Gotta love him, this video says it all;

(SIC) “I am opposed to the Chamber legislative coffees because they don’t ask softball, teabagger questions. How do I know this? Because the lady who runs the Q & A is married to a guy who USED to be a Democratic legislator. And Democrats only ask questions that trap us teabaggers on issues of abortion, guns, homosexuals, education, war, budgeting, ALEC . . . wait.”

By l3wis

9 thoughts on “Manny Steele, still a doofus . . .”
  1. Incredible! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is like watching a collapsing star turn into a “Black Hole” before one’s eyes. This move by the SD GOP Right proves the political theory of how Fox News came into being. Which is, if you do not want to deal with the truth or cannot handle the truth you just create your own parallel universe where you can dwell in self importance and legitimacy, thus promoting and believing in your own narrow minded political dogma.

    But why are we surprised? These political disciples are members of the same political party which first gave us “staged” political conventions, embedded “co-opted” journalist in a war zone, loyalty oaths for those who want to attend one of their political rallies, or in the absence of an oath they use captivated audiences like troops or coal miners who fear their job if they do not attend their boss’s “staged” political rally.

    From now on whenever I see or hear of this right-wing GOP crowd I will be reminded of the words from “A Few Good Men” …. Manny and Lora, “You can’t handle the truth!”

  2. At last, a forum for the rest of us!

    Steve Hickey should know, he’s seen personally how effective schisms can be!

  3. I hate to admit the doofus represents my district. We have exchanged words a time or two about abortion.

  4. The ironic thing is that Manny Steele lives in LINCOLN County (at Trail Ridge). Why does he have any influence on these actions of the Minnehaha County GOP?!?

  5. DL, that’s a great piece! However, the way SD GOP are beginning to distance themselves from Manny and Lora is almost more appalling then M & Ls’ moves(thus, creating multiple universes). It reminds me of the mad scientist being chased around the lab by the monster he created, and then he has the audacity to scream for help from his assistants as if he did not know where the monster came from or what it was potentially capable of ….

  6. DL, oh yes “The Munsters.” Those were the good ole days back in the 1960s when some Munsters could literally live on the same city block as the Cleavers and the boys of “My Three Sons” at Universal Studios in Burbank, CA.

    But not anymore I am afraid, because leaders like Manny are out to protect their “Beaver” from mo(u)nsters and five ordinary guys(?) just living together down the street.

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