel. Zombie movies don’t have sequels. There are no happy endings in the land of the walking dead. EVER! I give it 6/10 brains, just for creative zombie kills and Emma Stone is hot carrying that cannon around.

Emma Stone

Holy holy holy!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCvkatCGNFYI have no words. Just watch and throw up a little.

Pastor Crazy Pants

This sermon is probably  NSFW.