These bikes seem kinda spendy. I think you can get a bike for $49 at Walfart these days. The steering wheel bike reminds me of the time my brother bolted a Plymouth steering wheel to his bike.

Had to laugh at this ad in the AL yesterday (yes I buy the dead tree version on Sundays, the coupons pay for it, even though they had to hide the new $2 price in the bottom left hand corner instead of at the top, clever, very clever). I emailed Ellis and said, “Next time the art department needs to work on not having the fold across your forehead. It makes you look old.”

Politics locally and statewide seem kinda stagnant lately, of course there is a big birthday bash at the end of the month, maybe that has something to do with it. BTW, what are you getting me for Christmas? If you knew me, and could buy me or make me anything, what do you think the appropriate gift would be?

Now let’s dance.