How nice. The Gargoyle Leader’s Ed Board cares about tax payers, now that we are all flat broke

I had to read this editorial twice to make sure, they were saying what I thought they were. I’m shocked!

The allowance to raise property taxes by 3 percent or the rate of inflation each year is just that. An allowance.

It’s not an automatic function that city officials should customarily build into each year’s budget.

Yes, but that is the nature of socialistic, tax and spend, big government Republicans, they don’t care if the average Joe can make ends meet, they only care about their ‘ends’ and ‘behinds’.

As residents continue recovering from the economic downturn, a respite from property tax increases undoubtedly would be well timed.

Indeed, there are times when even in the face of economic downturns it makes sense to spend in ways that take advantage of unique opportunities – such as issuing needed bonds when interest rates are low.

It’s hard to see how automatically raising property taxes fits into this category, though.

Actually, it’s the exact opposite. The 2010 budget offers a unique chance to hold the line on property tax increases.

City officials need to offer a better reason than they’ve stated why Sioux Falls should pass on this opportunity.

You mean, you agree with Staggers for once? Get out!

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#1 Bruce on 09.16.15 at 8:33 am

We were sitting in the 2016 budget meeting saying the same thing, there is no automatic have to raise taxes just because you can. Tracy Turbak was upset someone would dare question his need for more money. The budget discussion and vote on Sept 15, 2015 was a joke.

My seatmate and I were sharing Tracy’s well worn speech before he could even get the words out of his mouth. It is the same thing said every year like a well worn out speech when Kermit’s resolutions are presented.

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