These bikes seem kinda spendy. I think you can get a bike for $49 at Walfart these days. The steering wheel bike reminds me of the time my brother bolted a Plymouth steering wheel to his bike.

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  1. In 1961, when I was 9 years old, I sepnt the whole summer working on the farm for my uncle at 50-cents an hour so I could buy one of the new Schwinn “Stingray” bikes. If I recall, it was priced about like these – around $64.00 with tax and all. I think I was like 3 dollars short with my summer earnings – which my parents made up the difference for me. It was PURPLE metalflake.

  2. This comes from back in the day when Sears was relevant and an integral part of our lives. EVERY kid yearned for the annual Sears catalog, especially the toy catalog. Now? Sears may go the way of Montgomery Wards and other defunct retailers that lost touch. I recently went there and after about 60 seconds decided that I wasn’t going to get any help and I wasn’t going to find what I am looking for here.

    Ironically I learned that Sears may close its Rochester, MN store soon. Richard Sears grew up near Rochester. While he built the Sears catalog empire from Chicago he has a lot of roots throughout Minnesota. He actually started his famed watch business in Redwood Falls while working as the local train station manager!

    Sears built the “western frontier.” You could get anything – clothing, tools, even a house! – and have it shipped to you no matter how far away you were. Amazon could almost be the new equivalent of the Sears catalog. They have *everything* and can ship it to you no matter where you are. But we don’t have a printed book, we have a computer to show it all to us. Wouldn’t it have been really neat if Sears would have figured this out and jumped on the bandwagon early? Becoming a huge web presence would have been a neat follow-up to their historical catalog and retail presence. It’s way too late now.

  3. I know a guy here in town that owns a Sears house. It has problems but is pretty cool. The garage used to be in the basement and their was a ramp to drive your car down. The house is 3 stories. I think(?) it is on 3rd Avenue, I forget. He found the original catalog description of the home.

    I also have my great grandpa’s violin. It is kinda neat so I was trying to find out where it came from. I took it to a guy at a local pawn shop who knows a ton about old string instruments. When I first showed him, it only took him a second and he turned around and went to the backroom came back and turned to the page of a (reprinted) Sears catalog that was over 100 years old and showed me the violin. Pretty funny.

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