VOTE FOR ME! St. Joe for State Legislature in District 15, “The voice for Catholics in Pierre!”

Been awhile since I have seen some idiotic reasoning on Dakotawarcollege, (well, not really) but today’s takes the cake;

At least if we can’t elect a Republican in that District, there will be a pair of solid pro-life candidates who don’t mock Catholics representing the Cathedral District well.

I thought legislators were supposed to represent all citizens? Which means it doesn’t matter what religion or sect they may be critical of or support? Would DWC be defending Muslims if Buhl was bashing them? Or how about Native Americans (yeah right). District 15, which I live very close to and have many friends that live in the district, is a very diverse district of young professionals and working class folks, some of which are NOT Catholic, dare I even venture to say are Atheists. I would probably even venture that a majority of the residents in that district are NOT Catholic.

It seems DWC is running out issues to bash Buhl over so they had to dig another one up. But what would you expect from a political blog more concerned about guns, religion and abortion then they are about citizen’s rights.

By l3wis

One thought on “I guess everyone who lives in District 15 is a Catholic”
  1. “…dare I even venture to say are Atheists”

    Yes you can dare, speaking as a district 15 atheist and Buhl supporter. We like our little island of nonconformity in hope of spreading a chance of independent thinking. One viewpoint (Groupthink) is never a good option.

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