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Enough already! After viewing last night’s city council meeting, I have decided that the debate is over concerning the Events Center. It is time to move forward. I don’t care about the diversity of the selection committee (which consists of ten white men, five of which are city employees). All creeds are bias on one level or another. Not important, especially when the voters should be deciding location, funding, etc.


The extended version.

Stormland TV‘s condensed version.

So what should be done?

1) Skip the design analysis and do an economic impact study of both locations instead, first, present those numbers to the public ASAP.

2) Put it on the ballot, ask three questions; Approval, Location, Funding. Done deal.

These debates between a bull-headed mayor and and his former contractor, who is just as bull-headed, is getting tiresome. Heck, councilor Erpenbach even had to interject and remind the mayor that public input is for ‘listening’ not ‘debating.’ (should have told that to gavel happy Munson 🙂

We have not only beaten this dead horse enough, we have beaten it clear to China. Present the impact numbers and let the public vote already!

On a side note, I was rather irritated by Councilor (short-timer) Litz’s comments in reference to public input;

“(paraphrasing) I appreciate people’s passion on this issue and I appreciate your (mayor) passion to get this information out, but I think somewhere though, and I think I am pretty liberal when it comes to applications of the process, but somehow this is turning into berate the mayor” Litz.

“Yeah.” Huether.

“And normally we allow people to come up and do their five minutes, and do their statement and maybe we refer it, and somehow we are going to wind up eating up a lot of the council meeting’s time of business we are supposed to be taking care of, so somehow I hope we can find a solution to this.”

First off, Huether agreeing just shows how big his freaking head is. If I were the mayor, I would have told Bob that it is part of the job as a public officials to take heat. If you can’t stand it, get out of the kitchen (which ironically Mr. Litz is doing).

As for Bob’s comment about eating up time I was unaware that the council meetings were timed. If you think your time is being wasted, why don’t you resign TODAY so we can appoint or elect a councilor that actually gives a shit what the public has to say.

As for doing our five minutes. Screw You! I watched you last Monday night (one day before the election, which had your name on the ballot) blab and blab and blab on every freaking topic you possibly could. Not only wasting the other councilor’s time for your campaign info-commercial but wasting taxpayer’s time.

Litz, meet kettle.

6 Thoughts on “The debate is over

  1. Not to be wise guy, but:

    A. Willie Sanchez isn’t a white man.

    B. Erpenbach wasn’t around to tell Munson to chillax.

    Beyond that you’re correct about Litz, he’s about as unseemly a politician as Mike. He met with the downtown group, did a whole bunch of smiling and nodding, repeated back to them what they wanted, said he would support it and subsequently had amensia the next day. He even made the analogy about how you don’t design a house and then go pick the site, but decided that for a $100+ million Events Center that’s just peachy.

    Notice how his race was a little closer than the other “wave” candidates? Not by accident, unfortuately not enough to make the difference….this time.

    Also, Clerk Debra Owen opened up with remarks about what a fantastic weekend she had in Omaha and specifically in downtown. So Mike had it coming from all sides last night.

    L3wis, look for a posting at City Hall for a new Clerk. If you are tired of the waiting game, you should apply.

  2. The Clerk works at the pleasure of the council, not the mayor. She could flick boogers on Mike at meetings and she wouldn’t lose her job.

  3. Makes sense. Touche’

  4. CCFlyer on November 9, 2010 at 8:05 pm said:

    Wasn’t that right after my questions?

  5. Yes, and I expect his trap to flap more over the next couple of months.

  6. Cory has a good post about the stacked selection committee.

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