VOTE FOR ME! St. Joe for State Legislature in District 15, “The voice for Catholics in Pierre!”

Been awhile since I have seen some idiotic reasoning on Dakotawarcollege, (well, not really) but today’s takes the cake;

At least if we can’t elect a Republican in that District, there will be a pair of solid pro-life candidates who don’t mock Catholics representing the Cathedral District well.

I thought legislators were supposed to represent all citizens? Which means it doesn’t matter what religion or sect they may be critical of or support? Would DWC be defending Muslims if Buhl was bashing them? Or how about Native Americans (yeah right). District 15, which I live very close to and have many friends that live in the district, is a very diverse district of young professionals and working class folks, some of which are NOT Catholic, dare I even venture to say are Atheists. I would probably even venture that a majority of the residents in that district are NOT Catholic.

It seems DWC is running out issues to bash Buhl over so they had to dig another one up. But what would you expect from a political blog more concerned about guns, religion and abortion then they are about citizen’s rights.

How ironic, the guy who was in charge of updating the SOS’s webpage, doesn’t understand how internet marketing works;

Did facebook plan to display these ads in this way?

I guess he doesn’t understand how ads are placed on webpages when subscribed to ad servers or when on Facebook.  In order for the ad server for these sites to serve ads to you, they take your cookies and previous machine ID and / or your Facebook login to give you ads based on your ‘interests’.  These ‘interests’ could have been something you were trying to research for an order or just an ‘interest’.

He has some interesting interests . . .

Okay, I added the BK ad, I couldn’t resist.

I will admit, I used to get pretty sleepy-eyed when Pitty Patt Powwers ran the site, but boy, it is getting even more boring. I have never been able to figure out why the site would rarely use graphics (except photos of John Thune). Patt would always complain about not having enough server space, and being expensive? WTF? Why would you host your own blog? Um, it’s 2010, not 1993.

No wonder the best name he could come up with his dog was ‘Burger King.’

It also surprises me that having a ‘supposed’ graphic artist on staff now that it would be so plain, but I guess Republicans only like things in beige and black (except their leaders.)

I will say this, my readership has bumped 2-3,000 more readers a day since Pitty Patt left the blogosphere. So keep up your oatmeal blogging.