I have a coffee can I fill with pennies, most people do. When it is full I hike it to the bank and cash it in. It usually comes to about $17. Pennies add up, in the city’s case it adds up to about $5 million with the new tax increase that took affect January 1, 2009. Our tax initiative, if passed, will let taxpayer’s keep that $5 million to spend how they wish which will most likely go back into the economy in the form of goods and services that helps all local businesses not just contractors who pave gravel roads outside of rural Tea (that is where these arterial roads are being proposed).

Is saving taxpayers $5 million dollars silly? Argus Leader columnist Hawkins seems to think so. In her column, titled ‘Stupid, silly stuff trumps violence any day’ (only in the dead tree version of the Argus today) she says this;

“But when one realizes that the fight is over less than a penny, yes less than a penny, I feel like responding like Izzie or Meredith or Cristina in “Grey’s Anatomy.” “Seriously?”

Maybe instead of watching a boring TV series, Hawkins should do a little research about taxation, citizen rights and the TRUE duty of the Fourth Estate instead of defending politicians (and advertisers) that spend wastefully. Now that is silly. And they wonder why subscriptions are down. Go figure.

Yesterday when I was collecting signatures, I rareley got a no. Most people agreed, the city is spending too much money, and it’s time for citizens to step in and put a halt to it. Not one single person mentioned to me the small amount it is to there personal finances. I think most people who agree with our drive agree when you give politicians an inch, they will take foot. When we give our mayor .08 cents, he takes $5 million out of the entire SF business community and hands it over to a select few, ironically the very few who fund our city leader’s campaigns. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

UPDATE: Mayor Munson himself points out why a tax increase is not needed, lots-o-money!

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