Sorry Michelle, Sioux Falls doesn’t need another Quen Be, we already have a king.

No one should be surprised that mayor big hair said this;

Huether told the council it’s his administration that’s managing the project, not the council.

“Just to be clear, the executive branch of government versus the city council is responsible for this project,” said Huether.

“I want to keep the city council involved, but guess what? We are already doing it.”

After the meeting, Councilor Michelle Erpenbach said the mayor’s comments were “out of line.”

“We call this a strong mayor government. It’s a misnomer,” she said. “We have just as much right to keep up with the progress.”

I would agree Michelle, you have a right to know and be involved, but guess what, the Home Rule charter allows the mayor to do what he pleases, if you don’t like it, I highly recommend you work to repeal that part of the charter, something that I have been a proponent of for along time.

As for Mike saying this about the council publicly, he needs to take a page out of Munson’s book, and just do things behind closed doors and not tell the council a damn thing.

5 Thoughts on “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

  1. Dukembe on November 16, 2010 at 7:43 pm said:

    I think Michelle is a solid person that won’t be pushed around, and look forward to her continuing role as a council member who will not accede to Herr Mayor’s every decree.

  2. Dumb are you her mother here to defend her ? Ask others how that doesn’t work here.

    Trying to decide what I hate more. A strong mayor who hides his fraud or one who does it in the open and shoves it down your throug

  3. D- I agree, I like the fact that Michelle said something about it, but it still doesn’t change the fact that what Mike said, is true. He is totally in charge.

  4. Pathloss on November 17, 2010 at 9:16 am said:

    Nostradomus predicted a ‘Heister’ and could have meant Huether. The council has but one power. They can recall the mayor. However, they must first pass an ordinance. There’s no manner to recall a mayor, make a city employee complaint, or report a SF police officer (no internal affairs section). Democracy exists just not here.

  5. You need to stop watching the History Channel

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