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Councilor questions push for tax-hike legislation


One of the Sioux Falls City Council’s legislative priorities for 2009 raised a flag for one councilor Monday night.

Councilor Kermit Staggers questioned why the council was supporting legislation that allows cities to enact a local option tax to raise money for a specific purpose.

Staggers said he would oppose the resolution because it’s not wise for the council to advocate such a tax in a difficult economy and isn’t a good message to residents.

Council Chairman Bob Litz said the city has an expected level of service to meet regardless of the economy.

“This doesn’t mean we are going to enact a tax tomorrow. It just gives the city the freedom to do so when it decides,” Litz said.

Other priorities are ensuring adequate transportation funding, enacting a statewide ban on smoking, developing standards to provide equal 911 service to all and encouraging cooperative efforts to improve 911 services and efficiency.

The measure passed 6-1, with Councilor Kenny Anderson Jr. absent.

Trust me, if the state gives sioux Falls the right to raise taxes to build an event center (that’s what this is about) They would do it the next day.

I also like this line;

the city has an expected level of service to meet regardless of the economy

Bologna. This is another scare tactic by Bob ‘Spread Fear’ Litz. An Events Center has nothing to do with servicing the citizens of this community. Want to service us? Trim our trees, stop pushing snow in the end of our driveways, build a homeless shelter, fix our streets, etc, etc.

Bob, you must really think we are dumb.

2 Thoughts on “Council refuses to give up on the Event Center pipe dream

  1. Warren Phear on December 2, 2008 at 12:20 pm said:

    Like you l3wis, I just can’t find a reason to trust Bob Litz. Can’t really put a finger on it right now. Isn’t one of our counselors involved in a bar here in town that has a less than stellar reputation?

    Anyway. Brings up another question I have about your site. I was looking through your litz category and found something I’d like to comment on. That thread is several weeks old. If I post to it, is it even read? Kind of a “if a tree fell in the forest, and nobody was there, would it make a noise?’ sort of thing.

  2. Costello has ownership in Buck’s Roadhouse.

    Litz is your typical blue-collar who has done well for himself so he thinks he is smart. Did you know he supported Fred Thompson for President? Funny shit. I think he has a good heart, but a weak brain. He means well but doesn’t understand the uninformed decisions he makes effects thousands of people. This isn’t Jr. High Council, he needs to grasp that. We are the largest city in the state and in the 4 state area. Some of the decisions this council and Mayor make can effect up to 350,000 people.

    Just paste the link here of the older post, and comment on this thread, that’s cool.

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