I guess there have been ‘fireplace commercials’ that feature Christine Erickson and her family in their new home, which means it might have been shot and produced after she announced her candidacy for city council. I wonder if this violates any FCC or election disclosure laws?  Even if it is “legally compliant” that doesn’t make it right to air it, especially less than 60 days out to the election (after April 10, fine).  She should know better, the business should know better, and the media looks complicit for airing it.  Why can’t people just do the right thing any more without forcing someone else to call them out? It’s like the Channel 16 and the mayor blatantly using it for campaign purposes.

I was also alerted that last night on Facebook that Angie Buhl IS running for re-election.  She even used the post yesterday to ask for campaign donations. I guess District 15 hasn’t had enough of Pro-choice, non-catholics 🙂


VOTE FOR ME! St. Joe for State Legislature in District 15, “The voice for Catholics in Pierre!”

Been awhile since I have seen some idiotic reasoning on Dakotawarcollege, (well, not really) but today’s takes the cake;

At least if we can’t elect a Republican in that District, there will be a pair of solid pro-life candidates who don’t mock Catholics representing the Cathedral District well.

I thought legislators were supposed to represent all citizens? Which means it doesn’t matter what religion or sect they may be critical of or support? Would DWC be defending Muslims if Buhl was bashing them? Or how about Native Americans (yeah right). District 15, which I live very close to and have many friends that live in the district, is a very diverse district of young professionals and working class folks, some of which are NOT Catholic, dare I even venture to say are Atheists. I would probably even venture that a majority of the residents in that district are NOT Catholic.

It seems DWC is running out issues to bash Buhl over so they had to dig another one up. But what would you expect from a political blog more concerned about guns, religion and abortion then they are about citizen’s rights.

I came across this video on Dakota Wuss College. They of course wanted to berate Angie because she made fun of conservative Catholics. The ironic part of what she said is that old school Catholics, like my grandparents, truly believe their tithing goes toward the upkeep of the parish and to helping the poor. In fact, my grandfather got into with his parish Father about it. But Angie makes a good point about FAKE conservative Catholics. One reason why I no longer call myself a Christian is because of that hypocrisy.

My god is not a hypocrite.

Watch our weekly show “100 Eyes on S.D. Politics” with political reporter Jonathan Ellis for a rousing discussion of political news with today’s guest: Angie Buhl. Managing Editor Patrick Lalley is off this week. Buhl will be the youngest woman ever to serve in the State Legislature when she steps in to represent District 15 in the Senate. Join the discussion of statewide elections and local government.

South DaCola will be asking questions, that is for sure. I also can’t wait to see her army of feminine warriors throw her softballs.

Dakota Woman, Angie Buhl wants your vote

I actually agree with many of Angie’s campaign stances, I just find it a bit ironic that she actually believes she has a chance of winning. We have been down this road before. Epp and Powers have both ran for office and got beat – handily.

I have been encouraged to run for office in the past and turned it down for the obvious reasons, I’m a big mouth blogger, there is no way in Hell I could win, and I know it, especially with my entire political mantra only a google away.

When are bloggers going to realize they better serve the public in their pajamas then in the public square?