New Bistro in SF to offer Italian, French and Cajun cuisine


You want fish? Let’s have fish!

As I reported over a month ago, Rick Weiland’s wife, Stacy will be opening a bistro on Main Street at the end of the month. Her chef’s are trained in Italian, Cajun and French cuisine. I look forward to visiting the restaurant. I love French food and we haven’t had a place like that in Sioux Falls in a long time. Stacy and Rick also restored the space to it’s historical condition. If you know Stacy and Rick you will know they are big into historical restoration. They restored their home on Phillips Avenue to orginal condition a few years back (19th street?) and Stacy is heading up the restoration of the State Theatre. I think ‘Parkers’ (name of establishment) will be the new ‘in’ place in fine dining in Sioux Falls.

(SOURCE: Argus Leader, dead tree version)