One of his better ones;

Santa, what Huether really needs will cost at least $150 million less than what he’s been asking from you. You see, he really has a problem keeping his arms under control when he speaks, and a quick search on google shows that for less than $50 you can provide him with a straitjacket. Please provide this for him, as his arms are a safety issue for not only himself but anybody within five feet of him.

2 Thoughts on “Hudson’s 2010 letter to Santa

  1. redhatterb on December 22, 2010 at 7:48 pm said:

    I think it was last night he was on the news and when he was sticking his hands up, I made the comment “jeez, I didn’t know he was being held up.” lol

  2. He’s not the one being held up, though. It’s us.

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