Did the SF School Board & Dictator Homan create the ‘Perfect Storm’?

One of the few shots of SF School board president, Doug Morrison where he is not rubbing his neck during tonight’s meeting (notice who he is looking at – the Fuhrer).

I guess none of us should be surprised by this;

The Sioux Falls School Board has given a school consolidation and closure plan for three central schools the green light. Longfellow, Mark Twain, and Jefferson will be closed. The district will also build a new multi-million dollar elementary school on the Mark Twain site. It will be bigger, and physically better than the aging historic neighborhood facilities.

What angered me the most about tonight’s meeting was the lack of public testimony and that NONE of the important questions were asked about who is buying the land and the bonding. The blatant lack of 1st Amendment rights that were respected was obvious when parents were yelling from the crowd for more testimony and denied because of ‘policy’. Sorry President Morrison, the US Constitution trumps silly school board policies.

But that argument is for another day.

More importantly, the school board fueled an amazing storm tonight. They have probably encouraged many parents to run for the school board this Spring. But this won’t be your average hunky-dory election where about 3% of the voters show up and vote for rubber stampers. The snowgate supporters will be there to, people who believe that the ones that dole out their tax dollars should be spending it on ‘prudent’ things and services. Like proper snow removal and educating our youth. This spring, you may see a storm on election day like no other, and it won’t be coming from the sky, it will be coming from the ballot box.


#1 Testor15 on 11.26.12 at 11:55 pm

Just think about the thousands of snowgate supporter who are eager to vote for their issue and if the city and school board do not get together… The gates of hell will be opened up for all who were in the way.

As a person who helped gather signers, the distrust being felt by the citizens of Sioux Falls toward their local governments is amazing. The expression of hatred will only be elevated by these heavy handed decisions and actions.

The discussions of recalls and more citizen actions reminds me of the good old days… This is going to be a rocky year for incumbents.

#2 pathloss on 11.27.12 at 9:31 am

Agree with Testor. I don’t have a child in school nor do I have to shovel snow. However, these are civic duty the city has ignored. They’ll build rock walls at the river wealthy executives can see from their offices and rigged election events center. Meanwhile, our seniors die from trying to keep their driveways clear and vagrants are ticketed for money they don’t have because they can’t beg at freeway offramps.

#3 rufusx on 11.27.12 at 9:45 am

Because hatred and anger are always the drivers of excellent decision-making.

#4 Detroit Lewis on 11.27.12 at 10:38 am

Ruf – How do you think the Republicans have been able to have a stranglehold on our state for 30 years? By fueling the fire of hatred towards liberals.

I talked to the mayor this morning on Belfrage and he agreed with me that snowgates will pass if they make the ballot, and that he supports them. Maybe he is having a change of heart.

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