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I think this says it all;

That gives the city council time to talk about appointing a new member. It’s a process Litz himself is already familiar with.

“Ironically when council member Litz was first appointed he went through that process himself a few years back,” Sioux Falls City Clerk Debra Owen said.

I think Bob realized he could make more money and work less as county auditor and used his name recognition to skate into the job. While I am happy to see the flip-flopper leave the city council, his title as auditor doesn’t exactly make me feel to good either. I also grow weary of politicians who are ‘quitter ladder climbers’. When something better comes along, they just quit and move along. While that is fine and dandy in the private sector, in the public sector you have made a commitment to the taxpayers to at least finish out your term. That is what has chapped my hide about the appointment of Darrin Smith to the Huether administration. Maybe they will let Bob work from home since there probably isn’t a parking space at the county administration big enough for his aircraft carrier of a truck he drives. Everytime I drive by him, I get the image of the BP oil well spurting oil into the Gulf.

4 Thoughts on “The Hypocrisy and Irony of Darrin Smith, uh, I mean, Bob Litz

  1. Pathloss on November 4, 2010 at 12:34 pm said:

    With the present charter there’s no checks and balances. The council is wax figures so the city looks like democracy. Mr. Litz has public service skills to valuable to be wasted on the mayor’s puppet show. It’s a good time to escape before state court cleans house.

  2. I think they will probably put someone on the ballot this spring to take over for Litz.

  3. Yes Darrin escaped from the council, now he has a really good job.Hey Mike when are you putting a guy on the Table from labor.

  4. Yes Litz get a car, we don’t need a big tanker around the streets of Sioux falls.

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