While everyone sits on the edge of their seats about the Sioux Falls city budget, the big meeting is tomorrow

The audit committee tackles several hurdles on Wednesday. While the Zoo gets a clean bill of health (Bravo! I had the pleasure of meeting the director this summer and having a great convo over BBQ, and hope to follow up soon on her invitations!).

The crime lab has issues with cash storage 🙁

But the most interesting audit was the Transit (Doc:Transit-Audit-9-2015 ) it’s full of ‘concerning’ points (an example below)


It seems the biggest problem with the transit system is not cash flow, but customer service.

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#1 Teatime on 09.15.15 at 11:13 pm

It is highly unusual for an auditor to so strongly push for an audited to spend big bucks on a solution. This would be more properly presented as pointing out the problem and stating that management should consider possible solutions. A recommendation can be made but this seems like fulfillment of the auditee’s desire (“if you put that in the audit report, they will HAVE to get a new system that I want”)

However, to be fair, I should read the entire report and subsequent recommendations to evaluate it in this part of the report in the proper context.