We learned tonight how the Sioux Falls Water Department gives out personal data to complete strangers, not good. The property owner, John Stratman, also has been trying to get a neighboring property cleaned up without success. Were the code enforcement officers so concerned about breaking the law and then prosecuting their own lawlessness they ignored our speaker’s concerns? How about sending someone from social services to see if there is a problem needing to be addressed?

Our friend Robert Kolbe showed up to remind the Council and Mayor of many stupid things done in the name of progress or greed in recent Sioux Falls history. Our South Dakota temporary – permanent mentality is kind of warped. Why do we consider something our grandparents built of amazing natural materials, always have to be torn down to put up a tin shed with flaking concrete?

Our own I.L. Wiedermann brought a few concerns up about the event center siding tonight. Earlier in the day, Michelle Erpenbach let him know she did not care how it looks or turns out. Ever the watchdog, he publicized her lack of concern and for her lack of responsibility to the people of Sioux Falls. Way to go Michelle!

When I.L. was finished speaking, Rex Rolfing decided to add some fire to the embers and the mayor firmly shut him down. Then Michelle decided to come clean about her disregard of the process.

It brings up a few questions;

1. Why didn’t the mayor want Rex to engage I.L.?

2. Why do the Council members sit like bumps on a log when they could ask more questions of citizens?

3. Why do council members not allow each other the courtesy of getting answers?

4. Why is it, the Mayor can have exchanges with speakers but not council?

5. Why is the Mayor so tightly controlling the meetings, past mayors have allowed good exchanges?

6. When will we get an actual accounting of the E.C. project with the list of ALL contractors and suppliers?

Tonight’s meeting left us with more questions then we could ever get answers to from our transparent administration.


3 Thoughts on “SF City Council Public Input 14/10/14

  1. Greg Neitzert on October 17, 2014 at 11:20 am said:

    I still find the council’s lack of interest on the siding issue mystifying and disappointing. Excepting Councilor Staggers of course. I also personally think it was a bomb shell when at the informational Mark Cotter and City Attorney Pfeifle said we are only objecting to the siding on the west side of the building. Yet again, another huge detail that was not revealed until now. Why would we object to only part of it? It looks terrible on the south side as well. We continue to get details on this slow, late, and only when its pulled out. And I could hear the crickets chirping when they dropped that bomb. Councilors need to be looking out for our taxpayer dollars and should be livid about this and the lack of transparency. Staggers, and to a lesser extent, Councilor Anderson, seem to be the only ones interested in this. The rest seem to be napping through this, no offense.

  2. I have a feeling the executive session on Tuesday has to do with telling the councilors to STOP TALKING ABOUT THE DAMN SIDING! I sure that Fiddle-Faddle will get out his secret rules book and tell them by talking about it, it could hurt a potential lawsuit.

  3. Taxpayer on October 20, 2014 at 2:54 pm said:

    I drove by the EC today.

    ALL SIDES (yes, even the east side has a small section of this siding) have rippling and dents.

    If you drive in off of Western Avenue, the north side of the building even appears to have rust colored stains running downward from the elevated windows.

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