So the Friessen family has owned the Lake Lorraine property for over 35 years and has kept it a very PRIVATE place. A 22 acre lake that the public was strictly not allowed to use. But that all may change, with the help of your tax dollars of course;

Developers are hoping to form a public/private partnership with the city of Sioux Falls to maintain and program the park and train system around the lake.  They’re visiting similar communities in Minneapolis to see how it’s been done there.

“We’re also exploring opportunities with the city’s Live Well program, which the city is promoting right now and they’d like to make this the pilot program,” Van Buskirk said.

This is the first I have heard of this proposal, but like most plans the Parks and Planning department makes, they keep it top secret until they can spring it on the uninformed council. I see they have even used our tax dollars already going to Minneapolis doing ‘research’.

Don’t get me wrong, I think having a public lake in the center of the city is a great idea, in fact I have suggested that Spellerberg be turned into a natural filtration pool. And a trail around the lake would be great. But how is this going to work? Are the Friessens going to give the lake to the city? Will they cease paying property taxes on 22 acres of water? How much will it cost taxpayers to maintain this lake? Remember the Soukup family’s ‘gift’ a few years ago?

This private development will do very well for itself, I think they should maintain the lake themselves and continue to pay the taxes on it. If they want to open it to the public, great, but I think the city needs to get out of the business of taking these supposed ‘gifts’.

Besides, if the family chooses to maintain the lake themselves, they can profit from having different rental activities on the lake.

2 Thoughts on “Another wealthy developer and land owner in SF looking for a handout?

  1. Dan Daily on September 24, 2014 at 8:06 am said:

    Sounds like another case of two 100k consultants and a 500k TIF. It’s just another way to divert the city budget while Huether is still in office. Likely, nothing will come of it. However, their cons are moving away from indoor sports temples.

  2. anonymous on September 24, 2014 at 4:44 pm said:

    The Friessens are the same family who developed an area near the Oakview Library.

    And what they left behind is a large area which they told the surrounding neighborhood would be a park.

    Instead, for several years it has been a dump site for inoperable heavy equipment and construction waste materials.

    The address of the property is 3301 East 3rd Street and it is owned by Friessen Construction Company.

    Go west on 3rd Street from Oakview Library and south on Shawnee Avenue….

    It looks like a landfill in the middle of a residential neighborhood…..

    Can’t believe Sioux Falls Code Enforcement has allowed this area to go unaddressed for so many years!!!!

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