I watched this interview on Sunday, and found it informative. But there was two things I got out of it, and Fareed even posed the question, “Why should we trust a guy who cheated on his wife?”. And secondly, like the Iraq War intelligence thingy, why do all these people come out of the woodwork ‘After the fact’? It’s like the skipper of the Titanic sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic saying to the captain. ‘Told you we shouldn’t have hit that iceberg.’


2 Thoughts on “If anyone would know about 'inflating' capital, it would be Spitzer

  1. Costner on March 24, 2009 at 10:50 am said:

    Say what you will, but some of our nation’s greatest politicians cheated on their wives.

    Actually the more I think about it, we might just want to only elect people who either have already cheated, or those who plan to cheat. I guess the desire to cheat the country is less of an issue if they are getting a little something extra on the side.

    Either way someone gets screwed – might as well be the mistress.

  2. Like I have always said, when dems to it, at least it is with someone of the opposite sex.

    I guess the cheating part isn’t as bad as not telling someone what they were doing. Sure, Eliot had credibility issues and he did tell people, but he could have turned the heat up a bit. I think the biggest problem is that the Dems and the GOP both take money from the institutions so they turned a blind eye.

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