SF City Councilor Erpenbach feels citizens who want transparency are ‘picky’


It’s only an extra $4 million, why is everyone being so picky about it?

Well, I have came to expect these kind of comments from Michelle;

“The whole idea that everything is already set over there is so wrong,” she (Erpenbach) said. “I don’t even like to give it any credence. It just comes from folks who look for something to pick at.”

Yeah how dare several citizens and councilors have questioned the transparency and funding of this project! I often wonder what closed government Lah-Lah land Michelle lives in.


#1 Voter on 02.05.15 at 3:08 pm

l3wis, I hope you are keeping a list of Erpenbach quotes for voters. We will need to be reminded of all her missteps when she runs for mayor.

#2 l3wis on 02.06.15 at 9:23 am

I found this quote by the late Senator Everitt Dirksen:

“A million here and a million there and pretty soon you are talking about some real money. “

#3 teatime on 02.06.15 at 9:59 pm

How can she keep insulting people like that? Yes, Scott, keep a log of those times she says things like that.

I always wondered where that quote came from. Surprise to me — he was a relative on my maternal grandmother’s side, something like my great-great uncle’s cousin.

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