At least four of these people will be gone in 2010 – I can’t freaking wait.

Isn’t it funny how headlines can be deceiving?

Editorial: Forum on local economy fills a need

Kudos to council member for offering chance to exchange ideas

So I’m expecting the AL to go on and on about the brilliance of the master planner Greg Jamison, then I get to this part of the editorial;

It’s not as though this gathering will effect any immediate change in our economy. It’s not going to answer any of the lingering questions about how long and how deep this recession might be.

Exactly. So what was the point of the meeting again?

But the conversation, the suggestions, the discussion about future needs was productive nonetheless.

What?! You don’t think that business leaders in Sioux Falls are already talking? I hope so. This meeting was all show and no go. Real change occurs when the council and mayor write policy, vote on it and put it into place – not shooting the shit over coffee and rolls. My experience with sitting on boards in Sioux Falls is that all the good (progressive) ideas get thrown out the window and little guy always loses in the end. I do agree the meeting was a good idea in concept, but with anything involving public officials it should have been recorded and put on record, maybe it was, but I have not see it on the city’s website yet. When we talk about real change and accountability we should hold our public officials feet to the fire and put them on public record when they open their mouths and share ideas, even in a open discussion – otherwise, what’s the point?

3 Thoughts on “Gargoyle Leader ‘sorta’ praises the council and Jamison for the economic forum

  1. Plaintiff Guy on March 25, 2009 at 10:55 am said:

    Can’t wait for real leadership in 2010. Mayor and 4 council members should cash option Illinois offices before it’s to late. Any mayor or council candidate who proposes home rule repeal gets my vote. Democracy can be restored. Trivia: When Fargo floods reach Sioux Falls, how much flood control could have been constructed from swimming center, Phillips to nowhere, and 10 ball fields funds.

  2. We will never flood from the Big Sioux Creek, just from poorly managed sewer infrastructure that was ignored for 20 years so Metli could build new roads for his developer buddies.

  3. Plaintiff Guy on March 26, 2009 at 5:54 pm said:

    Correct. He should be tarred with Sioux River water and feathered with goosing types.

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