Just muttled through Pitty Pat’s site this morning. WOW. Does he post about anything other then the Johnsons? When does he sleep? Of course, this shouldn’t surprise me, small minded Republicans often obsess about their Johnsons . . . ah . . . I mean ‘The’ Johnsons.

7 Thoughts on “Maybe DWC needs to change the name of his site to obsessedwiththejohnsons.com

  1. Winston on April 5, 2013 at 2:47 pm said:

    The late Bill Dougherty once told me and a handful of other Young Dems that any publicity is good publicity (within reason.) With that said, the DWC is the best friend the Johnsons have ever had.

    The Republicans in South Dakota are more obsessed with defeating the Johnsons then in winning a senate seat for the Republican Party. There strategy is flawed.

    I believe SHS and B Johnson are both good Senate candidates for the Dems in 2014, but SHS would at this time be harder for the Republicans to beat. That said, should not the Republicans and the DWC be knocking down SHS rather than B Johnson? Their strategy evolves out of an emotional response rather than a scholastic response, and as long as the Dems do not get into a major cat fight over the Senate nominee, the Republican’s emotional response will cost them an opportunity to pick up a Senate seat for the Republicans nationally.

    Unless, the Republicans are trying to promote a cat fight within the Democratic Party, but the Dems are already doing a good enough job in formulating that reality. They do not need any further help from the Republicans and the DWC on that one.

    The Republicans and the DWC should be trying to knock down SHS. SHS is the one polling with 60+% popularity within a potential Democratic Party Senate primary. But instead, the DWC keeps promoting B Johnson’s name, helping his cause, and if he has any great vulnerabilities, they are helping to air them out early so that the Dems can eventually run to SHS …. the stronger candidate at this time.

  2. So we can choose from a son of a retread, a loser retread or a 2 term governor retread. Choices, choices, choices, who will the people select.

  3. LjL – Would agree, not many choices here.

  4. Testor15 on April 6, 2013 at 10:08 am said:

    Have you noticed how South Dakota wants to continue living in the past while never preserving what is real while tearing down everything with an actual history? The very definition of being conservative is dreaming things that never were and then returning to them.

    So we continue retread the same families and their ‘privileged’ backgrounds as if there is magic in these names. Both parties will not allow real change to happen in this state because it would mess up the privilege system.

  5. Winston on April 6, 2013 at 1:17 pm said:

    DL and LJL, the reason there appears to be no choice in this race is because the South Dakota Congressional seats have evolved from McGovern/Abourezk seats into Daschle/Johnson seats.

    They are no longer about advocacy rather they are just about “holding.” “Holding” a seat for the Democrats nationally, in order, to maintain a Democratic majority in the US Senate.

    This “holding” strategy might be smart and even Machiavellian in nature, but over time it definitely wears down the Party faithful and makes one ask…. “What’s it all about Alfie?”

  6. Winston, well said, Sir.

  7. If it is all about holding, then that’s all right with me. The alternative is a Republican which for me is unacceptable. In SD, the party faithful takes anything it can get. And in this state it isn’t very much.

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