Yes, that is 6 cop cars (and another pulling in) surrounding a parked truck. No guns pulled, just about 8-10 of SF finest standing around chatting (they must have taken a hint from the public works employees). They must have gotten the lot confused with the skate park lot. I often chuckle when Chief Barthel goes in front of the council and asks for more cops. He never says, “I guess we just need more officers standing around.”

By l3wis

12 thoughts on “Another slow day for the SFPD”
  1. If the number of cars at one location is an indicator of how significant the crime is, then I must surmise that McDonalds, Taco Johns, and Burger King are the most crime-laden businesses in all of Sioux Falls!

  2. Craig,

    You forgot the area along 7th Avenue….where they park while they’re at Avera Mckennan for dinner.

  3. How do you know what type of call they were on? You assume things about which you know nothing about. Cheap, really. And bad form.

  4. It’s seems more like commentary on the proliferation of the police state more than anything, LJL. 20 less cops in FSD & I bet the only thing you’d notice is several extra millions of $ in City coffers. I don’t subscribe to the fear mongering our media so loves to do.

    Ten to one says the cops above busted a non-violent drug user. Perhaps if we treated drug use as a public health issue, we wouldn’t need to hire so many cops.

  5. According to the police log from yesterday it was a traffic stop;

    8/26/2013 2:59:00 PM

    (seven officers responded, one was a K9):
    NAT; LJ; K9R; SR; CR; CITE; AR;

  6. Stopped in to see what was being said about Pat Powers having to testify and instead found this post. I happened to be listening to the scanner at work yesterday.

    It was a traffic stop and then the officer yelled that someone was fighting him and wanted help. Yeah shame on them for going to help. Good thing we have you to tell them how lazy they are. Keep up the good work.

  7. Yup, takes 6 additional officers and a K9 to subdue a man upset about a traffic stop. Either the guy was whacked out on PCP and had a bazooka or our officers need better training on how to handle these situations.

    I never said the officers were lazy, I just think we have too many. One of the city’s biggest expenses is city employees, I think it is time to trim the fat.

  8. So let’s assume the person was fighting… I can see another car showing up as backup – I can even see two more cars. However unless the call indicated the guy had a bomb, a gun, or even evil-looking rubber band gun – do we really need six more cars?

    Clearly when you have officers standing calmly aside the road the remaining cars could probably return to normal duty. It sort of begs the question – are people at greater risk when all of our officers decide to congregate in one area? What would be the response times if there was a guy with a knife robbing another casino half way across town?

    I also always wonder why I continually see officers parked in the Hawthorne Elementary School parking lot. This isn’t an area where they can be monitoring traffic or catching speeders and it is a whopping block away from the Law Enforcement center where they start their shifts. They back up into the far Southwest corner of the lot and just sit there… sometimes more than one.

    I understand they need time for paperwork, but wouldn’t an area with greater visibility send a stronger message? A residential neighborhood within earshot of the headquarters seems like an odd choice. I will admit there could be a good reason and it is possible I don’t understand what they are trying to accomplish, but it just strikes me as odd.

  9. I would agree, I am not saying our PD do a bad job, in fact I often tell people our too greatest public assets are our parks and our police force (public safety). I just wonder sometimes what our protocol is when it comes to responding to these types of calls. If officers 1, 2 and 3 are responding, why do 3 more show up?

  10. I also know they have ‘different’ policies when it comes to Pettigrew heights, and one more conspiracy theory, you will see in the background a certain developer is building an apartment building right next to the traffic stop 🙂 couldn’t resist.

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