I would like to personally thank the Minnehaha County Commission for raising my property taxes almost $40 a year so they can have a raise (for an elected, part-time position they CHOSE to run for). Rat Finks!

5 Thoughts on “Thanks County Commission

  1. You are lucky Lewis, I live in Small Town, SD (under 1500) and my taxes went up $82.00 a year. For a large city like SF, the $40.00 was just “chunk change”.

  2. You can thank the governor and the SD GOP legislators for refusing to fund education thru our sales taxes and forcing school districts to pillage their local property tax payers.

  3. HAH… You whine about your taxes going up but your constantly bitching about wanting more services from government. Must be liberals.
    Karma is a bitch.

  4. YES SERVICES! Not extravagant raises for part-time, elected officials. They seem to be confused about what taxes are for. They think it is for overcrowding our jails with pot heads.

  5. My opt out shows triple digits so consider yourself lucky with your $37 increase.

    As to LJL, perhaps he can explain what additional county services anyone has been asking for on this particular website. Because that is the opt out this is about, and last I checked the county has nothing to do with snowgates or tree trimming.

    It is also probably worth noting that many on this website have suggested decriminalization of a certain plant which results in a lot of people being put behind bars. I haven’t done the math, but I would bet the savings from law enforcement, courts, and incarcerations would be enough to pay for snowgates a few dozen times over each and every year.

    So LJL it isn’t always about “more”… sometimes it is just about “different”.

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