I guess everyone is a ‘pothead’ if they support medical cannabis. Just because some of us support the use of this (natural – non-chemical) drug for medical purposes doesn’t mean we partake, grow or sell. Far from it. Most of us still know the use of cannabis for recreational use is illegal. Duh. Not sure where you get your information or get off calling supporters ‘potheads’ – once again – making assumptions and spreading bullshit when the facts don’t support your agenda. It’s a typical conservative tactic, when progressives shoot holes in your arguments, attack their character with negative buzzwords like secret muslim, domestic terrorist or druggy. If someone is dying of terminal Cancer I think the least of their worries is an addiction to cannabis. God will forgive them when they die.


You may be noticing that posting has been light. It’s just been one of those weekends which has gone into this week. As the potheads…. er, legalization supporters went on the attack against me this AM (here and here), I just haven’t had time to ignore them sufficiently.

Pat, just admit it, your Federal agent father brainwashed you into believing all the myths about the evil weed.

By l3wis

4 thoughts on “Pat, we’re not attacking you, we’re attacking your ignorance”
  1. Mary Jane is not physically addictive – only psychologically, and only to some people. I’ve never heard of anyone getting the shakes and chills after they quit smoking weed.
    Alcohol and tobacco can be addictive too. Why are they still legal?

  2. Oh, and your link says nothing about addiction, only that the site itself is to help people beat addictions – a noble cause, BTW.

  3. Like I said in the thread, So what if a terminally ill Cancer patient gets addicted?! At least they died without pain.

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