I know, there hasn’t been many hints or clues that Brendan is interested in the position, but there have been two recent events that have us wondering. Last weekend Brendan’s father and SHS had a big fundraiser for the SDDP. Brendan also hosted a Clinton fundraiser during the presidential campaign.

There is also the fact that Noem is NOT running for the seat again and leaving it between Republican Dusty Johnson, a possible congressional run by Huether who is now a (Trump sympathizing) Independent. I have told people I believe if the Dems put up a strong candidate, early, they could pull it off. If Huether does decide to run for Congress, he will pull votes from Dusty leaving it a 3 way race where the Dems could pull it off, especially if Trump and Washington are in the toilet when November 2018 rolls around.

Also recently a former Tim Johnson Service Representative Staffer was appointed to the SDDP team;

Appointing Sharon Stroschein as ad hoc senior advisor to E Board (non-voting member)

An insider for Brendan? We will see.

6 Thoughts on “Is Brendan Johnson taking a serious look at running for US Congress?

  1. Ashley on January 28, 2017 at 9:29 pm said:

    I thought he was part of that Ashley Madison scandal…not that something like that would have to keep him from running I guess…hell look at what Donald said and he still won.

  2. maybe they are raising money to buy new cell phones so candidates can post better videos on facebook.

  3. I don’t see how a Democrat can win this, if Huether runs, but I also can’t see how Huether wins, if a Democrat runs.
    But that said, a Democrat still needs to run. A Democrat needs to run to prove that we are not a party sympathetic to Trump nor a party apologetic to the politics of Bill Janklow.

    With all due respect, hopefully, this Democrat, who does emerge, will not be a member of the two dynasty families within the South Dakota Democratic Party nor from “Take It Back,” either. Because we need to be more than the party of Kemp-Roth, Bush tax cuts, opposition to Obamacare, or the clique that was for Hillary from day one….

    It is time to be Democrats and proud of it…..

  4. Reliable Voter on January 29, 2017 at 12:01 pm said:

    How about a Democrat from Burke who told the Rotary lunch crowd he doesn’t vote for Democrats?

  5. Yah, wasn’t that something. I don’t know about you, but if I sold Buicks, I think I would also drive a Buick, too, and be proud of it…. There are too many apologists in the South Dakota Democratic Party that must suffer from some sort of inferiority complex, I guess….

    We need fresh blood in the South Dakota Democratic Party. I don’t want to kick anybody out, but we do need new fresh faces that are not beholden to the establishment and their parochial agendas and personas.

    The debacle of 2010, the running of Republicans as Democrats and refusing to field a US Senate candidate that year are realities that are not that far from the past, and it becomes incumbent upon all concerned Democrats to not allow those responsible for that past debacle to show up once again as the answer, when really they are a part of the continual problem….

    As Democrats in South Dakota, we should never be Trump/Janklow apologists…. And too many of our leaders in the party are or have been, and this mentality needs to be marginalized within the party, if we are going to find our party’s soul once again….

  6. commander are you getting in or Am I getting in Will Barth run also.

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