I took this photo on a whim tonight, and the lights blocked out the marquee lettering, so it is your opportunity to get creative. I think the girl in the drive thru asked if I would like to try the ‘Fish Bites’. I think I said, ‘Not sure if I have ever had a fish bite me, but it is certainly something I would not want to try.’ After a long pause, she says. ‘Okay.’

By l3wis

14 thoughts on “Write your own caption”
  1. All hail..the great and powerful Mac!

    Old McDonald had a beef. EEE III EEE III EEK!

    Incoming! Argus Leader Drone at one o’clock!

    Congratulations! You’re our one trillionth customer!

  2. And the rockets red glare
    The bombs bursting in air
    Came proof through the night
    The Golden Arches were still there

  3. There’s one thing in Sioux Falls not called ‘Sanford’. We’re on our way to democracy.

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